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This is a beautiful, family-friendly hike with plenty of shade, and can be lengthened depending on where you park.

Great trail. There is shade if you go at the right time- until you hit the switchbacks. Take your time getting to the top, worth it! The view is rad and getting down the hill is easy. Since its a fireroad and fairly populated, it's safe to do solo. Watch for snakes though. I do this hike all the time, alone, with friends. takes about 2 hours enjoy! =)

Nice and easy. Thankfully not too hot yet.

My best friend and I have hiked this trail twice. We are both decently active but this was my first time hiking since I was a kid so I’d consider myself a beginner. It’s $3 for 4 hours I think. We go counterclockwise which is about 2.5-3 miles uphill at first. It’s a pretty hard trail for beginners. We take a lot of 3 minute breaks on some benches provided and it ends up taking us two hours. We bring a backpack and fill it with 4-5 water bottles because there’s no shade and no water. We’ve gone both times in 90F weather, although the second time we went the clouds covered the sun and made it a lot more enjoyable. Decent views too! This is a good work out if you go counterclockwise. I weigh 130 and she weighs 150 so we burn about 650-750 calories each doing it. Bring sunscreen!

I made it to the top for the first time last weekend. Not taking any breaks made it a tough challenge.

The scenery at the beginning of the trail looks beautiful in the morning sunlight.

Great trail, love hiking it with my dog!

I really liked it is beautiful my dog did good. The people that were there were nice and no creepers

Awesome Hike! Kids loved it and Mother Nature Gave us a lot of shade along with some nice breeze through the openings of the canyons. Kids will Be Kids, bring extra socks and shoes, A Good possibility they will purposely splash crossing the creeks.

Too crowded even on a weekday afternoon. Too many bikers and people playing loud music while you’re walking, scaring off all wildlife. Not to mention. Due to the fires, only the outside area is open, causing you to hear a ton of traffic while you’re at it. Big nature lover, but between everything, you just feel like you’re waking along a street and there happens to be some nature nearby.

I hiked up the steep section to the south (via the sharp switchback at the beginning of the trail) and jogged down the fireroad on the way back. Great way to spend an afternoon while I was in the area.

My primary concern was getting my Scion xB up to the trailhead. I left early in the morning and drove a slow 10 mph but it managed! Decent amount of water on the falls.

This is a simple and enjoyable hike within Monrovia City Limits. The price to park is $6 cash on weekends and $5 cash on weekdays. We live a few miles away so sometimes we walk from our home but other times we like to support the city and simply park and pay. We’ve ran the trail from the lot to the falls in 12 minutes, jogged in 15 and walked at a slower pace at 20 minutes. The trees and environment are very similar to Oak Creek in AZ and the trail is not too crowded if you get there around 7 am or around 4 in the afternoon.

Love this trail as a “go to spot” while seeing our son at school nearby. Wife and I enjoy being able to put in 5 miles with a bit of elevation making it a nice workout. Weekends it is heavily trafficked with runners walkers hikers and mountain bikers but very wide trails and never an issue. Saw four deer at the start of the hike and have seen pretty birds flowers and reptiles (nothing dangerous) along the trails. Enjoy the loop!

Easy trail, you probably won’t get wet crossing over rocks- but kids and dogs can have fun splashing. Small waterfall only 1.5 miles in. As for scenery... A+ Equally shady and sunny path. Moderate stretches are clear enough to run for a mini work out.

Beautiful place but a lot of bugs, swarms. Be on lookout for rattle snakes, we came upon one in the middle of trail and he wouldn't let us pass, very aggressive. Didn't want to chance it with grandson, so we turned around. He of course was just as excited to see snake than falls.

$6.00 parking, there are a few parking spots as you go up the mountain. The lower you park the more of a walk you will get going up the mountain. There are many trees and big rocks that make a beautiful scenery. There is allot of shade going up. The hike up was easy for my 4 year old son. He had so much fun jumping over rocks and hanging out near the waterfall. The waterfall is quite small and not what I expected. I did expect something big. Over all it was really great.
We also saw snakes hanging out near the rocks, deers and many lizards.

Mostly no shade. It actually has two ways to go up to the peak. The direction shows on map is easy but takes longer time to get to the peak. The other one is harder but shorter way to get to the peak. Potatoes are cute! The view is around 270 degree, you can take some rest at the peak, but still no shades.

This trail was beautiful and pet friendly! Everything is green and the river is flowing.

Really enjoyed the hike. Shady and small creeks to cross made it very enjoyable. The car ride to get there was bumpy but also fun. Not a difficult hike even for small dogs.

Love this trail. Decent workout, lots of rest stops, there’s bathrooms along the way for those that need it. Love to see so many dogs out there. I wouldn’t take my kids but that’s cus they are whiny little people. I park at the further parking lot making my walk a little over 5.5 miles. Both times I’ve been there there’s been wildlife. First time there was deer and bears. Today there was a gopher snake... so be careful

I have not hike in LA for a while, so I was exciting to explore the new trail in my hiking list. Surprisingly to find out that this trail has a lot greens than usual, which was very nice! 90% are under shades so don't worry to be sunburns or anythings. Waterfall is kinda small but still nice. Because is a dog friendly trail, the waterfall area became like a dog show event stage too!

its a nice good trail. we encountered a mama bear and cub on our hike.

The trail climbs steady, but it isn’t too long of a hike. The trail is pretty and the view from the top is good. The only downfall was the large amount of trash and crappy toilet paper left behind. There were also a few shady people hanging out on the trail. I say hanging out because they never made it to the top. The trail itself was good and a quick cardio workout.

This was our first hiking trail and we loved it!

The weather was pretty nice. Most of the trails covered with shades and not a difficult trail. Dog Friendly.

24 days ago

Great Hike! Just make sure you have the right foot wear. Some small streams and rocky areas to cross.
We took our jeep all the way up, Make sure to Air down on the bumpy ride all the way up to the parking area. So, beginner Off roading & Hiking in one short trip! =D

A must for local Hikers!

It is good if you like incline and nothing to look at. There is no shade and very few things to sit on. It is basically in my mind a fire road that you are walking on with no real adventure.

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