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awesome hike if you do both the orange and blue loops the trail is 4.5 miles. the trail is well kept and well marked. The entire time we were there we saw 12 people and 3 dogs, even though signs every where say no pets allowed. if you are looking for a challenge with few people to bother you it is worth the drive.

I really like this park. There are several sets of trails and loops that all connect. Trails are very clear. Terrain is flat. Horses take these trails so watch your step! My favorite is the fact I can take my dog.

Very nice five-mile hike. Uphills, a view, some rock cliffs, and some nice Hemlock groves.

Thought this was the least impressive of all the Hocking Hills area trails. Initial rock structures were beautiful but after that it's just woods; I can see that anywhere in Ohio. If you're in the area; Ash Cave, Old Man's Cave, Cedar Falls, Rock House, and Conkle's Hollow were much more beautiful hikes.

Fantastic hike. Get out early to miss the crowds. By 10:30am the trails are packed, especially byThe Old Man’s Cave area.

This is a perfect morning hike, quite pretty! There were lots of butterflies and we saw a deer. We passed very few people which was nice. The trail itself is comparable to the ones in Hocking Hills. I would recommend wearing lots of bug spray and watch for spider webs! Also there are no bathrooms or water fill areas so plan accordingly.

Great hike. Started around 730 and the place was EMPTY. By the time I left it was packed. Glad I got to experience this gorgeous park. Still can’t believe it’s located in Ohio!

13 days ago

Great trails and well maintained. Campsites have water and pit toilets available. great place to start backpacking.

I loved the trail. Challenging but I have found lots of Chanterelle mushrooms, chicken of the woods and shiso leaves

17 days ago

Great addition to park system.

Did the Hemlock Trail to the Fern Trail then back down the Hemlock Trail (about 4.5 miles). A great workout with great elevation gains, especially for the area. Will do again, but will add the Chestnut Trail out and back for a 8 mile, fairly hard hike.

We hiked this trail in late July and enjoyed large portions of it. The portion of the trail north of campground 3 was disappointing though. There were spider webs across the path probably about every 100 feet so you couldn’t really enjoy the hike or sites without that constant distraction.

The trail is pretty crowded in the beginning and cave areas but otherwise it was nice. Wife and I enjoyed the buckeye trail section the most.

23 days ago

My friend and I camped one night and did the trail’s short loop. Parts of it are really muddy, so I would recommend wearing some waterproof shoes and bringing a change of socks. There were lots of campsites available, and it was easy to find! We had a great time!

Hiked all 11.3 miles of this trail yesterday. Started at the Iron Furnace. 6 hours later I was back at my car. A lovely, long walk. Trail is overgrown so wear long pants and perhaps bring a long shirt. Take hiking poles because there is poison ivy in places. Not a difficult hike in terms of elevation, but challenging because it is long. Was definitely ready to get in the car at end. There were many interesting parts, including an overlook, wetlands, old overgrown roads, rock formations, flora, and fauna. I saw a beautiful male deer, ducks or pheasants (I couldn’t tell because they were far away and I scared them so they flew off), a lot of butterfly varieties, many bird species, and bugs. Wear repellant. Bring lots of food. 2 water sources and 2 latrines along the way. Saw several hikers, maybe 15 in all. I don’t like crowded trails, so it was perfect. A great great day. Highlight was the male deer who was just as interested in me as I was in him. If you do this loop in 1 day, be prepared to be out there a while.

Not a bad hike at all. Good short one if you just want to get out. Campsites are really nice ...it was a bit muddy but overall a solid place to get away.

Absolutely beautiful! My 4 year old son saw his first Monarch butterfly of the season on this hike. Lots of fun.

We hiked this trail on our first trip to the Hocking Hills area. The steps down into the gorge were pretty cool although a little slick in a few places. Once you get to the bottom, you have a choice of two different trails. The red trail is a little more challenging with bigger climbs. We did part of that one then jumped over to the yellow trail which was quite a bit easier. The whole thing is marked as being exactly two miles, but the sections we did, according to my Garmin ended up being 2.3 miles and we left off a good portion of the red loop. We have a 10 year old and a couple of the spots can be a little concerning. Great little hike and I can't wait to go back to explore the rest of the HH trails!

1 month ago

Went backpacking for a night to campsite two. The incline at the start really kicks your ass but it’s pretty nice from there. Water is cold and fresh along the trail and the bathrooms are actually really nice for a backpacking trail.

