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Sorry not a review, but do you need actually permit to do this trail? Can any resent hikers comment on this?

Took us an hour to get to the falls. Was very muddy and slippery. Had to go over and under tree branches, cross the stream back and forth. It is easy to lose the trail. Just follow the stream. It is dangerous. There is a place where you have to use ropes to climb maybe 15 to 20 feet over a wet wall. We were not sure if climbing that wall was the end of the trail. We are glad we did not stop and went all the way to find a very high fall maybe 10 stories tall. It felt like an Indiana Jones or Kong movie. This hike had it all. Great workout. Beautiful vegetation and a great feeling of accomplishment. Don’t go alone.

5 days ago

Great views from the top. At times the path is slippy but nothing too bad and small climbing areas but nothing too difficult or dangerous.

8 days ago

Incredible trail, not too crowded and great photo ops if you are into that, especially if you aren’t afraid to adventure.

Awesome hike. We did all three peaks and it took us 5 hours. It was very difficult but worth it. We are in our 50’s and in good shape. No parking near the trail. We have hiked Alaska, Utah, Washington and this ranks way up there with our favorite. It was a little like Hawaii’s Angeles landing.

good trail and nice waterfall, not my favourite hike, but its a good one.

On my last hike, my track registered 4.0 miles. Its never consistent but its not very far off. Best to take everyone else’s track distance and take the average.
A good place to run is Koko Head Rim Trail, across the road from Koko Crater Park. The area is always parch and trail wide with unobstructed views almost the entire track. Hardly anyone on weekdays. Great place to burn calories and work up a good sweat lol

I’m afraid of heights, so it was slightly challenging to get to the top of the second peak. I decided to skip the third entirely because of my fear. If you’re an avid hiker I’d give it a 6/10 difficulty the rocks made for easy stepping points up. If you’re inexperienced, proceed with caution.. climbing is fun and amazing, but you need to be careful of your footing and be aware where it is slippery. With that being said, some thoughtful hikers just put some new ropes up, I didn’t need them but they are great tools if you don’t hike much. I had a great time and the views were AMAZING! 10/10 will go back for the third peak.

The inner trails are more fun for mountain bikers.

Really amazing views. However my GPS said the trail was 4.6 miles long, not 3.9 like this app said. We completed the trail in 2 1/2 hours but we did run the last mile or so. Definitely earns its reputation for a hard trail, especially towards the top. It’s extremely steep and a lot of stairs that are falling apart. Coming down was pretty easy and great for trail running. We went at 8:30 and we didn’t see a single person on the trail and it was really dry.

Very muddy at the start. When you reach the eroded treeless hill, stay on the uphill side. Even though it will look like no trail passes there, trust that it does. Pretty steady elevation gain with brief flattening out about 3/4 the way to the summit. At the ridge line, go left to the trail end. Kahana bay is a great place to wash off the mud afterwards.

Personally it took less time to do the loop starting from this west ridge, then traversing the Koolau Summit Ridge Trail (KSRT), and down the state maintained Kuliouou Ridge Trail than doing an in-and-out the west ridge alone. It is much faster coming down the state maintained trail than the west Kuliouou ridge which is unmaintained.

Steep, muddy, beautiful waterfall,

Challenging, fun. Some rope sections that don’t require climbing experience but some upper body strength.

14 days ago

Also known as Three Peaks. I recommend bringing a friend if going past the first peak for safety. There is rope to help descend down and to get back up the back of the second peak. Fun hike but a little dangerous past the first peak. Third peak is also difficult but is my favorite spot for pictures on this hike.

