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This is a great hike. 80% paved road 10% dirt road and 10% trail. Just go past the fourth gate and over the bridge then it is all up hill from there. Very few plateaus along the way up. When you hit the gate at the top turn left and head (up) the dirt road .... yes more up! When the dirt road ends the hiking path begins, over all the hiking path is in good condition and well maintained. If you do this one after it has rained it gets muddy starting at the dirt road and all the way up to the top.

If you hike this one after it has rained you will be able to work on your sliding skills and balance on the way down, even the road gets a little slippy when wet.

The only recommendation on this one is to bring lost fo water and a few snacks ...........enjoy.

2 days ago

I really enjoyed this hike. I started this one in clear sky's and about a third of the way into the hike it started to rain which is not a bod thing as the rain kept me cool and helped my body regulate. This hike turned into three different trails, at the dividing point on the long portion of the trail you can take the turn to the Summit look out, this trail is over grown but is a short hike to the clearing. When you get back to the dividing point the trail to (Koolau Summit) is a lot longer and just when you think you have reached the end of the trail you have not! The final portion of the trail is hard to find (mother nature works fast) and you have to go through thick bush to get to the very end of the trail.

On my way back to I decided to do the final leg of the trails (Kaunala Trail) this trail is well marked and easy to navigate. Over all the trails offer a lot of up and down and present a few challenges. I enjoyed this hike but would like to point out a few things.

The road portion is the only easy portion of the hike, goes with out saying.
Once you are off the road the trails are easy to navigate and well marked except the two final legs.
If you tackle this one in clear sky's and on a warm day take lots of snacks and water this hike will take the energy out of you fast.
A good pair of hiking shoes/boots should be used.

If you tackle this one in the rain or after it has rained the trails get muddy fast and become very tricky to navigate as the trails get narrow in several places.

There are a lot of places along the trail, if you slip it is a long way down until you stop tumbling.

Expect to get muddy, very muddy.

I would not advise a novice to hike this one alone, even some intermediate hikers would be best advised to take someone along with them. I did not come across anyone once I turned off the road so if you get hurt on the trail you could be sitting on the trail for a long time before anyone finds you.

Rock slides are vey common, portions of the road get washed out easily and regular.

Finally there are a few places along the trails that present a few photo opportunities other wise you get to see a lot of tree top canopies, interesting trees, overhangs and a good overall view of mother nature at work.

Awesome hike. We did all three peaks and it took us 5 hours. It was very difficult but worth it. We are in our 50’s and in good shape. No parking near the trail. We have hiked Alaska, Utah, Washington and this ranks way up there with our favorite. It was a little like Hawaii’s Angeles landing.

I’m afraid of heights, so it was slightly challenging to get to the top of the second peak. I decided to skip the third entirely because of my fear. If you’re an avid hiker I’d give it a 6/10 difficulty the rocks made for easy stepping points up. If you’re inexperienced, proceed with caution.. climbing is fun and amazing, but you need to be careful of your footing and be aware where it is slippery. With that being said, some thoughtful hikers just put some new ropes up, I didn’t need them but they are great tools if you don’t hike much. I had a great time and the views were AMAZING! 10/10 will go back for the third peak.

on Mount Kaala Trail

8 days ago

Wonderful hike! Didn’t get to complete it due my own poor shoe choices and the muddy trail right at the top of the peak. Round trip was 7 mi. Needed maybe a half mile more to go. Tons of rope set up at the top to help get you over obstacles. And I one part there is a ladder bolted right into a rock. Wonderful views on a clear day. I will return to summit Mt Ka’ala next time!

This is a tough one.

Very muddy at the start. When you reach the eroded treeless hill, stay on the uphill side. Even though it will look like no trail passes there, trust that it does. Pretty steady elevation gain with brief flattening out about 3/4 the way to the summit. At the ridge line, go left to the trail end. Kahana bay is a great place to wash off the mud afterwards.

Challenging, fun. Some rope sections that don’t require climbing experience but some upper body strength.

11 days ago

Also known as Three Peaks. I recommend bringing a friend if going past the first peak for safety. There is rope to help descend down and to get back up the back of the second peak. Fun hike but a little dangerous past the first peak. Third peak is also difficult but is my favorite spot for pictures on this hike.

Hiked all 3 peaks dec 1. First 45/60 min was very muddy with very slippery mud. Recent rain. If you can make the 1st peak, the 2nd shouldn’t be an issue. The 3rd is extremely visually intimidating from the 2nd. If you commit to the 3rd, the first descent to it from the 2nd looks sketchy/challenging and straight up scary. The going down part is the trickiest. The actual climb up the 3rd is not as bad as it appears from the 2nd peak. If fear of heights come into play or it’s extremely windy, I’d say stop at the 1st peak. Also, this took me 5.25 hours and I did empty my bag (as did many others) to continue to the 3rd. ALSO. If you have a drone, i couldn’t launch due to mag interference on the top of all 3 peaks. I have Mavic pro and carried it the entire climb for nothing. Perhaps launch from lower altitude??? Be safe !