Went on my first backpacking trip here, Planned in doing the 16 mile overnight but accidentally took the short loop back, still was a great hike, beautiful huge pine trees and nice little inclines scattered throughout. I was expecting mud since it had rained recently and it certainly didn’t disappoint! Waterproof boots are a necessity on this trail. That said, all in all a great first backpacking experience I’d recommend.

This was my first time backpacking and was in fact the longest hike (did the long loop) I’ve ever taken in my life and I must say big mistake! It seems to me that I was a little too ambitious for my first time out and my leg gave up in the last two miles. Oh did I mention that I did this solo? Oopsie! I was able to limp my way out but lesson learned. I hope you like mud because there was a plenty of that and more. The trail was also pretty overgrown in mid July so expect plenty of brush and check for ticks often. I did encounter one but I caught it before I got bitten. Don’t get me started on the spider webs yuck! Even when swinging a trecking pole in front of me they’d still end up in my face.

I’d recommend getting some trail legs before attempting. I also managed to lose my Thermarest self inflating sleeping pad, I could have sworn I had it strapped down tightly but is still fell out without me noticing. Tried driving back to the campsite since it was about 1,000 feet from the road but nope, my cramping legs just weren’t having it. I didn’t find out till I got there but the board said not to drink the water due too activity (I assume agriculture byproducts?) in the area and you must pack in all water. Turned out 3 liters is not enough. To the people who left behind their extra water jugs, you are life savers! I’d say plan on 5-6 liters minimum.

Over all I had a good time and I learned some harsh lessons the hard way but if you’re up for the challenge I’d say go for it! Would I do it again? Yes but only after I get in better shape.

me and my son did it at night. whole new experience.

The trail was ok. I wish it was marked better. The cave was beautiful. I went early so that was enjoyable! Towards the end there were TONS of people out hiking! I would say I enjoyed Mohican better but I do like the caves.

1 month ago

Beautiful scenery. A nice bit of elevation change here and there. I only wish it was a little longer. The trails were well blazed but clearly there’s been some tree damage in the area. A great little hike with plenty of eye candy.

1 month ago

Well, it started out nicely enough through a pretty forested area with quite a bit of elevation change to keep things interesting along the Hemlock Trail and Fern Trails. Once we hit the Cemetery Ridge Trail, things got less interesting, the trail became more like an access road, and it stayed that way until we began our descent back to the parking area. This would be a 3.5-4 Star hike if you removed that portion f the cemetery ridge trail.

This is a very nice hike that provides a bit of elevation change, a nice little piece of pine forest, some interesting rock formations, and at least one nice summer view. Well worth the side trip if near the Hocking Hills region.

7/11/18- Two women, 38 & 59. These two trails are very pretty and fairly easy to hike. We planned to do just the Hemlock Bridge trail at first but added the Whispering Cave trail because it was right there. Once we got to the rope bridge on the Hemlock trail we decided to keep going and hiked all the way to Cedar Falls. It’s was a lot longer than we had planned but very pretty once we got there. There are some more challenging areas on this trail. We did struggle on the way back because we were so tired and there is a lot of uphill climbing on the way back.

Nice overnighter. We started from the Iron Furnace trailhead and hiked counterclockwise. to campsite no. 2, got up early and hiked out the next morning. Follow the orange blazes until you get to waypoint K, then follow the white blazes back to the trailhead.
It was 90 degrees the day we hiked in, so it was harder than we expected. The forest was beautiful and there was some pleasant topography along the way.
Mosquitos were horrible, requiring multiple applications of Deet. Lots of Rambler Rose, blackberry and nettles line the trail, but these could be held back with trekking poles. Consider wearing gaiters or long pants and take plenty of water if you go in mid summer.
The campsites were well chosen and had ample space for multiple parties. No tables or fire rings, but privies are provided and, best of all, piped in water is available.

Cool trail in your backyard. Very well maintained trail. There is enough parking. Starts out with about a half mile gravel path, then goes to a flat dirt path, later there is some inclines and minor switch backs. It was a pleasant moderate hike. I did both loops in 2 hours including stops for pictures along the way. It was super hot which was nice, If you like that sort of thing. 2L of water was sufficient. A bit more bugs than some of the other trails I have been on, but nothing crazy. I liked the different aesthetics of the different sections of the trail, there is a small creek, a cool area with pine needles covering the ground, one overlook, and a cool little clearing under the tree canopy. Nice afternoon solo hike. Enjoy.

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