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6 hours ago

Great short hike with incredible views!

One of the best hikes/climbs. :) In my first try I got to all three peaks thanks to the beautiful weather today. It's demending, relatively hard. It's worth the sweat and effort. Exhilarating, exciting!

Best panoramic views I’ve seen on Oahu. My knees took a beating but it was a really fun trail with a few exciting rope scrambling spots, beautiful ridge views and sweeping island views.

7 days ago

Definitely a favorite. Unlike hikes where you can feel every mile, this hike felt a lot shorter than it actually was. Astounding views. Gets your heart pumping and your adrenaline racing.

You have to park a few roads away from where the trail begins. If you start to drive past the security booth, the guard will stop you and let you know that cars can’t enter but you can pass by on foot. You’ll walk a bit down the road until you reach the sign (very obvious) and immediately enter the forest, mud and all.

Soon the terrain switches to pine forest (someone must explain these elusive pine trees to me) and then becomes more rock-like, with lots of boulders, dirt, and trees to hold on to. The trail grows steeper and even though there were many ropes, I found that the terrain wasn’t quite as thigh-burning (90 degree angled) as others. The rocks you’d climb were at a 45 degree angle - nice and steep but more cardio-focused than muscle-focused.

As you reach the first peak, you have to boulder a little to get to the top, and then walk along a rock-ridge. The wind feels great and the height is exhilarating. It’s definitely not for children or anyone afraid of heights. Many people go on to the second and third peaks but from what we heard, the second peak is lower and less impressive than the first (it has an unimpeded view of the island), and the third is much more dangerous for a similar view. It’s a lot steeper than the first and unless you’re an experienced climber with your own rope, it’s not recommended.

We chose not to do the second/third peaks and instead enjoyed the first peak for a while, then headed down. We ran into numerous helicopters along the way (on this hike and others), at least one being a rescue chopper. They get so close!

I highly recommend this hike for people who love heights. Overall I’d say it was a moderate hike, took us about 3 hours round-trip including the 30 min. photo break at the top, numerous conversations with other hikers we ran into, and idle chitchat.

8 days ago

This hike has been on my list for quite a while and we finally did it today! It was a bit overcast with significant wind but the trail was dry. We got there at 9am on a Thursday and we were the only ones up there until we started to head down. Trail head is easy to find, look for the danger sign in the bamboo tree line behind the bus parking at the lookout. Pass the sign and start heading up. There are many options along the trail to cut into the trees if you don’t want to walk the ridge. We walked a bit of the ridge and a bit in the trees on the way to the Puka and completely along the ridge on our way back down. It’s amazing views and as long as you watch where you are walking it’s safe. The Puka could be missed if you don’t know what to look for, we seen 1 woman up there that was lost an went right passed the Puka. When you come up to a large rock face, go down it and that is the Puka. The trail actually goes up over it and you can’t see it. Parking is $3.00 for tourists and free for residents and military. Nice, quick and slightly technical hike. We did the Puka and crouching lion in 1 day.

8 days ago

Was a great hike! But we did it in a rainy day, the way up was very muddy and slippery! I will come back for sure but sunny day :)

It was really muddy & full of mosquitoes. Don't worry about getting dirty, muddy, or wet. Have fun!

Great medium-difficulty ridgeline trail for hikers new to ridgelines. Well maintained and not as dangerous or slippery as many others. Starts off a little muddy on an ATV track (you might see boar hunters) and soon leads to a path along the ridge, with great views the whole way. Easy going until the last half mile when you gain the most elevation, using stairs and rope to scamper straight up. When you get to the radio tower, this isn’t the top!! There’s still about 5 minutes until you reach the true peak (with a bench - thank you to whoever set that up)

Took us a few hours, I recommend heading out before the sun is high and bringing water. Snacks not necessary if you eat a big breakfast. It was cloudy when we went but still got amazing views, became 100% foggy at the highest peak but got lots of good photos/looks before that.

