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1 day ago

Did this trail yesterday, don’t know what I did that it did not record. But I would come back and do it again. It was muddy only because it had just rained a day before. Creeks over flowing, did cross and all but the last one as it was higher.

2 days ago

Great hike experience! We went after rain so the trail was really muddy, other than that it's a good trail. love the view on top. I expected it to be much easier than it was.

Hiked counterclockwise in order to climb the only decent hill on the trail. For a 9 mile hike, it's a good workout. A little muddy today.

This is a wonderful trail that isn’t for the weak hearted. It is an all uphill experience that is well worth the reward of the views overlooking the majestic hills and clear blue water.

Obviously, the decent is the easier part, but be sure to watch your steps on the way up as it can be very steep, slippery (during the fall and winter months), and at times very much like an obstacle course of rocks and small boulders.

During the summer months there is very little shade, so bring sunscreen and/or proper coverage. Be sure to bring a lot of water, sturdy shoes, and possibly snacks for the views up top. This is a year around hike that many people enjoy - all friendly hikers.

Well-maintained trail and good workout. We went opposite direction, so one steep uphill part. Nice mix of wooded areas with eucalyptus and open areas with pretty views of lake. First couple miles were on paved path and very crowded, then saw almost no one the rest of the way. Took us a little over 3 hours to hike it.

3 days ago

A beautiful trail which starts off hard due to incline but easy to follow and the downhill section had a couple of nice little waterfalls/creeks. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

4 days ago

This was a great tail. Very muddy/slippery in places (came early January) so use caution. Offers amazing views from the top of Lake Berryessa and the valley. It is difficult as the uphill climb can be brutal in places, but if you’re up for the challenge then I would highly recommend!

Great views of the lake.
I would say this is a very difficult hike. Switch backs, stairs and bouldering add to its difficulty. Also, slippery conditions throughout the trail.
I would absolutely do it again, but there is little shade so likely in fall or winter months.

So beautiful. Extraordinary experience for life.

Awesome day hike! We went on a January sunny afternoon and took the “shorter” trail straight to the top. Yeowch! Beautiful and steep with switchbacks. It took us about 45min to get up there. Gorgeous views of Lake Berryessa, but little did we know that the absolute gorgeous views were waiting for us on the longer hike down. Well, we had to traverse a few more peaks and ridge lines before we actually started moving down in elevation, but the views from those ridges were fabulous and being a little later in the day, the lighting was great for photos. We left vehicle around 1:15p, got to top around 2-ish. Dinked around for about 30-45min, then started the trek down. Got back to car at 5:15p - right when sun was saying goodbye. Would love to do it again, this time in the opposite direction and maybe hike over to see the homestead ruins. Bring water, sunscreen and layers.

10 days ago

Hiked yesterday 1-12-19. Maybe 3-4 inches of snow at the top, no need for snow shoes. Always a good hike with sweet views of Shasta at the top (make sure to hike a few minutes past the official “end of trail” sign for better views to the north)

I gather from recent comments that as of 1/12/19 the trail is open. Which answers 1 out of 3 of my questions. The other two are:
1. Are dogs allowed on the trail?
2. Is there a parking or trail fee? If yes, how much is it?

I regularly do this hike but starting on the other end and leading to Cool. Always fun to eat there before heading back.

It was a beautiful, crisp day here today. This is a great hike with awesome views of Lake Berryessa and the surrounding areas, and the trail is well maintained by UC Davis. Quite a bit of steep incline and there are stretches without shade due to a wildfire in 2015, but definitely worth it overall. There are lots of cool birds and other animals to spot. Will definitely come back!

14 days ago

Wear comfortable shoes, shoes that don’t let your toes ride against the tip. I thought my shoes were fine but going down the trail can be so steep I was literally running down the trail hahaha. Fun experience but take shoes that are really prepared for the descent and incline. My feet were hurting real bad after the hike. Literally had the whole trail to myself the day I went. Love the river! Hike wasn’t too long but it was pretty rough to me and I would consider myself an average hiker. Bring tons of water!

