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1 day ago

Great Hike!! Camped at the Fresno Dome campground. Beautiful fall colors and a amazing view.

WEAR bugs spray; There’s plenty of bugs & mosquitoes. Trail/creek was beautiful. Expects INCLINE and minors obstacle on trail (fallen trees). Creek was full of flowing water.

5 days ago

Fun place to ride, there are marked trails throughout the area.

12 days ago

Had a fun weekend with Camping Women of the Sierra Foothills group. Bass lake was beautiful and this was 1 hike that had the most awesome view of the lake. We also took an easy walk to the Dam.

nature trips
15 days ago

First visit to site. Trail was beautiful; HOWEVER, it was VERY difficult to follow. It would be helpful to have signs/flags (recent rain washed away some trail prints). We had a large group (15) and we had to return down hill; think we went off trail after the pool area. Definitely disappointed. Hiking boots is highly recommended. This trail is NOT moderate; more on the difficult side.


Great trail! All up hill at first so heading back is easy. There were literally thousands of lady bugs more towards the middle to end parts of the trail. There are plenty of waterfalls to see and it is almost completely shaded. Heading back we ran the trail.


Great day hike. I guess you can walk down or walk up. We walked up. It will challenge you but the beauty and peacefulness it nice. Go hike a mountain.

Fun little trail up to a waterfall. A few other groups on the trail so no worries about the mountain lion. The Lewis Creek trail car park is actually in the middle of the trail on this map. Worth a try if you’re in the area.

My wife and I hiked Goat mountain trail yesterday. We just moved to Oakhurst and wanted to try something different than going into Yosemite. We thought this would be a nice change.
We started at the green gate where the app told us the trail begins. We missed the first turn to take you up the mountain, so we had to backtrack about a quarter mile.
The trail goes through lots of forest land with occasional views of Bass Lake. It finishes after a steep incline to a cell tower at the top of Goat Mountain.
It's always nice to get out, in the early fall but here are my complaints about this hike.
The trail is not very well marked. We ran into a pair of mountain bikers who weren't sure they were at the right place either because the trailhead was not marked. It wasn't until we finished that we found out we could have shaved off a couple of miles by parking at The Forks Resort.
Second, the end was a little anticlimactic. After 9 miles we were expecting something spectacular, it was a nice view from the top of the mountain, but I think we were expecting more.
Finally, there were tons of gnats all along the way. Very frustrating to be hiking and have to swat at bugs from getting in your face, mouth, and eyes. Granted, it's outside, but definitely something to be aware of ahead of time.
Overall, not a bad experience, just nothing to write home about with all of the opportunities in the Oakhurst area.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike. The waterfalls and pools make great spots to just enjoy the moment, cool off, and have a snack. Water is cold but refreshing! We made it more difficult than needed by going the wrong way, but will definitely try it again on the main trail. Flies/bugs were awful and took away from my enjoyment of the scenery. Definitely spray up and take a hat to shoo them away.

1 month ago

This was a great hike. There are a hand full of pretty water falls along the way and lots of spots to swim (water is cold.) The trail isn't that difficult to follow but i would download to trail map from alltrails, I referred to it a few times. It took me 1hr 20 min to get to the end and I was stopping a lot to take pictures. The way back probably took around 40 min. Yes there are little flys that get all up in your business but they don't bite. I wear "hoo-rag" over my face and it allows me to breathe without feeling like I'll inhale a bug. Fun Hike!

I did not see any mountain lions, however there are mountain lion warnings with a note from another hiker dated 9/18/18 9am that he spotted a mountain lion drinking water near the waterfall. I solo hiked and made a lot of noise. Very cool hike. I would have rather had a partner because I had mountain lion on the brain the entire time and I think I would’ve enjoyed it more if I wasn’t so concerned.

Wow one of the most scenic hikes I’ve ever been. The observation deck has an incredible view of the cascading waterfalls.

Beautiful but tons of little bugs in your face. Bug repellent is a must!

1 month ago

I wanted to write a review to explain a few things about the hike to Minaret Lakes.

My buddy and I are in our early 50s. We're both sporting pot bellies but still in good shape. So, no, we're not 20 years old. The important thing to remember is that we live close to sea level in Southern California.

We made it to Mineret Lakes, but we certainly struggled. The main issue is that we overpacked for this trip. My pack was around 50 lbs. Originally, we were talking about staying for days. The plans changed after we arrived. The ranger station is 7560 feet and Minaret Lakes is 9800 feet in elevation. The major issue we had was that we weren't aclimated to the elevation. The last two miles of the hike has a lot of switchbacks. The last mile in particular had no shade so you're exposed to the sun. And, in our case, we suffered due to the high altitudes. I found that the air was very arid and I needed water fairly often.

So, we had the perfect trifecta of bad. We were not used to the high altittudes, we carried too much weight, and we weren't really in shape fthe way we needed to be for this trip. There was also a fire close by that ate into our oxgyn supply. We strugled but we did it! And to be fair, we did run into a guy who was 80 years old who was on the trail, but he had help carrying his gear.

