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I was more annoyed at having my pace set by the 8,000 people ahead of me than I was thrilled about the views. There are better less crowded views on the island.

so pretty!!!!! and long!!!

Beautiful views. Wear comfy shoes & bring lots of water and sunscreen. The sun is brutal and there is no shade anywhere. Our first time and we saw whales. Awesome experience for our family.

went on a Sunday it was extremely busy. nice view at the top.

very adventurous. nice and cool shaded trail.

1 day ago

This may have been my favorite hike I've done on Oahu so far! It's pretty tough (nearly uphill the entire time, some steep and hot parts at the top) without being dangerous like some of the other ridge hikes. There are people on it without it being overwhelming. And the vegetation changes to the top are fascinating. The view is unbeatable. You are looking down into Waimanalo over to Bellows and Kailua, and you can see south all the way back to Koko and even Diamond Head. It's not an easy hike, but so worth it!

Very easy going down. The way back up is slightly exhausting though. Make sure to go after a big rain, we went today and the waterfalls were all dried up. There was a small pool of water that some people were swimming in, but this hike is only worth it if the waterfall is flowing. The trail will be very muddy if the waterfall is flowing, if it’s dried dirt you probably picked the wrong day.

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absolutely stunning views of oahu at the top. wear a hat. bring water. the sun is hot and unrelenting. the pathway is paved for a little and then becomes uneven rock. i definitely would recommend it to anyone. my handicapped dad didn’t go to the summit but was able to walk up to about 700ft elevation.

It's uphill, but paved so seems more trail than hike to me. Regardless, beautiful views from the top.
Hiking down the "secret" trail to the tide pools definitely increased both the challenge and the adventure.

unless you plan on doing the stairway, the trail kind of ends lackluster. Be prepared for lots of mud after a mile and a half. Good hike though. Fresh air.

First of all, the parking! Wow!! can't do much about it, but when when you get a spot your good. The trail is paved all the way and you are in a moderate incline. Worth a morning stroll as we were fortunate to see a few whales early noonish!

Lots of people but well worth it with the views at the top. Plus the bunker walk through is a trip to the past.

3 days ago

Great for Beginners and people looking for a nice trail for fellowship.

Lots of mud and shade. Will be back to look for the Plane Wreckage.

Short, paved walkway. Beautiful views at the top. It’s more of a uphill walk than a hike, but certainly still enjoyable.

Upward incline the entire time with some Lookout spots along the way. Some off-paved paths that looked interesting but I wasn't that brave... One wrong foot and you could slip right down the cliffs. Not much to see along the way except cacti and scary spiders in the brush. Once you reach the lookouts to the ocean it's beautiful. Deep blue and you might catch a glimpse of a whale. We saw a little baby one playing in the distance. At one of the whale watch spots there's a steep Rocky trail down to the tide pools. Wanted to do it but it was really windy and we were already pooped as it was our second hike of the day. Heard they are a must see though. Saw tiny people down there floating in them.

4 days ago

steep stairs at the end, quite slippery roots when wet, best when dry conditions. spectacular view from the top! definitely don't bring dogs or young kids

on Kuliouou Ridge Trail

4 days ago

Pretty ridge hike with amazing vegetation changes. The trail is marked in places where the footpath is unclear by ties on trees or paint. The trail is easy-moderate until you pass the grove of pines and picnic tables. Avoid this hike if it rained-- descending some parts would be dangerous and undoable if slick with mud. Otherwise, this is a safe hike with no treacherous points.

The best part of the hike is the last leg, where the green vegetation, blue sky, and red dirt take on high contrast, psychedelic colors. You'll catch views before and behind you once you reach the top. We completed this hike in about 2.5-3 hours. No crowd on weekdays. Overall a beautiful and rewarding hike.

Easy hike but heavily trafficked. This hike is definitely a good start of you are planning on coming to Hawaii to hike. Great views from the top. If you aren't used to hiking you will get tired and the stairs may seem like they can beat you but you got this.

The first half of this trail is a little boring but it does get more interesting after the “official” end. It’s a neat one to take people on though because it does show different plants, etc. I’ve seen smaller dogs do this one all the way to the peak! There are ropes at parts for the humans :)

Quite a ridge, great views...more. than steady incline.

The path past end of trail is quite intense. The ridge is less than 24" and there are 8-10 ropes for technical climbs. Recommend crampons and gloves.

This trail is rated appropriately taking it all the way to Mt Olympus.

Short easy hike, very crowded.

Hard, but worth every bit of sweat!

Nice trail that can be connected to other trails to make it a loop.

Very nice hike and beautiful summit view. The trail was not very muddy, but after a rain it may get very slippery in some steeper sections. Overall it was a rewarding hike.

Hiked January 2019,
This was a great trail. It started off a little sketchy just because you have to enter the trail in the back of government property complete with construction workers and warning signs telling you not to enter. There are probably a number of ways to reach the top, but I’m sure if you follow the actual river coming from the water fall you won’t miss it.
It’s pretty dog friendly and off of the beaten path so it makes good for a cool evening stroll.

Nice afternoon hike. I wouldn't rate it hard, rather moderate. The view from the top was great!

7 days ago

I would say this is tougher than the rating but only due to the fact I carried about 30+ extra pounds on my back (baby+carrier). The “waterfall” wasn’t anything really worth the trip today but the view overall is amazing. The hike was up and down challenging and was a good workout overall. I’m sure there’s more of a waterfall when there’s more rain but not on a day like today.

8 days ago

It is a great hike that gives you an amazing view of Waimānalo and if you look back you can see town. Bring water because it can get hot if it is a sunny day. When you get close to the top there isn’t as much shade also.

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