16 days ago

What an amazing gift in our back yard. Can’t wait to go again! It was a long journey for my kids but the payoff was HUGE and well worth it. Felt like we could see for eternity.

18 days ago

Amazing trail!!

Dewy, but not wet. Road full of cars, but only saw three people.

No matter how many times I do this trail, it still kicks my butt!! Short trail, but the change in elevation gets the heart pumping. I generally follow the trail out towards Cool to get a little more distance in for the day.

And running back down the hill makes the hike up soooooo worth it!

Completed the hike today and sure enough it was a challenge, the nearly 2,000ft change in elevation in under 2 miles requires some serious work both going to the river and coming back out.

Conditions: The path was totally clear of obstacles (prior pictures show downed trees), however it was frustrating to see how many people disrespect the area by tossing their empty water containers off the side of the trail. I’d suggest that everyone who reads this and completes the trail take out at least one piece of garbage with them, we can’t stop idiots from tossing trash but we can at least help keep it clean.

Recommendations: The hike can be a long one so I’d suggest getting there early, it took me a little over an hour to get down to the bridge and the trail still continues another 2.5 miles past that. I’d highly suggest trekking poles, save your knees some unnecessary strain, because the hike out will totally kick your butt.
Took me about two hours from the bridge to the car. I’d also suggest some shoes with a good hiking tread, I made the bad choice of opting out for tennis shoes today instead of my hiking boots- bad idea. My shoes had a very slick tread design and the majority of the trail is covered in very slippery oak leafs, so do as I say not as I do and you’ll prevent yourself from slipping and falling. As always bring LOTS of water, the only water source is a small spring (I always carry a sayer water filter, super light and fits on to any standard plastic water bottle) near the parking area so there will be no water options while going up that crazy climb. The trail was very lonely and all though I didn’t see any critters or signs of them other reviewers have stated finding Bear scat during their hikes- Consider bear spray. I hope you’ll enjoy it, it was a blast! Check out my IG for pics of the hike @alvarado_dan_

Beautiful crisp New Year Day hike. Lower layer foliage is growing in nicely around the burned trees from 2015 fires. Great views, and gratefully was not a hot day since there isn’t much shade.

Really fun, dynamic hike. Views from the Sierras to the Coast Range, and all across Lake Berryessa. Lots of variation in the trail from steep switchbacks to gradual grades and even some bouldering along the spine of the ridge. Really comfortable hike during the winter but I imagine that it would be grueling from May to September. Can't wait to go back and try the Tuleyome Loop.

Depending on the weather it can be killer in the heat or cold (during winter)

Make sure to wear proper hiking shoes, as I saw a vast majority of people wearing running/sneaker shoes. There are a few patches of loose gravel. You’ve been warned

I’ve done this trail twice: once in September and once a few days ago in December. It’s a great workout and quite a challenge! The scenery is beautiful the whole way up but particularly incredible at the peak. There was a little Christmas tree at the summit in December! Bring plenty of water and sun screen. If you don’t stop, you can get up and back down in between 2-2.5 hours. I recommend bringing a snack to eat at the top and enjoying the scenery before your hike down hill. I’ll definitely do this again!

It is really windy today and lots lots of people. It took us, two adults, five kids 4 and a half hours to finish the entire loop. My phone showed we actually walked 6.8 miles, not 5.8. One of the hardest trail we walked so far.

22 days ago

Short but very steep hike. I did the shorter version but next time I'll push myself to go the extra .7 miles. I wouldn't recommend for beginners.

23 days ago

Super fun easy afternoon hike! It looks a lot steeper than it actually is and was very beautiful. There are quite a few places where the trail splits so be mindful of checking where you are! Highly recommend for a fun local hike

I’m 57 years old and this hike kicked my butt. The ridge has many boulders and can be a bit disorienting I thought navigating the trail ridge was the most difficult -and I started on the switchback trail.! Take plenty of water and give yourself plenty of extra time.

24 days ago

If someone finds a Camillus knife out the can you let me know it fell off my bag should be close to the bridge

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