What I learned from this trip would be to keep my backpack without water at around 20 pounds. You have to have a bear can, you can find light ones. I wouldn't even bring a stove if I were to do this again, and just rely on cold foods. We got on the trail at 9:00AM. i would start at 8:00AM. I didn't have poles, they certainly do help.

If you plan to spend a couple of days fishing then perhaps you should extend your stay. I found that this is a good overnight trip. Beause of this you can pack lighter. You also have to keep in mind that there isn't a lot of shade at Minerte Lakes. So, if you plan on staying a day it very well may be in broad sunlight.

If i were to fish the lakes I woiuld leave by 8:00AM and arrive before 3 and spend a few hours fishing. Wake up the next morning, take pictures (it's breathtaking first thing in the morning) fish for a few more hours and head back home. The fish are swelling at first light.

Mineret Lakes is stunnning. It's a gerat place for fishing, and photography. The trail up is wonderful as well. Plan on having lunch at Mineret Falls. This is reated as intermediate, which seems accurate. However, from the Devils Post Pile ranger station to the lakes the rangers tell me that it's 8 miles.

Overall, this is a great hike. I learned a lot about what not to do from t his hike and despite struggling I did love this hike! There are rental showers within close driving distance. We managed to hike down the mountain, used the bathrooms, showered, went out to dinner in Bishop and slept our own beds before midnight (O.C. area) all within the same day. We did this entire trip over a three day weekend. We also showed up at the ranger station on Friday and got our free passes instead of applying online. After Labor Day, it's easier to get the passes.

This is my close to home favorite. Easy and keeps you hiking when you do not have much time.

Very easy and relaxing hike.

Really like it. It's not that easy but during the hiking there is a flowing water next us. And there is a waterfall in the end to play in the water. One of the best trail!!

A short hike, slightly uphill but easy to navigate (even for our 7 year old). Great views at the top on the rocks. The trail was well marked with interesting facts about the trees and such, even pointing out the poison oak (which was visible but avoidable and easy to identify from the info given). Took us about 45 minutes, including stopping for pictures and a snack/water break.

1 month ago

Absolutely worth going to the top, but there are also lovely swimming pools along the way if you take the left side (West of the creek).
The Alltrails map starts on an unnecessary hill. Park in the trailhead parking then take the road West to cross the creek as it enters Bass Lake.

The majority shaded trail is very easy with a few steep spots especially to get to the upper Corlieu Falls but there’s a guide rope to help you get down and back up safely. The water was crisp and refreshing creekside and in the falls. Plenty of rocks to sunbathe, read or picnic fall-poolside. I recommend hiking down off the initial trail to the small grottos, smaller falls and creek views along the way. There are butterflies everywhere, the running water and ample shade are soul soothing.
There are a lot of gnat type insects around but I didn’t notice many mosquitos.
August 19,2018

There’s a paved trail so it’s perfect for direction, there was some fallen trees that you had to go under or jump over! Other than that it was great! Didn’t hike the whole thing but what I did I was still able to see creeks and small waterfalls. Started from cedar valley road and parked across from where the trail started in a dirt area- car was safe.

We took this hike today with a few Boy Scouts, we started from Cedar Valley Road and went all the way to the falls and back. The water felt great but the first half of the hike has a lot of up and down hills. Overall we had a great time and took our time to enjoy it all.

Took the whole family: 10 year old, 4 year old and 11 mo old in front pack. We parked off 41 and hiked all the way down into the falls. great trail!

2 months ago

see also Angel Falls Loop....

great hike with amazing views. Trail is a little difficult to find/follow in some spots but dont give up....its sooo worth it at the top!

2 months ago

8/7 - 8/11 hiked from Fernandez TH to Vandeberg 1st day then to Lillian 2nd day. Hike was moderately challenging with our heavy packs - training was key. All creeks were dry but lake water levels only couple feet down. Day hiked to Rainbow and Chittenden for fishing. Air quality pretty good considering Ferguson and Lyons fires were pretty close - blue skys most of the time with haze for couple hours at a time. Smoke seemed to settle down hill from us. BTW no campfires allowed except at Lillian. Overall the area is gorgeous and I recommend you go see for yourself!

on Goat Mountain Trail

2 months ago

I’d like to do this again next time I’m on this side of the states just because the smoke from the fires is real and I bet the views are even more amazing than what we did get to see, which were still great. The gnat pockets are real, but that’s nature. We parked at the start coordinates and recorded at 10.1 mi for us. Took just under 5 hours at moderate pace and while out of shape.

nature trips
2 months ago

Highly recommended not to hard of a hike if you start from the upper road, hidden parking on a dirt trail. Go all the way to the top very slipper rocks, but wear your swim suit at the top there’s 3 holes you can jump into about 6-8ft deep so much fun and so refreshing after hiking the trail. Hike on the trail on the left of the falls.

2 months ago

Very nice hike! Went a bit beyond the .5 mile(?) to see the views of the other end of the lake from a higher level. Very smokey from Ferguson fires. Will definitely go back when smoke clears for better viewing. Got in and back before noon to try to beat heat. Will take my kayak next time since lake access just across from parking area.

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