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I love this area! This trail is perfect for those who haven't hiked in a while. Waterfalls, views, swinging bridges. Apparently there was a tornado in early November and the trail suffered a lot of damage. It's clear now but one should use caution. There are broken branches and whole trees leaning and hanging overhead. We heard a loud crack and watched a large limb come crashing down right in front of us. They've also had rain which has left some parts of the trail submerged. Not too deep but plan on getting wet feet. The rain has also increased the flow at the falls, it's pretty spectacular. Right below the falls is a good place to take a break, we stopped for lunch and enjoyed the view. Rattlesnake Point is breathtaking. Talk about a vista! I expect in the spring and summer it comes by it's name honestly. I'm looking forward to exploring other parts of Savage Gulf State Natural Area.

Flat easy trail out and back trail which is gorgeous during the fall leaf season. At the turnaround point at the dam, there is a bathroom and picnic tables where we stopped to eat lunch. I probably would only hike this in the fall or winter for the colors or view of the river. Beware of bikers on this trail also. We had no problems but just so you are aware.

Great trail! Hike about a half mile before you have the option to go right or left. I went left and it was great. You can go either way since it’s a loop and you see the same stuff. The trail is marked with almost a neon green paint on the trees. It’s not like every other tree sometimes you can go a quarter mile or longer before you see a marking. But it is pretty obvious which way to go. I also had service the entire trail so i was able to open this app and check the trail and see where i was at with the GPS. Watch out for bikers- especially if you have a dog off-leash. I’d either keep it on leash or just make sure the dog knows to move out of the way. There’s a nice creek that is there for probably about half of the trail that is easy to get to.
The trail was wide for a decent amount of it, wide enough to hike 2x2. Some areas it’s skinner so it’s 1x1. But none of the trail was washed out or dangerous. I hiked with my dog and we had no issues. The uphills are pretty gradual nothing crazy steep. Pretty easy.

18 days ago

Great trail, not hard and well marked.

Great trail! Variety of terrain. lots of rocks and tree limbs to traverse made it fun. Have to keep your eyes on the trail especially in the fall when the leaves cover

First - directions from coordinates take you to an apparent complex (alexadra way). Do not turn in there - go past about 50 yards and it’s a parking lot on left.
Hike- great, not too hard nor too easy. The view at the top is incredible. We went when minimal leaves were on trees which made the over looks along the way more enjoyable. At the top, have great view at river and area. Swing bridge was cool and there’s a waterfall that also is nice. If you wanted just to go to the waterfall and bridge it’s not even half way. The other is very clear and easy to traverse.
Once cross the bridge it gets more technical but easy to do without anything to carry (no water or food; unless you just want to).
I hiked w my daughter and we had a great time. Started about 1:30 and finished about 5. Took our time and took a lot of pictures. Great time to talk & be w nature.
Will do this again.

on Savage Day Loop

26 days ago

this is the fourth time I've been to this trail. usually it's great but today the trail was closed due to dangerous conditions and fallen trees from a recent storm. We hiked anyway but encountered many obstacles that forced us off the main trail. We never made it to the falls due to impassable piles of large fallen timber, brush and branches. Heed the warning signs until they finally get the trail cleaned up and cleared again.

This was a wonderful fall trail with interesting changes in topography. The trail could be marked a little better, but if you use the trail map from this app on your phone to double check your location you’ll be fine. I started on the opposite side of the parking lot and didn’t have a problem. The forest was very quiet, somewhat eerily so, and hardly anyone was there in the middle of the week.

First 1.5 miles of trail is a wide limestone gravel pathway with a slight incline. This portion of the trail is heavily utilized by a diverse and abundant group through out the day. The rushing creek is a very calming feature that is show cased through out the trail prior to the creek crossing. A feature that is not so prominent is a natural fountain on the left side of the creek before you reach the 3/4 mile marker. The waterfall just beyond the 1 mile mark is another highlight of the trek. The footing at the waterfall is a wet crossing. You can dry navigate this area by staying left and on the rocks, however choosing this route places the not so steady on their feet in an awkward footing situation and impedes traffic.
The trail beyond the creek crossing is moderate-hard there are multiple downed trees that you will have to navigate. The footing is rocky with some muddy passages. The width of the trail is clear for single passage as this appears to be a previous logging/fire road. The incline is moderate to semi- steep. Trail is not marked beyond the creek crossing.
Overall a fantastic trail that is conveniently located.

