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Oahu Waterfalls Map

My wife and I enjoyed this hike. Our shoes got a bit muddy. I tried hard to keep them clean and dry. One slipped into the creek and got wet. It was our first hike in Hawaii and I felt like i really got a feel for the tropical terrain. The falls were beautiful.

I would describe this as a muddy obstacle course.
Nice little waterfall and swimming hole at the end and pretty creek that runs along side part of the trail which you must cross a few times. Not really hard in terms of steepness but it is very muddy and slippery with some rocky and uneven ground to cross. We did find out as we were leaving that the road you enter on is an easier 3 mile hike up through the forest to a different area but is not as challenging.

Muddy, slippery but overall easy hike. Took us two hours with all the pictures. All the warnings about bacteria in the water is true and serious, think twice before you step in the water or consider to swim.

One of my favorite waterfall hikes on the island! Make sure you wear water shoes or sandals, there will be multiple times that you have to pass through a stream and it is difficult not to get wet. At the end of the trail, the waterfall is quite beautiful! I’ve noticed that compared to other times of the year, the summer is a lot more crowded. Try hiking up the first waterfall to find the moss slides and an even more private falls! Cheers!

Beautiful scenic trail! We missed the tree and hiked up and we’re glad we did it was great! Then came down, found the tree made the turn and found fall.

11 days ago

We loved it. Stopped so many times along the way to capture pics of the beauty. Met nice people going up and down. Highly recommend it. It is a bit muddy and you do have to climb a rope about 20 feet. Enjoy! Aloha!

12 days ago

LOVE this place! It’s beautiful and an easy hike. You can get to it from the Ko’olau Golf Course. Just be sure to take the path to the left just before the water tank and look for the arrow on the big tree! Should take you 30 minutes tops to get there! Cool water and great breeze. Go right after the rain to avoid crowds.

Great hike to take beginners. Love walking on the stones from the original Pali trail before European contact. Nice views and beautiful waterfall.

muddy but fun anyway. enjoyed the cool breeze too at times.

Awesome Hike!!!

15 days ago

My family loved it!! Was definitely a challenging hike. Took two kids 12 and 9 but they did awesome. I didn’t continue past the ropes but my husband and kids did and got to see the waterfall. Although it was a trickle they loved loved the adventure. They said they felt like they were in Jurassic Park. They must have thanked us a million times for bringing them. This hike is absolutely one of the highlights of our trip so far. A few things to note. My kids are extremely adventurous and have climbing experience so may not be suitable for all children. The trailhead is a little tough to spot. It is to the right side of a house in a cul-de-sac. I was afraid it was part of someone’s yard at first. The trail comes to a y and there is a small memorial cross at this point. The falls are to the right. You would be best to pack bug spray! There are some areas that cleats and your own rope would be very useful! I had not read about the dangers of falling rocks until after we climbed. I am a little glad...as we really enjoyed our time there, although I have to admit I was horrified to read that it could be so dangerous from falling rocks. We certainly did not see or hear any while we were on the trail. pure bliss for us. The trail was dry when we climbed. I can see that if this was wet the level of complexity and risk would go up substantially!!!

the waterfall is a nice reward!

I am very impressed. The nature and the wildlife was just amazing. Clean water and no people. One of my favorite waterfall trails.
Also I would like to say thank you to a person who marked the trail, very helpful.

nice hike with a refreshing jump into the foot pool of the fall's

Be aware that you have the possibility of contracting leptospirosis in the water and soil on this trail so don’t go if you have any open sores on your body. We didn’t know this until driving all the way out there and saw the sign. Had to turn around cause my husband had a cut. Dangit!

Relatively flat trail with steady and well spaced incline. Can get very muddy so wear clothes and shoes you’re not afraid to get dirty. Overall takes about an hour and a half out and back but the water fall is a fun place to swim and jump so take your time while there. Very fun and worth the trip.

Great family friendly hike!

CROWDED! Holy moly the crowds. I thought maybe we made a wrong turn and were hiking Manoa Falls trail!

To be fair we went on a Saturday morning, so maybe you will have more luck on a weekday. Very short, easy hike. I saw plenty of elderly people, and keiki doing this hike with ease.

Waterfall at the end is absolutely gorgeous.

19 days ago

The hike is short and sweet with a beautiful waterfall at the end.

19 days ago

A nice stroll up the track to relax by the waterfall. Make sure you park at the correct gold course, haha, I was at the neighbouring course trying to find the trail entry. Turn left at watertank and keep to the main path, right at the old white bark tree with graffiti which has a broken branch pointing right, this comes up as the track widens slightly. This leads to the waterfall. I also tracked past the main tree on the main track and explored some beautiful parts of the track (large mossy rocks, climbing through trees overgrown on track, some views) up further which was fun. Bring good shoes, very muddy and bug spray. Enjoy.

Easy trail through forested area. Last part before the falls involved several stream crossings and/or wading. Falls offers a couple places to jump. Water was deep enough when I was there for safety.

nature trips
23 days ago

WEAR WATER SHOES!! Trail gets extremely muddy, water shoes helped a ton. Not the easiest hike. Definitely need good balance skills. Bring hiking sticks if not and you’ll be good. Amazing hike! Beautiful trees throughout the forest and majestic waterfall at the end. Beautiful view at the crest of the hike as well.

Loved the jump and the giants tree

It’s harder than moderate IMO. But great muddy fun.

Super muddy but so much fun!

1 month ago

Amazing trail but you should be prepared to get muddy,

Can be Very Dangerous.Hand and rope climbing involved.Wear hiking shoes.If wet out be EXTREMELY care full.Amazing Views.Jurassic Park type experience.

Must be in shape.Can be very dangerous.Wear hiking shoes.Hand and rope climbing involved.

Very fun hike! It wouldn't be too challenging except for the mud which can be very slick even if it's not raining. There are quite a few times when the treeline breaks and you get a gorgeous view of the higher peaks and surrounding mountains. As you get close to the falls the trail becomes the river but it's still pretty easy going. Waterfall and pool were small, but fun to swim around in!
It's a great hike, just leave some towels in the car to clean yourself off with before you drive home!

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