Pretty cool hike over a variety of terrain and “obstacles.” The 7.1 mileage looks like it didn’t include the section of planks that take you through the bog at the top and to the radio station. Our watch had it closer to 8+ miles. Definitely aim to do this hike on a clear day without any rain!

A challenge to get to due to the red tape but a nice trail.

18 days ago

Very very dangerous, but with amazing views. I probably wouldn't do this hike again because I was scared to death for the majority of it - there was really no room for error on this one.

22 days ago

Hiked Nov 2018.
This was a nice stroll in the woods with a pretty good view and little foot traffic from other hikers along the way. If you are looking for a light to moderate exercise or just need a semi-abandoned hiking trail to let the dogs roam free this is it. It’s a pretty chill hike and offers a fair amount of protection from the elements so it’s even good to do on a rainy day. The top of the hike takes you on what seems to be a Jeep trail through the rest of the way. I’m not how far that tail takes you because after about an hour and a half up we were still only a quarters way complete. I used this app to see a suitable point where everyone seemed to turn around and followed suit. Maybe one day I’ll come back and complete the entire thing before I leave the island.

28 days ago

Sorry, Colorado, this is my favorite hike that I’ve ever done. And one of the hardest. There are quite a few rope sections that require a fair amount of skill. But the views are totally worth it. We didn’t hike to the second or third peak but that was because we were told the first peak had the best views and we were pretty exhausted by the time we got there.

You can park on the side of Auloa road and walk to the trailhead past the guardpost for the golf club. (Just make sure not to park on the sidewalk at all! I got a 35$ ticket for my front wheel being on the sidewalk). Be sure to wear sturdy hiking boots - the trails are extremely muddy which makes it fun but not tennis shoe friendly. And bring some sandals to put on after - you’ll thank me later.

29 days ago

Just did this hike yesterday with my wife and friend. We hiked out around 0400 to make it for sunrise at the 1st peak. You have to walk through the gate to the golf course which may or may not be locked depending on the time. There may or may not be a guard as well. Not to worry as they will pass you through and tell you the trail is about a 1/4 mile up off to the left. You can’t miss the sign. Made it faster than we thought hiking in the dark. We made it in about an hour, so we waited for sunrise for awhile and made some coffee with my jet boil during sunrise. Clear night with a cool breeze so it made it an awesome time. Views were spectacular at night. Did this hike a few times already but always during the day. My goal was to replace the sketchy ropes and straps that were their on the 2nd peak. You will now find that there is a 3k lb tow strap connected by heavy duty steel D rings attached to 500 lb synthetic yellow rope with anchor points every 1.5 ft. on the rope. It’s 200ft of rope and gets you exactly to the bottom of the 2nd peak. 3rd peak didn’t really need any ropes to be replaced. There are two stopping points going down the 2nd peak. You will notice these points. It’s basically where some of the old ropes ended or tied off. I caution everyone going down one at a time due to break limits on ropes. You can stop and yell up for the next person to come down at each of the stop points. You can’t miss it. You can’t miss the bright yellow rope as well. I tried to make it a bit safer so I hope everyone enjoys.

30 days ago

The beginning of the hike was muddy but very mild. Maybe a third of the way up, the hike got quite a bit steeper but was still relatively easy. The top third of the hike has a bit of rock climbing with ropes to help you get up. You’ll know you’re near the top once you are climbing the spine, where you see cliffs straight down on both sides of you.
Once you reach the top, you’ll see the most absolutely stunning views of Oahu. 100 percent worth it! Leave yourself enough time to get down before sunset or you’ll be doing some rock climbing in the dark!

1 month ago

A great trail for us and our pups. Slightly muddy in some areas but overall not particularly challenging while offering great views. Also not too crowded!

1 month ago

Amazing hike, a little dangerous but the views are worth it.

1 month ago

What a challenge and what a view.. totally worth the mud and sweat!

Toughest hike so far Mountain Ray.

1 month ago

Such an awesome trail. The third peak is intimidating but it isn’t as difficult as it looks- as long as you aren’t afraid of heights, you’re wearing the right shoes, you have a bit of climbing experience and the third peak is dry, you should be able to make it up and down safely. There are ropes just about everywhere you’d need them and they felt safe. There was only one technical spot on the third peak that felt sketchy on my way down. Planning to climb it again sometime soon

1 month ago

This was a moderately challenging hike. We are a fit couple who needs adventure, so turning back at the picnic table was not for us. After the table, it is mainly a service road, so not as scenic, until you get to the top. Great fun, not too steep.

1 month ago

great hike, all 3 peaks are possible to climb. you‘ll have the best view from the first peak. during walking through the forest, it could be a bit slippery and dirty.

1 month ago

Awesome view at the top. Challenging hike but so worth it!

on Olomana Trail

1 month ago

This is a scenic hike that features beautiful views of the koolaus, waimanalo end to kualoa. I’ve only done the first peak but you can see the 2nd and 3rd. It gets steep on the first climb but once your up the others look decent to get to, since your on the ridge already.

1 month ago

I live here

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