1 month ago

Very nice hike - fairly easy - just the distance. Waterfall is beautiful as is the overlook. Great walk for someone like me trying to get into shape and get some outdoor time. Was fun!

great trail! beautiful with the changing leaves. perfect length for a day hike.

1 month ago

Fun little hike, a decent challenge but not a lot to see.

Great hike. The view is amazing

This was great trail with a couple of variations for length. Like others said, it seems to be minimally tended to so there are areas with trees down and a few spots you have to climb or traverse. Our 70 lb boxer was able to handle it well. The stairs at the beginning might be the hardest parts with really uneven step gaps.

The waterfall is worth the short (but steep) off trail venture. Absolutely stunning.

Views are outstanding right at the beginning.

1 month ago

We hiked in this past weekend from Beech Gap gate on Cherohala Skyway. From that gate to the far side of B’Bald measured 3.8 miles one-way.

Fairly strenuous but short-lived climb up to B’Bald but worth the work. Great views and peaceful place to enjoy the Wilderness. Plenty of clear water and downed limbs for campfire. You might be tempted to sing a chorus or two from ‘The Sound of Music’.

Overall a good, easy trail with a great viewpoint, waterfall, and swinging bridge. As others have mentioned, it’s only about 4 miles round trip from the parking lot to Edward’s Point.

1 month ago

Great hike! Very beautiful and very well maintained trails. I went as soon as finished raining, so the trails were slick and muddy. Just be careful! To get the best bang for your trip, when you get to the part in the trail where it splits for the loop, go right first. You'll get a few overlooks, and by the time your turning to go back to the ranger station, there's the spur to go over to the waterfall - it's a great place to relax. If you have a hammock, there's a perfect area of trees and no brush at the base of the falls to set up. Then it's just over a mile hike back to the parking lot.

More strenuous than Enterprise South; good for mountain biking, too. Even the easy green path, Rolling Green, has lots of elevation change to it.

Not a great venue for just walking and talking; the paths are too narrow.

1 month ago

The falls are beautiful! Definitely a must see. The woods on the outer part of the loop are nice. Very easy relaxed hike.

2 months ago

Nice trail. Well marked. A little treacherous in spots. Just watch your step.

This is one of my favorite hiking trails. Especially when you make it down to Rainbow Falls ;)

I'd say this trail was moderate-hard, especially for a not-so-seasoned hiker. The trail was a little hard to find, but there were plenty of friendly people along the way to point me in the right direction - must get down to the dam, go left, across the little suspension bridge and then you start climbing up on the white marked trail. At one point the trail is literally climbing up rocks. Like everyone says, there's a couple of lookouts where you can see the Alexian across the way, but you have to keep going a decent ways before you get to Edwards. Overall really awesome hike of about 4.5 miles, and I wouldn't recommend wearing chacos; although it was nice to step in the water on the way back.

Well recommended for beginners. Absolutely loved. Very clean and well maintained

3 months ago

It’s a pretty great hike! Not a lot of signs once you get passed rainbow lake. The view at Edwards point is amazing! A lot of people had dogs. I would suggest that they need to clean it up a little. There was trash in some parts. Rainbow lake is cool but the water was dirty looking. Overall I would go back. Be ready for a lot of brush in the trail.

I'll be back to search for a safe path down to the elusive Rainbow Falls.

Easy hike along the Upper section of the Ocoee River from the Ocoee Whitewater Center to Ocoee Dam #3. River is usually low. Lots of pools and large rocks exposed when low. High water during dam releases for rafting and kayaking on the weekends from mid May to mid September.

Trail start was confusing and blazes could be better marked. View was gorgeous. First rock outcropping is not the final stop. Keep going and you will see the beauty of the Tennessee River, wilderness and even saw a pair of eagles.

3 months ago

Beautiful walk along the Ocoee River - not a lake, as stated.

The first 1.25 miles is like a really nice gravel road with lots of swimming holes and plenty of parking. You can see lots of mothers pushing strollers. Then the path crosses a small creek and we lost the trail at about the 2.5 mile mark. Lots of beautiful bluffs, the trail isn't very rocky like some around but you have to negotiate some fallen trees.

Several trees across the trail, fourteen by my count to the first bridge. Very enjoyable trail can be very slick when wet. The listed mileage is short of reality. McDonald Branch was difficult to cross because of high water and very slick rocks.

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