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This trail was so much fun! Super muddy and slippery but that’s what spikes are for. The waterfall was RAGING today after a nice rainy weekend. We got to the waterfall around 10am (started hike at 8:30) and had it all to ourselves so definitely try to start early-ish. The swimming hole is cold but so refreshing. Can’t wait to do this one again!!!

Great family hike!!!

It’s pretty fun, and the falls is worth the trip. A couple beautiful spots for photos along the way. It’s totally muddy, but so is everything!!!!

Pretty!!! Muddy, slippery and bring bug spray.

I loved this hike! Definitely bring shoes that u dont care for since it will get super muddy. Bring bug spray because there are LOTS of bugs. I got bit everywhere. I’d recommend starting the hike around noon or early afternoon the latest. Make sure u dont stay there when it gets dark because it’s easy to get lost. The waterfall is nice and there’s an area you can jump from. Also, make sure you bring covers for your car and/or extra clothes so you dont get your car ruined or muddy.

Great hike to a nice water fall on the East Side of the island. We were the only ones there for about 30 minutes which made it nice.

The flowers along the trail were nice to look at and the canopy cover from the trees made a nice touch. Easy to find, parking is easy, and the hike was nice and relaxing.

15 days ago

It was great, a little muddy but worth the trip to get to the waterfall!!

Everyone is right. Super muddy and is a challenge to not fall because of it. Super rad hike through a very cool forest and some cool lookout spots. Wear shoes you don’t care about or water shoes. Do not wear flip flops, several people did and ended up walking barefoot.

Super fun hike!!! It was really muddy today and both my friends slipped and fell but I was still fun! Definitely recommend wearing shoes that your willing to ruin.

muddy when we went but the hike is great.
well worth the work when you get to the falls.
great swimming hole even if your not into jumping off low, med or high jumping spots.

27 days ago

I just went to the falls and back. Nice hike, but got several big bites...recommend bug spray.

Hiked on 10.22.18. Started at 9 am and took about 1.5 hours down and 1 hour back. We were the only ones at the waterfall for a bit but crossed paths with a ton of people on our way back, so if you want to avoid crowds, go early. Trail was extremely muddy which made footing tricky but still doable.

30 days ago

I hiked this mid-October with 11 other adults, ages ranging from 30-66 years old. It was difficult, as almost the entire trail was very muddy. But we enjoyed the challenge. There were a couple lookout points which afforded amazing views. They were breathtaking, overlooking the ocean at one point and taking in the mountain range from another. Reaching the waterfall was so exciting. There were two areas from which to jump off high above the waterfall, approximately 40 feet. There was also another place to jump closer to the waterfall that was maybe 10 or 12 feet high. That was exhilarating as the water was cold. We enjoyed resting our feet in the water, swimming around, and jumping into the waterfall. The return hike went quickly thankfully. It took us just over 2 hours to make the round trip. I'd recommend a great pair of hiking water shoes with traction that are broken in, of course, and very comfortable. The water shoes will be helpful as you cross the river several times to and from the waterfall and when you're climbing to different heights to jump in, and/or when you walk into the waterfall to swim around. Totally worth the hike to reach the waterfall.

Way too long. This is actually 6 miles round trip, not 3 like it says. Way too muddy. The waterfall was cool but not worth it. You will be calf deep in water and mud so any pair of shoes you wear will be ruined and soaked. A lot of wading in the river

Very fun for families, and it is easy & quick enough that even young kids stay motivated. My 4 & 6 year olds had a very easy time, despite the mud.
Park at the back of the golf course and walk up the first clearing. There’s an old metal chain blocking cars from driving up the hill. This is the start of the trail...it’ll soon come to a large graffitied basin. Turn left right before you reach it, where there’s a clearing in the trees with an obvious path up. This first 10 minutes was the muddiest for us, and it’s red mud so be prepared for stained clothing.
Follow the trail thru the obvious path (marked with pink ribbon every so often, but also pretty easy), and then turn right when you reach the tree with blue markings. This point is about 5 minutes from the falls.
There’s only one point where we thought we may have gone the wrong way, but you just need to duck down theu the tree branches and walk over a sort of rock wall. It’ll open again within about 20 seconds.
The falls are awesome! We went the day after a rainstorm, so the water was really going. It’s fresh water and is safe to play in! There’s a shallow pool right at the base of the falls that’s perfect for kids and adults alike. There’s even a large rock right in the middle that’s perfect for sitting for a snack or a photo op!
My kids easily tolerated going barefoot in the pool. The water flows pretty hard, so watch young kids with getting under the fall. There are also some easy spots to climb up the surrounding rock walls.
Overall, a very family friendly hike with a cool payoff! Especially good for young kids or people not accustomed to the more strenuous paths.

