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For experienced hikers, this will be an easy, dare I say relaxing, hike. For beginners, like myself, this can be challenging. Completely worth it! If you're worried about the "moderate" level, wear good, sturdy boots for the rocks, bring lots of water and take your time! You've got this!!

2 days ago

Guided tour through the canyon. Amazing views, worth every dollar.

Wouldn’t really rate this as a hike, more of a walk due to its extremely short distance and it should be rated as easy, not moderate. The lake was really pretty but didn’t really offer much other then sitting around it. Scrambled up the mountain behind the lake and sat on top which was definitely the best part of the hike.

Beautiful, had the whole place to ourselves.

we did it with our 4 year old
she loved it
bring enough photo memory

It was alright. I definitely would say it’s a wee bit harder than moderate! What the reviews lack to include is; the rock wall you have to traverse across.

Don’t get me wrong, the views are totally worth the end goal! Just make sure you’re ready for A steady climb and you’re wearing good shoes!

This is a great hike. The lake is beautiful. If you hike up Mount Ward the view of the Lake is amazing. The trail head however is hard to find.

9 days ago

I don't really consider this a "hike", but rather more of a walk down stairs, into a canyon that offers you some of the most memorable views in your life. In fact, the only way to enter the canyon is through a tour. If you are a nature lover of any kind, this is a must-do.
As the information above shows, you are not allowed to enter this canyon without a Navajo guide and a permit. Permits are cheap (under $10), and then the price of the tour. It's a large parking lot, so unless you're there in peak season on a weekend, you'll not have too hard a time parking.
The tours are grouped of maybe 20-25 people at a time, with a Navajo guide who offers you details about the canyon and the surrounding land along the way.
Again, you are not allowed to just part and walk down into the canyon. This is for your own safely because if you are in the canyon when it rains, you will drown. Sounds dramatic, but it's true. The guides let you know that only 1 inch of rain above-ground will flood this 80 ft deep canyon. So, heed the warning to never sneak in. Plus, it's about respect. This is tribal land that we're privileged to walk on. So, don't grumble about the fee or that you can't wander around alone. The guides will give you ample opportunities to stop and take pictures.
For those who aren't into hiking, are disabled, or don't exercise regularly, the only way down, into the canyon is by climbing down narrow, grated stair cases.
Fair warning, too, about the amount of tourists here. LIterally busloads. I've been twice, once in October, where there was minimal wait time (maybe 10 min max). The second time I went, I visited in mid-July, around 10am. The wait to get into the canyon lasted 45+ min as you stand outside in direct sunlight. There were hundreds of people standing, waiting for their tour group to enter down into the canyon. And because you're standing in direct sun, there were a few people in line when I was there who fainted. No joke. So if you're not acclimated to desert heat and don't have 2+ bottles of water, DO NOT GO IN THE SUMMER.
Otherwise, this will be one of the most beautiful things you ever see.

Great hike! You need a vehicle with some clearance if you want to avoid walking all the way to the trailhead. Getting to the lake was fairly easy but you can continue to Mount Ward and Allison Peak if you want a bit more of a challenge. Seeing the window on Window Mountain was amazing. You can make your way to the window if you are confident enough. Me and my friend didn’t attempt because a pretty nasty storm rolled in on us once we summited Ward. I’ll be returning so that I can make it to the window next time.

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13 days ago

Decent trail for off roading. There were a few hills where I felt like my Truck got some good exercise. The view up at the top is amazing!

Access to the trailhead was super easy. A vehicle with clearance is kinda mandatory when you get off the main road (deep puddles, rocky). My 2000 Grand Cherokee eased through effortlessly.

Did the loop (up to the Window, Allison Peak, Ward Peak, a swim in the lake to cool off). Glad I did it- the weather was cooperative and I saw lotsa cool things (peaks I’d climbed before, a Mountain Goat on the way to Allison). Met a couple of really nice people going up to Ward as well (Bryan and Sandy- thanks for the chat and photos).

Think I’ll do this again, a very enjoyable challenge.

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14 days ago

Pretty intense trail. Was doing great until we hit the steps, scraped the side of the truck a bit. All in all well worth it!

Made this trek in my 2012 Nissan Titan crew cab, pretty much stock with slightly oversized tires

off road driving
15 days ago

Definitely need an off roaring vehicle! Or something at least with high clearance. Once you start there’s no turning around.
One of my favourite places to date. Lots of wildlife and places to stop and do small hikes around. The old town is super cool too. Some people drive though it quickly, but honestly take your time and soak everything in. It’s gorgeous

One of the top trails in Colorado

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18 days ago

Drive from Ouray to Telluride. Started out very easy and gradually got to moderate. Lower portion was along a stream. Climbed above tree line and trail continued as moderate. Summit was over 13,000 feet Trail off summit toward Telluride was a bit tricky, very narrow and didn’t want to meet up with anyone climbing. Once down from summit was a easier drive. Abandoned mine was very interesting and a lot to explore. Also portapotties were there. From ruins to Telluride there was a lot of afternoon traffics, again had to watch for places to meet other drivers. Switchbacks on the trail made it more challenging. Drive most of time in high range. High ground clearance was a must.

Found the trail head without a problem using this app. My Jeep Trailhawk had no problems navigating the mud holes and rocks, mind you I would have driven anything in there. The first three quarters of the hike up is on a tremendous amount of loose rock and is quite a climb up. Once to the top it was a spectacular sight. A shout out to Mackenzie for posting the mile marker.

Alleen te bezoeken middels een tour, het is inderdaad een soort van polonaise door de Canyon maar zeker met wat geduld en manoeuvreren tussen de mensen door absoluut de moeite waard.

