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Great trail for toddlers! The waterfall was huge and beautiful! The trail was muddy and wet.

Salt Creek Falls is really impressive. The road is closed .7 miles from the trailhead. Unable to reach the other waterfall due to the trail being covered in ice

not muddy or heavily trafficked. nice trail with a gorgeous fall at the end.

Great trail for beginners! A LOT of beautiful Oregon and JUST outside Oakridge where simple albeit a little pricey eats and drinks can be found. on your way out of this trail, make sure to stop at the Public House!
Anyway, I recently hiked this trail and found a good number of hedgehog mushrooms! delish!

If coming in from the Hwy 58 side the entrance to the trail is not quite where the GPS takes you, but keep looking around and you will find it! Great little hike with beautiful falls. Watch out for people with dogs off their leashes. the trail is narrow at spots and you can't see up ahead. We encountered dogs running ahead of their owners and the dogs were not friendly.

2 months ago

Went on this hike couple days ago and it was absolutely beautiful! The hike was easy, but a little difficult to get to. Definitely worth the bit of confusion to find it!

Two epic waterfalls can be seen here, Salt Creek and Diamond Creek Falls. Salt Creek is a quick walk while Diamond Creek is longer. This is a good spot to get into snow shoeing. Here is a video of my time here:

Hiked part of the trail today. wasn't properly attired so unable to do the entire thing. What I was able to do was lots of fun. I usually home by myself and enjoy the peacefulness of being out in nature.

Stunning scenery and beautiful waterfall, great for a brief stop on the return from Crater Lake (especially if the lake is veiled in fog and you’re seeking redemption...)

4 months ago

Short hike with a lovely waterfall.

Beautiful waterfalls! Will definitely come back!

easy hike. not much for waterfalls in the late summer. Will be coming back when the rain has had a chance to fill the waters back up again.

easy hike , beautiful and clean trail.

5 months ago

really beautiful.

5 months ago

See my review of Moon falls trail. 3 falls in one location. Which is your favorite- hard to say but I liked Moon falls.

5 months ago

See my review of these 3 closely spaced waterfall hikes under 'Moon lake hike'. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I thought Moon lake was the prettiest- which is yours...

5 months ago

Part of a series of 3 closely spaced waterfall trail heads. Not the easiest to get to but 3 unique and different waterfalls that we had to ourselves on a fall weekday made it worth the effort. Trails are very well maintained and even with a dry summer all had decent flow. Dense canopy makes for a nice hike in hot weather. Not strenuous but steep for short periods in places.

An amazing hike. Diamond creek falls is incredibly beautiful!

My wife picked this one out. Little hidden gem right off Hwy 58. I wasn't sure what to expect, but we experienced lightly travelled trails with a few great viewpoints and waterfalls. We ran into only a few other hikers, and had a nice quiet outing. Great waterfalls!

Very nice loop. There is a way to walk down to the bottom of salt creek falls as well as diamond creek. Too much bear lake isn't much of a lake but you can get up to it. Also went to falls creek falls which is on the way to Vivian lake. A separate trail off the loop. Not my favorite fall. Did not make it to the lake due to time restraints. Hiked closer to 8 miles by seeing all 3 falls. Adding Vivian lake would have made it closer to 10. The loop is a pretty easy trail. Falls creek has a steady incline after the railroad tracks

mountain biking
6 months ago

Great ride!

Very beautiful. Explored the area and backpacked the trails. Camped by lower diamond creek falls, had an amazing experience. I recommend this Trail system for exploring. :)

a great trail for a beginner hiker or a family with small kids. loved it.

Beautiful hike! Three beautiful waterfalls. My 11 year old son is picky about hikes. There was enough variety (foot bridges, wooden stairs cut into a log, creek crossings via stones/fallen logs, train tracks, etc) that he was well entertained.

6 months ago

Love Spirit Falls! Hidden gem off a long forest drive. Never heavily used which is amazing. My dog loves it because he can swim in the waterfall. Beautiful and an easy hike! New favorite place to hike!

6 months ago

Moon Falls is a nice, easy hike. It's not as pretty as the other falls around it and it's more difficult to get to the actual waterfall here but that makes it fun to climb it. Lovely drive through the forest and not heavily trafficked. I will be returning! My dog loves it to!

Hike is ok. I thought Salt Creek Falls were great but Diamond Creek didn't compare. Forest is lovely on the way to falls. I used Skin So Soft bug spray and had no issues with skeeters. Finding the trail was difficult. You have to use the paved trail to the left of bathrooms and continue past picnic area to bridge over creek. That's the first place I saw a sign marking the trail.

Nice easy hike with some great views. Was ruined a little bit by the swarms of mosquitoes. We used bug spray liberally and were still attacked by the swarms.
Still a really nice hike. Well maintained trail.

Beautiful falls!!

lots of mosquitoes! use DEET.

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