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snowshoed 1/20/19 and it was perfect snowshoe conditions. Was only able to make it up to the Broome Hut because trail wasn’t very clear after that but it was still a great hike. Challenging climb but worth the view!

by far the easiest trail I've ever done

Beautiful easily accessible snowshoe trail. Went midday on a perfectly sunny day with my mom. We took the uphill portion to the hut slowly but enjoyed coming up through the pine forest and then finding views closer to the hut. Trail easy to follow. Only saw a few other snowshoe groups on the way up and then a handful of people at the hut backcountry skiing. We didn’t much past the hut but trail continued to be well designated. Highly recommend.

16 days ago

Used the trail to the Wilderness Boundary then looped back along the road. Traction helpful, but snowshoes required above the falls. Good hike, nice day. Great views of Sawtooth and Buchannan Pass.


cross country skiing
22 days ago

Upper bowls were nice skiing. Skinned all the way up. The drainage is nice skiing all the way down.

—December 17–
Went for a day long hike up Ute Creek trailhead attempting to reach bison peak. Did not see a single person at the trailhead or on the trail. First mile is a easy going walk along the river then climbs over 2000’ within a couple miles. Definitely a difficult trail and with snow/ice covered at higher altitudes. Unfortunately didn’t reach summit due to time getting late and difficult trail conditions. Great views around tree line with views of many major peaks in Colorado. Planning to go back in the future and discover more of lost park.

super fun, short snowshoeing trek! we saw an amazing sunset!

Please note that the last 1/4 of the loop is skiers only. They were kind as we snowshoed past them not realizing this, but did mention it to us. No where on this app does it say anything about this. If we had turned around it would have almost doubled our trip length and we were too tired to do so. Also, it clocked as 7 miles not 6 miles. Fortunately, on a weekday, it was not too busy , so we did not disrupt too many people.

Great scenery and plenty of snow.

Snowshoes to the top today, great conditions!

We snowshoed up to Broome Hut on 12/1/18. The trail was well packed for the first half mile. Someone went up without snowshoes and was post-holing which messed up the trail. It took us 1.5 hours to get to the hut and 30 minutes to get back down.

There were a handful of people at the hut. It was great to stop and have a snack before heading down. We'll be back to continue the hike up to Twin Cones.

Nothing to crazy to see. It does have some decent incline. I did use crampons for some more grip because of snow on the trail. Otherwise pretty easy.

Perfect for snowshoeing! We only made it up to the hut due to strong winds and snow. But is about a mile in. Snow shoes and even ski googles are needed if you want to summit.

The 3 mile hike up to the falls was worth every step up, especially in the fall for this 61 year old’s questionable knee. My 24 year old daughter and I had a perfect day together followed by hours of sitting in nature’s own hot springs a few miles up the road!

Yesterday started out with crampsons thinking that was enough however as soon as I got to the hut I found that snow shoes would definitely be needed I’d like to do it again

off road driving
2 months ago

Great trail that is in between moderate and difficult. There are a bunch of spots that were made more difficult by the snow that is on the trail once you get higher up and there are a few technical spots. Luckily there are enough turn around spots because I had to turn around half way because a jeep was doing some self recovery on the trail on a snow covered rocky spot and I wasn't going to sit there and wait knowing that those things take time. I have a tacoma with 33" tires and a lift and I didn't have any issues clearing any of the obstacles.

Lots of snow last weekend when we were there! Only saw 4 other people while we were out!

we hiked in 1/2 way set up camp in the snow. (trying some new gear). saw some good size cat tracks and heard some elk in the distance. this was a tight winding trek. but very enjoyable.

off road driving
2 months ago

Good trail to test your abilities. Going counterclockwise-first half of loop can be challenging, second half is much easier. Rubicon with 3.5" lift and 35" tires made it no problem. Would consider this trail on the harder side of moderate. Could definitely see stock vehicles having some troubles, but still doable.

trail running
2 months ago

A very enjoyable forested trail. Mt Antero looked great with a touch of snow. The trail was clear and conditions were good. The waterfall isn’t mind blowing but it’s a nice spot to stop for a photo and a snack.

My girlfriend and I hiked this in early August. It was our first fourteener together.

A nice trail, offers something different and easy to reach from the city.

Did this hike back in July, so this review might be a little off by now. Overall a Solid hike, with a well maintained trail. 3-4 hour hike depending on your pace and if you break for lunch at the waterfall.

2 months ago

Lovely hike for a partial day. The steepest part was the first section, then it was easy and beautiful. Very little snow and ice on this sunny October day. You can continue up to the lake for a hike that us twice as long.

Perfect 3 hour hike with the pup.

3 months ago

Has some really neat rocks at the top and has great views. As far as I know, there's no trail from the saddle to the summit.

Beautiful day in October to hike with dog. No snow, warm. Trails are marked well;however, be alert as there are some trail projects going on and divert you. Revegetation going on as well in some places.
Bicyclists also use trail so don’t zone out with the landscape.

off road driving
3 months ago

Great trail overall. Has some great views when you come out of the trees. It is tight in some spots and would be tricky for anything much bigger than my 4Runner. My 2.5” lift was plenty and saw a stock Tacoma doing just fine. Fairly snowy up top already.

Trail was well established to cabin and up to the stream. Became slightly harder to follow as you come around and up to the twin cones. Over a foot of snow is already on the ground, be prepared to post hole. Beautiful views, worth the hike .

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