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7 hours ago

Mustards and flowers are returning in some areas. The hill west of the Old Weir Canyon Trail was solid mustard plants before the fire but still has a long way to go. Snakes and rodents are starting to return too. This has been one of my favorite trails for decades and still is.

Fun short trail ideal for kids, supervised of course due to rattle snakes and holes on the trail. The trail starts on the east side (right side) of the museum building. The first mile is a dirt trail that passes various historical and operational oil derrick pumps, and the second mile is a paved access road and regular sidewalks. It’s nicer to turn around half way (at the Olinda Trail sign) than to take the loop.

There are 15 markers on the trail that reference information in the trail guide, sometimes available in the white boxes at the trail head (parking lot) or at marker 15 (where the Olinda Trail meets Santa Fe sidewalk at Carbon Canyon Road).

Museum parking is free, with posted trail hours daily 9 AM to 4 PM.

Great trail with lovely views. Enjoyed the scenic markers and history lesson along the way

Definitely a workout! Always fun bringing my boys. A lot as changes since the fire but it still a gorgeous place to hike.

Really nice trail. Enjoyed the morning with a good view of the city.

19 days ago

Very flat and highly trafficked.. lots of dogs, bikers, runners etc. We even came across a stray cat, which the dog-friend didn't quite like. A lot of the trail butts up against people's back yard. We hopped on the trail and just did a quick down/back for a few miles.

23 days ago

Fantastic trail for wheelchairs. Nice & flat. I wasn’t expecting the location to be in a residential area, with street crossings, but it was still nice to see all the wildflowers, lizards and birds.

Hiked with dog on 3/31/18. The effects of last October’s wildfire were devastating on the park and its many oak trees and other vegetation. But there is also much new greenery and growth. Saw many wild California poppies, maybe more than last year.


Great place to run and clean.

Started out as what I call workout hike with wide paths but then turned into nice nature smaller trail which was very enjoyable, especially after the recent rains.

Love this park
Easy enough walk for the kids and a great place to take photos

1 month ago

Beautiful trail and very well maintained. Nice flat walk with a great view of today’s snow covered mountains.

1 month ago

great trail to frequent.
street parking.
some parts are burned and rebounding.
starting to green out for spring already as well in some parts.

mountain biking
1 month ago

nice trail

My favorite trail.

Beautiful Trail, we lived it!

It was ok. It’s mostly through neighborhoods but the part that is not in a housing development is beautiful

2 months ago

We have gone here twice and it has been ok. We are in no rush to return. We have had no trouble finding parking on Hidden Canyon & E. Overlook Terrace. Both times we have taken the trail that heads to the NE and RT is about 3.7 miles. As you enter the trail head there are options to go south and we will need to check that out next time. There aren't amazing views or a cool destination to see at the end of this trail. The trail loops around and it is pretty close to homes at part. It is a decent option since it is not very far away. On one of our visits we came across a snake and a large tarantula just chilling on the trail.

I have been here 4 times. It's not bad, but definitely not high on my list of favorite hikes or hikes that I can't wait to return to. The first time I came here was a solo hike. I brought some family member the 2nd time and thought this would be good since my niece has a young family and figured the trail around the lake would be short and easy enough for them to handle. The third time I came with a friend that I hadn't seen in a long time and we hiked the whole thing and that gave us time to "catch up". The last time I came here was for an Earth Day 10K.

Pros- easy to find and doesn't require a long drive to get there; there is ample parking in the lot ($3 I believe)...you can also park at the southwestern end at a school(during non-school hours) or on the street near the school for free; different connecting trails to make your hike suitable to the level of difficulty or time that you have (I have done as little as 2.5 miles here to as much as 6 miles); some steep hills that seemed much steeper when I was running the 10k that gives you a good workout if you choose that trail on the southern side; you can bring your dog

Cons- on the busy side and surrounded by neighborhoods so you don't get the feeling of really getting away from the hustle/bustle; no cool destination or view that you must see esp. since the lake is dry.

2 months ago

nice little walk with my dog, museum is open only on Wednesday and Sunday,nice little picnic area and great views

2 months ago

A nice walk on a trail that follows the road through some nice neighborhoods. Good place to take the dog for a walk or go for a jog.

Not too bad. A lot of people on this trail. But people on the trail are very friendly.

Love it. Pleasant, nice to look at as you go, trail is paved, easy to walk on, excellent for non-reactive leashed dogs, (quite a bit of foot traffic at times).


2 months ago

Nice views! Recovering from the fires a few months ago. Not as many people for a Sunday morning.

mountain biking
2 months ago

I've walked/hiked this loop trail a few times but prefer mountain biking it. This was my "go to" mountain biking course for a couple of years.

Great hike, even after the fire.

Not necessarily a hike but peaceful


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