Fantastic hike
The second and third peak are only for experienced hikers

11 days ago

absolutely beautiful hike - trail was a little muddy but had good footing the whole way up to the first peak. we rode our bikes to the entrance of the golf club & locked them to a fence. when we got back they were gone so if you plan on biking be careful of the risk. would definitely recommend though! very fun and 360 views of the windward side of island.

Awesome hike with amazing views ❤️

trail is in good shape, the stairs make it a workout but the view is worth it

13 days ago

Loved this one. Took a lot less time than Kuliouou and I felt that it was easier. Great views at the top, one moderately challenging rope section because a few stairs fell out and it was quite muddy. Recommended!

14 days ago

Probably posting in the wrong spot, but does anyone want to do this hike or the Pali Notches hike Thursday March 8, 2017 ?


14 days ago

Probably posting in the wrong spot, but does anyone want to do this hike or the Pali Pula hike Thursday March 8, 2017 ?


I loved this hike. We done it Friday morning and it was great. a little slippery in spots but not too bad. I went to the ropes my partner wasn't with it. haha

Looking to do this hike between 2/28 and 3/9.
Anyone else out there interested???


Great quick hike, not for anyone afraid of heights

21 days ago

One of my favorite hikes. It’s challenging to do all three peaks but well wort the effort. Parking is an issue so get there early. Don’t be fooled by the mileage noted. You have to walk approximately a mile to get to trail head on golf course from where you have to park. Gloves are a good accessory because there are lots of ropes. Thighs might be sore for a few days after. Views on a clear day are fabulous. On my iPhone it says 195 floors climbed after hike.

Extremely muddy but the view was amazing. Be very carefully of slipping. Very steep at parts and mud makes it much harder. Bring shoes that you don’t care about getting destroyed. Views only get better the higher that you go.

26 days ago

Great views for a short hike

We did the first peak today. Awesome views from top. One issue was that the directions given in this app lead us to park in a spot where we got a citation for parking on a sidewalk. Ugh, 3 stars for parking!

28 days ago

Amazing trail, do not attempt the third peak without high levels of climbing proficiency and the ability to lift your own body weight via rope.

2.5 hours to complete for us. We trail ran the first part of it and again on the way out. We had to do it twice because the view was of a cloud our first time. There were raspberries up top to eat, yum! A few ripe portions and stairs as well. Definitely moderately rated. One of my favorite hikes!

My favorite hike hands down!

1 month ago

Awesome hike!! Did the 1st peak but my friend went till the 2nd. Great views, very challenging hike, dont forget to wear good shoes !

Gorgeous views.

Wanting to do this hike soon. Msg me @bekahknotmarley

1 month ago

This is not a difficult hike. It is slightly vertical in parts and the beginning is slippery due to the moisture/mud. Once that is cleared, the hike is really nice. It has enough plateaus allowing for plenty of rest.
I would suggest taking your time and making sure your feet are where you think they are. There are plenty of well anchored ropes (I added one today) to help you along your way.
I don't think spikes are needed. I started early in the morning with the intent of spending my entire day doing this hike. I really planned to go that slow. I ended up completing it in just a few hours.
If you go in the morning and it is chilly, mind the bees. They are everywhere on the sunny side of the rocks trying to get warm. While climbing up/down, it would be easy to crush one or get stung by one. Either way, that ain't good.

Attached is the video I made with my drone and iPhone. There would have been more but, my drone stopped filming, it all of a sudden needed a firmware update in the middle of my hike.

Enjoy this great trail and remember, take your time and it won't be as difficult as everyone says it is.


1 month ago

Incredibly steep climb, better you do it in trail shoes with grip, but my friends got in done in normal running shoes, just more cautiously. Normal start was closed off, with signs and branches blocking your way, but you can enter in the bottom corner of the parking lot and go up a drainage channel to join the path, which technically means you’ve not ignored a sign by entering illegally.

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