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2 days ago

Fairly short and quite steep. Great views for a quick hike. You can also follow another trail up the the ridgeline, which makes for even more beautiful views of the leeward side. Careful if it's raining or rain is on the forecast. We had a sunny day, but started to get poured on when at the top and coming down from the ridgeline was one of the more challenging things I've done while hiking.

Such a nice hike up to the waterfall. The distance to the waterfall itself is short, but you can explore so many trails that veer off the main path. We ended up walking around about 4 Miles. It was awesome!

The trail is extremely muddy right now. I would keep an extra pair of shoes/towell in your car for the ride home. Bug spray wouldn't hurt.t was a very beautiful hike.

The scenery on the trail is amazing but be prepared for a lot of hikers. People wearing flip flops should reconsider their footwear so as not to slow others down. Safety is key !

nice hike wentduringa misty rainy day perfect for the look of the mountains very Jurassic like Trail well worth the hike

Followed other hikers past "trail closed" signs. Trail was very muddy and extremely steep. We were only able to succeed by using roots, branches, and webbing/paracord attached to trees. Great views!

Everything you need to know about Lulumahu Falls!
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5 days ago


Everything you need to know about the crouching lion loop over Makaua Falls.

Amazingly beautiful hike! Completely doable with small children! Super muddy and slippery after or during rain.

Complete waste of time and sketchy to say the least... the walk in is totally overrun with homeless people and the water is nasty. Don't go!

feels like your smack dab in the middle of the jungle, what an awesome hike, jumping off a cliff was the best part, A+

It was rainy and muddy, and we loved it. The falls were really flowing. I took my 1.5 and 3 year old daughter. I did have to carry them for a lot of the trail because it was a lot of uphill and conditions were wet, but it was worth it. I’d do it in the rain again any day.

Soooooo so so disappointed in this “hike.” Some of y’alls reviews of this place are baffling. It’s a two-second walk through an encampment. Dirty clothes and hampers scattered everywhere. Soapy water and glass-paved. Yeah, not for me. Time officially wasted.

Awesome hike. Not easy, not very hard either. Waterfall is great. One of the best in Oahu. CAUTION:: don’t leave valuables in your car. My Jeep Wrangler rental had the front right window bashed out. I was parked in the main parking lot (along with maybe 20 other cars) right off the highway.

Can get very muddy! it was a great hike and a gorgeous waterfall!

11 days ago

Nice hike with a lot of people. But the forest and the fall are very beautiful.

Pretty steep at beginning and the end (out n back trail). But fun hike. Almost got hit with someone’s drone tho. So that sucked. But I weaved and dodged like a bobcat

Pretty forest trail, saw no other hikers that day

Decent hike, very crowded with people, pretty muddy at times. Awesome waterfall halfway up, though. Its roped off but lots of people were swimming in the pool under it. There’s also an option to go up farther past that and thats a bit secluded and much less crowded.

Did this one about a month ago. Pretty good hike, even better views. If you can climb up on top of the pillboxes, you get a nice view all around. A little steep and tricky coming down, not too bad though. Definitely one of my favorites during my visit.

Beautiful views of Kailua but you should probably be prepared to go uphill a lot and it can be slippery so be careful. I really loved this hike because the views are gorgeous but it is a very popular hike, and with that comes a lot of people. So if you are wanting to get away from it all, this is not the right hike for you.

I enjoyed this hike but be prepared for slipping and sliding if it’s wet, which is a big possibility, and if you do not have hiking shoes. I will admit, we did not come prepared as we should have and we both fell a lot and were covered in mud, so I speak from experience. All that said, I thought it was a beautiful hike that I could have enjoyed even more if I had the right shoes.

It was a fun hike with the family. However,it had just rained the previous day and the trail was very muddy and a bit slippery at times. Be certain to wear some waterproof shoes if you don’t want swamp foot halfway through your trek.

Great hike. Recommend water shoes, for it was super muddy. Strenuous parts at times. And felt longer than 2 miles but it was worth it. Just be careful, the rain caused it to be highly slippery during certain parts.

19 days ago

Nice hike, pretty busy. The pool and waterfall were fairly congested with people and took a little bit to get a good look.

I found the right trail head and proceeded to climb a mud slide. Thought this must just be a hard climb. When I reached a plateau, I checked all trail and realized I took the wrong way up. The mud slide down was not going to be an option. So I continued to go forward and ended up crossing an amazing Ridge Trail to get over to crouching Lion. even climbed above coaching lion and took some great pics. If you just want To climb crouching lion, stay to the left if you want a good 2 mile challenge, Then go to the right and make sure it’s not raining and you have good trail shoes. This was my 4th hike in 4 days and was amazing

Maintenance has been postpone till further notice.

20 days ago

Great short hike for all skill levels. The waterfall was quite thick and made for great fun and pictures. Make sure, Make sure, Make sure you turn right after the tunnel of trees along the large rock path where the large tree sits. It has lots of graffiti on it, a couple arrows, and a very large limb that points in the direction of the falls.

A new fav, will go again.

This is one of our favourite Oahu hikes. Lots of birds and beautiful views and scenery....ending with a refreshing dip into the lagoon or jump from the rocks into the lagoon. Great for anyone of even moderate fitness. One hour to falls when not muddy, 11/2hours when muddy. If it hasn't rained in 5+ days, it'll be dry.

20 days ago

3/30/18-Started about 0715 and came across 23 groups/solo hikers. (Read in the news yesterday that the maintenance work was postponed.) Actually found a relatively close parking spot near the trail head but there were signs posted warning that all street parking is closed from 3/30 - 4/1 from 1000 to 1500 or 1700 (I can’t recall which). The trail was dry and the view was nice from the top!

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