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24 days ago

off road driving
25 days ago

Great trail. Be careful on the last hairpin switchback. I nosed in, reversed down the trail 150 feet or so to the next switchback which left me pointing forward again and did not require making a somewhat gnarly 3 point turn. Otherwise, the trail is pretty spectacular. I was in a stock 4x4 2018 tacoma and made it no problem. Did scrape my side predator side steps a couple times, but no big deal.

off road driving
25 days ago

Hands down my favorite trail in the area. It is difficult, and you should be an experienced off road driver, but its not completely insane or anything. We did it in a (brand new) stock TRD Pro 4 runner, and I scraped the drivers nerf bar a couple times, but that was the only thing that touched.

The climb up is moderately difficult at most, the only thing i would consider an "obstacle" is the waterfall at the summit, which is a fun little climb, but you can bypass it, we made it up with no contact or wheel spin.

The summit is amazing as it opens up and there is plenty of room for parking, picnicking, etc. The views are absolutely stunning and might be my favorite point in Colorado. (See the photos from my drone in the photo section)

The descent starts out moderate, with a drop off on you left, but the trail is still decently wide (relative term), just pay attention and there won't be any issue.

The steps are a bit tricky to navigate, and you may pull a wheel off the ground depending on your line choice, but the risk of catastrophe is relatively low as long you're paying attention.

The road is very narrow past the steps and is basically a rock shelf at points, with a drop off on your left and a rock wall on the right. Its not terribly challenging, but it may get to the nerves of some, This is where the trail gets its fame as the descent into Telluride starts, the road is narrow, rocky, and shows you a 1000' drop at points, but again, its just your nerves that get to you, its really not super challenging. The switchbacks are tight, but have room for a 3+ point turn depending on how close to the edge you're comfortable getting.

As i said, we did it in a Stock TRD Pro 4 runner, but i never even locked the rear end, just used 4L over the majority of the pass, and mostly for engine braking purposes. Other vehicles seen that day that did the whole trail were an Unlimited Jeep JK (Duh), A Crew Cab Tundra, A GMC Suburban, and another Identical 4 runner to ours. Shorter is definitely better, but anything shorter than a full size crew cab pickup (F-250 etc) with a decent amount of ground clearance will make it, anything longer than a crew cab, short bed, half ton pickup would have hell, and even those will need a bit of lift and 33's or so. Longer vehicles will most likely drag bottom or rocker panels in a few spots, so use that info as you will! Enjoy!

First time on this road, 2d jeep trip ever we turned back (Nov 2017). Today we conquered it! Our jeep is 35", w/ 3.5" lift. Our friends had a stock Jeep Rubicon. We were nervous about the rock cliff from last time but the experience we've had since has given us confidence and skill. We took it slow, our friends used hub lockers, and we rocked, eating lunch at the top. Get some experience and try it again.

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29 days ago

Amazing place. Camp overnight

off road driving
30 days ago

great drive the thing I believe that makes this hard is a bypass trail that leads to the mountain ridge and the steep incline. my wife and I were able to complete the bypass trail in a stock Xterra with AT tires. 9 inches of clearance was enough for all of the obstacles but 4 low was a necessity, lockers would be nice but not needed. this is a single lane trail so go slow and watch for traffic.
great view of utah lake once you get up to the radio towers.

1 month ago

Easy trail. Road is pretty well maintained. Went half way up from Winthrop side. Good views and worth seeing the other side first if you need to turn back like us.

off road driving
1 month ago

Did this trail today and had a great time. My quad struggled in the cold air/elevation but still made it. Rocks are sharp but my 4 ply tires held up well. You have to take this trail slow but it was worth it to get to the end. Stock 4x4 will be a close call while anything lifted will do fine. Quads and dirt bikes can handle this.

Very scenic trail for off-roading purposes. You occasionally run into a hiker or mountain-biker, but for the most part, it’s all 4x4’s. The views are spectacular throughout the trail but the best views are when you come down the waterfall. To all those wielding a camera and shooting in daylight hours, jump (at your own risk) across the waterfall and get a shot of your vehicles coming down. The switchbacks are technical but not overwhelming. We were in a long bed company truck and successfully maneuvered the turns with little effort.
Happy trails!

off road driving
1 month ago

Great trail climb. You don’t really know that you’re climbing till the trail pulls back on itself and you see the valley. Amazing views. There is a lot of loose rock and shale on the trail.

off road driving
1 month ago

I decided to drive to Telluride, Colorado from Purgatory Resort. I found a short cut and found this amazing trail (Black Bear Pass). Of course, I did my research before going. I read some reviews on how technical and dangerous it can be. To be honest, it was fun and not as bad as it looks. As long as you are paying full attention, focused, and staying within your limits you will be ok. My wife was a great spotter to make sure I did not fall off the cliff on those tight switchbacks. This is the most scenic and beautiful off-road trail I have ever been to. It may be short but seems like a lifetime of amazing views. I would highly recommend this trail.

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1 month ago

We have done this trail 3 times over the last year or so. The trail conditions near the top have degraded over that period of time, but remain usable for most high clearance vehicles. Most recent trip was 2 weeks ago in a Jeep TJ with lockers front and rear. We had a second vehicle following that was a brand new stock Tacoma. The stock Taco was able to make it but did bang up his step bars a little. Pick the right lines and it's still ok for most vehicles.

off road driving
1 month ago

This is a sketchy trail. Incredible though. Not a super difficult drive but if you make a mistake in the wrong area it could be your last. I did it in the rain and that added to the sketchiness. The worst part was the steps... just take it slow and you’ll be fine. I would recommend airing down and taking it super slow. A spotter helps but is not a must. Took us about 3 hours. Gorgeous views all over the trail. Did it in a 2017 Tacoma with a 2 inch lift and wrangler duratrac tires.

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