Hiked all 3 peaks dec 1. First 45/60 min was very muddy with very slippery mud. Recent rain. If you can make the 1st peak, the 2nd shouldn’t be an issue. The 3rd is extremely visually intimidating from the 2nd. If you commit to the 3rd, the first descent to it from the 2nd looks sketchy/challenging and straight up scary. The going down part is the trickiest. The actual climb up the 3rd is not as bad as it appears from the 2nd peak. If fear of heights come into play or it’s extremely windy, I’d say stop at the 1st peak. Also, this took me 5.25 hours and I did empty my bag (as did many others) to continue to the 3rd. ALSO. If you have a drone, i couldn’t launch due to mag interference on the top of all 3 peaks. I have Mavic pro and carried it the entire climb for nothing. Perhaps launch from lower altitude??? Be safe !

Kind of a boring hike compared to other hikes in oahu but nice for families

18 days ago

Great view of Kahana bay from the top. Very #instaworthy. I went on a Saturday around 2pm. The trail was dry, thankfully. There were a couple groups of people on the trail. It is a steep trail and heat of the sun shreds your energy fast. Take your time coming down because it's easy to slip!

Not a difficult trail. Muddy at the start but clears up. Lots of connecting trails at the top for nice wandering. Make sure to go to the 2nd Pillbox, views are much better than the first. Stay along he ridge on the obvious path near the first pillbox for about .3 miles to find the smaller box. Is not represented on this trail map. The ‘loop’ on this map takes deeper into the mainland and is quite nice but doesn’t get you to the 2nd pillbox

Nice little hike, easy to navigate since most of the trail is paved or well-traversed. It’s a little sketchy because there’s “No Trespassing” signs everywhere, but a local who lives in the neighborhood said everyone goes anyways. We had great weather, but as soon as we left it looked like the rain clouds were rolling in. Trails could get slippery very fast!

FYI - A local resident put a self-serve vending machine in their front yard, so if you forgot a drink, seek that out!

This should be a moderate/intermediate trail. Takes about 3-3.5 hrs to complete on avg.

What an amazing hike to the waterfall but be careful it does get muddy take a towel and swimsuit jump into the waterfall it’s beautiful.

I promise you’ll get dirty. The trail is not very hard but it is very slippery. I very enjoyed my time ! At the end the waterfall is gorgeous, there’s even some people that swam. Get dirty and enjoy or dont go at all.

Almost always muddy. Good, but slippery.

23 days ago

Great trail! Should totally do it. HOWEVER!!!! do not park near this trailhead for multiple reasons (most if not all are mentioned in previous reviews) This trail is "off limits"

For a "legal" list of trails in Hawaii: https://hawaiitrails.hawaii.gov/trails/#/

Very very dangerous, but with amazing views. I probably wouldn't do this hike again because I was scared to death for the majority of it - there was really no room for error on this one.

There are a few different ways to get up there, some easier than others. The way we went up was not easy at all...it was nearly a vertical wall with ropes, and it sure was muddy. I'll admit I was a bit terrified because the steep wall section was dangerous and not for the faint of heart. Gorgeous views though!

I enjoyed this hike. My friends disagreed and said the views weren’t worth it. This would be a nice trail to bring a dog on, if I had one. You will be drenched in mud if you go after a rain like we did. Adequate for all levels: there was a pregnant woman on our hike and multiple people hiked with kids on their backs. One family turned around five minutes in because the kids didn’t like the massive amounts of mud. If you’re nearby I would recommend but it’s not worth a drive.

steep, beautiful. no coffee when I went.

Great hike. Beautiful trail and a gorgeous waterfall. To get to trailhead: park - walk all the way to your right where you see a fence. On your left is a place where a hole has been made in the fence. You’ll be on a gravel road. I guess maybe you could take one of the MANY trails that lead off the road but honestly, the easiest way is to follow the gravel road. The road comes to a metal graffiti portajohn thing and the trail starts from there. It was pretty easy to find if you just follow the gravel road.

After that, the trail has a few alternate paths. We followed the pink ties but honestly, you just gotta follow the creek. The bamboo forests were amazing, wasn’t too muddy. Wasn’t too difficult, but definitely a lot of fun. Highly recommend this hike. I almost liked it better than the Maunawili hike.

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