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It's a perfect hike, but make sure you are prepared. Bring water. You have to be in decent shape.

Good hike with lots of shade. Unfortunately, there are no signs so we ended up on Indian trail. We backtracked and finally took the saw mill route. Had to bushwhacked but did not make it to the end - it got very muddy and we saw fresh moose tracks. Ended up hiking 5.2 miles round trip.

I did this hike by myself and for starters I would say it was harder than moderate... I’m a distance runner so I would say I am in pretty good shape and this hike kicked my ass! Very very steep and there’s hardly any shade so it was sooo hot. I didn’t have a lot of water left and I was dehydrated and I was alone so I didn’t make it to the top because I was nervous about fainting so I turned around after 2 miles. Pretty hike and very challenging. Would like to do it in colder weather for sure. If you’re looking for a challenge this is a great hike to do. When you turn off the indian trail pay attention bc I missed it but thanks to this app I found it quickly.

trail running
7 days ago

Beautiful trail!!

harder than it looks.

12 days ago

I did this hike yesterday around 1030am. The waterfall was pretty but I probably won’t do the hike again. For about 2/3 of the hike it’s pretty steep. There also aren’t many views or pretty things to look at along the way. Plus the creek along the trail had an unpleasant smell.

Waterfall more of a trickle late summer. Great for a morning trail run.

Nice hike, very rocky with few flat spots. Waterfall barely a trickle in mid-August. Still nice views of the town.

on Wheeler Creek Trail

15 days ago

This hike starts off next the river but looses it about 1.5 miles and it gets hot! We started in the morning but by afternoon there wasn't a lot of shade. I was confused by the trail markers, I was looking for wheeler trail but in the middle of the hike all you see are signs for Maple or icebox. I just kept going south in hopes of going the right way. We didn't make it to the end because we ran out of time, maybe someday in the fall.

16 days ago

Nice and cool along the creek.

Short, beautiful, and just challenging enough to leave you feeling like you worked for your view. My dog also loved it and we didn’t run into any other people along the trail. There is even a nice creek at the base to clean muddy paws.

Gets easier every time. Takes 25-35 minutes to get up. Wear decent shoes. Waterfall is more of a trickle currently. Sunsets are nice with the smoke in the air.

My husband and I and our friend Erin completed this hike on July 28.

We started the hike at about 12:30, and made it down around 3:30 (although we did jog part of the way down). It was a 100* day, and only 10% of the trail is shaded, so we were roasting. The trail is moderately inclined the entire way, with sections that are severely steep. We stopped probably 10 times on the way up.

The views at the top were great.... we're glad we made it! My only complaint for this hike is the directions. I've been on the Indian Trail multiple times and never noticed the turnoff for Hidden Valley.

Would definitely recommend this hike for anyone who is in good shape and ready to take on a serious climb.

21 days ago

This trail is awesome! I can't believe I've lived in Ogden most of my life and never tried it out before. We only hiked about 3 miles of it, but it was beautiful and mostly shaded. Very easy trail at the beginning, but I've heard it can get steeper and harder the further you go (will update when I have more info). This would be great as a beginner mountain bike trail. I plan to come back and try it out for that.

on Pioneer Trail

24 days ago

This is a good trail and I would say fairly easy. The climbs are quite gradual both ways and makes for a nice easy hike. The first 1.5 miles aren't covered and can get quite hot in the summer, but if you start early you'll have shade the entire way to the valley. After that first 1.5 miles, you have quite a bit of cover from the trees. There's another break in the tree cover after you hit the parking lot and start the trail going down into the valley, but it does have some cover towards the end as well. I noticed that the All Trails app showed me as off course on the second half of the trail where the trail seems to parallel the road all the way to the end, but that's private property and there are no trespassing signs posted. If you just keep to the trail and disregard some of the recorded tracks, you'll be fine. It's well marked nearly the entire way. There were three dogs roaming the trail towards the end where there are some houses. One was quite large, but they were all friendly. But, if you're afraid of dogs, be aware that they seem like they're just some free-range dogs from one of the nearby houses that are probably there all the time. A couple more things - the trail is quite rocky for about the first 1.5 miles and then turns into a dirt trail afterward. The second half of the trail, after you cross the parking lot, is a bit overgrown for about a half mile, but it's still easy to follow.

Sunday was pretty crowded, not the trails fault but a group of people brought up their ganster rap, who wants that kind of music on a hike?! You hike to enjoy stillness.
maybe someone will read this and not be that person on a hike (:

27 days ago

Well...it was interesting

Just finished this hikes. This hike is HARD!!! It is steep and insanely rocky. If you have knee problems, or are not in moderate shape, don't do this hike. There are pretty spots and views; this time of year the waterfall is nothing special.

Great hike but the lack of snow fall has made this waterfall a bit disappointing.

just visiting, small hike in the morning. it was some loose rock and not much waterfall but some good views and still had fun

Good hike for a family. Beautiful scenery and good for bikes as well. There were also restrooms along the way. However, the signs and path were confusing at times.

Left at 8:00 in the morning and the weather was perfect. Trail wasn’t crowded. Took about an hour. The end of the trail was rocky but manageable. The waterfall was a little disappointing......not a lot of water coming over. Still a great hike!

on Gibbs Trail

1 month ago

Went hiking here on 7-21-18. It was a horrible hiking experience. Despite someone yelling at my dog and myself for allowing a dog on this trail even though they’re allowed, the scenery was not pretty at all. I’m sure it’s beautiful in the spring and the fall but not so much now. The trails were confusing as well. The hike (or more like walk) itself was fun and my dog had fun. Probably will never do this hike again.

When I was younger I loved this hike, however, be prepared to have a lot of people around you.

1 month ago

I love this trail as it runs by the river. I spent my childhood walking a long it.

1 month ago

Wouldn't recommend during the heat of the day

1 month ago

Good hike if you dont have time to drive far from town. The beginning is fairly easy and mid way the trail gets very rocky. I'm not sure if there is a real waterfall earlier in the year, but today, its was more of a trickle with a mist. The shade was nice in the July heat though :)

my son took me on this hike. It was a work out for me but I really enjoyed the scenery.

Short and beautiful trail with lots of shade and a fun waterfall! The trail as a whole isn't steep however there are a few very steep spots. My 5 year old did great and our 2 year old was in a hiking backpack with no problems. The only downfall was the waterfall area is pretty small so it can get crowded and some people there had big dogs not on a leash (like they were supposed to) so that was annoying having muddy wet dogs jumping up on you.

1 month ago

Only went 3 miles, nice hike.

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