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Would definitely do this trail again! Took my dog and he loved it! Great workout in the beginning with the stairs!

Great trail for all levels with plenty of options to make your trip longer or shorter and varying degrees of difficulty. My dog and I loved it and will be back. Kind of crowded but to be expected with it’s proximity to the city.

One nice viewpoint but a lot of fire damage. Easy trail

on Skyline Drive

11 hours ago

Took the challenge to go to the Doppler radar. Great hike, geocaches along the way! Sad to see the burn areas!

12 hours ago

My family and I went on this hike to celebrate a day off from work and school. My teenager kids liked it. It was cool and breezy, but great workout. We loved the wide open space and all the flowing green grass. I highly recommend this hike.

All trails are closed to the public due to “unsafe conditions” ): We will be back to try this trail soon!

1 day ago

Trail said it’s closed 2 days for each day of rain (so 10 day closure) but we went in anyway. Added the Billy Goat trail for fun and it was awesome. Muddy but adventurous. Fun as always

no shade
1 day ago

Beautiful 360 views. We saw snow cap mountains and lush greens. The hike to the peak via Little Canyon is mostly uphill. On the way back, the trail directs you to go to Easy Street - don’t be fooled by the name. It took us about 3.5 hours with a break on the way to the Peak.

Beautiful scenery with wetlands, cliffs, streams, brush, etc. entirely paved and smooth, well maintained trail that is wide enough for two cyclists side by side. Rode on a Friday morning so not too many people out here and mostly walkers and a few cyclists. Cool ocean air temps and shady sunshine made perfect weather. Mild inclines yet steady, subtle climbing. Spots to stop and rest or stretch and snack. We missed the signs and got off the Back Bay trail and ended up on the San Diego trail by accident.
At the end we had biked a total of 21 miles.
Keep an eye on the signs so you stay on the correct loop trail. Have fun. Ring bell when approaching others from behind.

The lake is really really low. You can’t even see water until the back half of the trail and then it’s more of a swamp. The vegetation is still recovering from the fire. It was still a great hike to do!!

Trail closed 01/13/19.

Fun trail, challenging at times with the hills/ incline. Bring some water and be ready for a good workout. Would do this again!

I liked this trail, it had a few different paths you could take to give different scenery which could be confusing to know if you are heading in the right direction but I’m adventurous and enjoy that kind of thing. Some of the hills are difficult but if you hike regularly they aren’t too bad. Will do this one again!

Everything was blocked couldn’t get anywhere.

Fairly inexperienced as a hiker, but this hike was a great way to spend a morning! The main trail was fairly challenging and there were lots of side options to try. Enjoyed it a lot!

14 days ago

Great quick, thigh busting hike! Wouldn't recommend if you have knee issues though. It's definitely a suburban hike, so don't expect any glorious views. plenty of neighborhood parking. Also a nice walking path surrounding the park too.

Great place for a run. Lots of space interesting routes to take with a dog. No amazing views or points of interest so I’d say this is best if you need to exercise and just stroll with friends

Done and fun! Great socal hike. Desert mountains overlooking the ocean. Good climb too.

Make sure you got left and not right at the start of this hike. Great workout. Views are amazing! Definitely will comeback again.

Great little starter route for my daughter and I.

I had a great time on this trail with my daughter. I'm 64 with bad knees and I am a novice. I was more than 60 when we did a easy hike in Malibu that was hard for me. This time I used Montem trekking poles and it made all the difference! The balance the poles provided also gave me much more confidence.

The trail is pretty. It is not flat and there are a few very rocky places. There is a gradual uphill over the first 1.5 miles. The last half mile or so was steep for me and very rocky. I did get to the end of the trail. My daughter did go through the Red Rock to the top. This is beyond the official end of the trail. Of course that is only the first half! Going back that last half mile is now a steep (at least to me) downhill but with the poles for balance it was doable. We did it including a couple of short breaks in about 3 hours.

Things to consider: today and last few weeks have been dry. There were only 2 creeks with an inch of water. However there are numerous areas where there are creek beds. After a big rain this might not be so much fun. There are signs about mountain lions. Historically there have been incidents. Today all we saw were hikers and bikers and all were very friendly.

Getting to the Parking Lot Google or Waze the Ralph's on Portola Pkwy. The trail lot is literally attached to the Ralph's parking lot. Only$3 and it takes credit cards.

We took a scenic route quite by accident because Google seemed to be honing in on the end of the trail.

I might just take my husband and do it again!

...I'm coming back...lots of ups and downs...could have used poles in several places (left them in my car

Nice walk with great overviews.

Nice trail with beautiful sweeping views of the pacific!

Try again

Good hike. One little steep hill. Very easy

watch out for the mountain bikers. There are a lot of them. Other than that, take the left steep incline for a better workout experience!

Great app! Easy to use.

25 days ago

Loved it! Best hike I’ve been on this far but we got lost on the way back taking a short cut.. highly recommend staying on the trail lol

Nice Christmas morning hike. Rangers said no dogs allowed but several large piles toward the top so watch out for those. (Hikers with dogs who don't pick up after their pets are just jerks)
Other than that, very well-maintained and well-marked trails. Beautiful scenery at the top
Rangers are friendly and helpful. All in all a very nice hike.

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