1 month ago

Hiked this today 10/16/18. Trail extremely muddy after rain last night. It would probably take weeks for this trail to dry out, so expect major mud the entire time. I wore strapped Teva’s and it was much better vs boots as for portions of the hike I just went though the river vs the extremely muddy trail. Bring a towel to wipe off after!

Fun easy hike - as long as you do not mind getting VERY MUDDY and wet. Without the mud this would be an easy hike. This is only moderate because of the mud and potential to slip and fall. The reward is the falls at the end and the jumps/swim. Bring extra clothing/footwear and a bag for the dirty/wet shoes and clothing

Super muddy. Very slippery.

Very muddy as we started in the rain but that also kept the crowds down. It was an athletic trail that beginning hikers can handle- I wouldn’t bring a little kid on this one mainly due to the slipperiness and sometimes more difficult steps. Overall, this was exactly what we were looking for in a rainforest hike to a waterfall. We didn’t swim but you definitely could.

Super fun and easy. My 4 year old had no problem!!

Super muddy but great hike. Fun jumping in the water at the waterfall.

Slippery as heck but a fun little hike to the waterfall.

1 month ago

This was a short waterfall trail by Ko’olau Golf Club. I would park at the far left parking lot for the trail entrance. Parking is free. When you go to the trail, turn left into a small open brush right before the graffiti tank. DO NOT go around the tank as it just goes in a circle. We totally went around it like idiots. We totally missed the trail.

Make sure to step on the tree roots so you won’t sink in the mud. Walking on the rocks can be slippery but this is why it’s best to use hiking shoes for this trail. I highly recommend to wear waterproof or old shoes as this trail is very muddy with red dirt. We happen to come while it was lightly raining. I thought it was better since the waterfall was gushing and so beautiful.

Also, put on lots bug repellent as you will surely be bitten my many mosquitoes like I got. Good thing I had some!!

You will surely enjoy the Hawaii nature and the waterfall. Great pictures. Be careful going on up the waterfall as the rocks are slippery. Good thing I am a hiker and I know where to step and I take my time to scan where my next step will be. You can use the tree branches by carefully tugging what will carry your weight. Part of the waterfall holes are deep so I would remove your shoes.

Other than that, it was a good short walk up the waterfall less than a mile up. Make sure to bring your camera!

1 month ago

First things first.....BUG SPRAY!!! Secondly, it’s not 1.5 miles. I don’t even think it’s a mile round trip. The path is not marked where you start. We thought we were doing a different hike until we looked on here and found it was this one. Look for the blue mark (I wouldn’t call it an arrow) on the tree to your right. Take that path and it leads to the beautiful waterfall. It was pretty muddy so I recommend bringing a different pair of shoes to change into afterwards. We went around 11:30 and passed 3 sets of people coming down. There were 3 sets of people at the Falls when we got there but most left shortly after. Pretty simple hike. Saw several small children make it there plus dogs. I would recommend it.

1 month ago

Loved this... bring bug spray!!! Did this trail on a blind mom date lol so I was super nervous !!! Both tiny humans did great! It’s muddy and buggy though. Bring a change of clothes for after if you want to go and get lunch like we did. Trail is not well marked and we almost missed the arrow. They loved the waterfall and playing in it!

If it’s been raining it’s is extremely slippery. We turned around after speaking with a local that it was slippery all the way. I like to look around while I hike and you must look every foot placement. When dry there are many exposed roots. Not steep.

lots of climbing over wet rocks. path disappears and you have to cross over to the other side of the river. beautiful area.

This trail was pretty fun! My kids ages 3 and 5 LOVED it and want to go back. My dad who recently had knee replacement was even able to do it. Only thing I would "fuss" about would be it's not clearly marked. but other than that I would definitely go back in a heart beat. The falls were flowing nicely too.

Just did this morning was a great hike. Started to pour so got really muddy but loved it! The waterfall was nice. Great hike with friends

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