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Arrived at about 9 AM and the lot was already full so we had to sit in a fifteen minute long waiting line. Once we got onto the trail it was a pretty moderate hike, I hiked it through with flip flops and made it easily so what ever shoes you decide to wear should be fine. After a little while there was a long strand of stairs which seemed to be the hardest part. But all in all it was a fun hike and the view was pretty

18 hours ago

VERY challenging on the way up but totally worth the views! Some parts we had to scoot on our butts, but a dirty hike is the best hike.

Quick climb but quite a challenge and a very rewarding view!

This trail is paved and a nice gradual climb. I would definitely recommend it for sunrise (just like every other hike on this island). Great views at the end of the lighthouse and of the ocean, looking east.
I have more details on my entire Oahu itinerary on my travel blog [traveltrachs.com].
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Excellent and challenging hike for a 1.5 miler. Super busy but totally worth it for the views! Love this side of the island.

Not an ounce of shade on this trail but worth it for a great view of the ocean and coast! Easy and paved!

This is a fairly easy trail to do but gets so busy with tourists! Parking was a nightmare. The view was great but there are certainly a ton of other great trails on Oahu to do if you want to avoid a ton of tourists! Still enjoyed it!

I almost died on this trek in August 2017 - I was not the fittest at the time! But it was totally worth it for the amazing view. If you are going in August, don't go at midday, super hot! Amazing exercise though. Take plenty of water!

Hiked this in flip flops as I forgot my sneakers on vacation. If I can do it in flip flops, anyone can do it! The “cardiac stairs” are brutal but the rest of the hike is quiet and manageable as far as gain goes. The view at the top is worth any fatigue you have on the way up!!! Go through the bunker....so cool.

A great work out, probably 1000 steps total

Going non stop with few breaks completed in 24 minutes and 31 seconds

Beautiful views!! Paved road the entire way, it’s exposed so it will be hot to walk on during the middle of the day.

Perfect training and conditioning hill, will do at least 2 x in a row per trip. I see others doing 3 or 4. Great trail for those wanting the quad, hamstring, and but burn. Offers almost 1000 ft elevation gain and relief under 2 Miles so definitely you’re going to get your swear on. Bring a water pack, more than a bottle. It can be slick on the railroad ties, so if not skilled, Take Your Time!! Also ¾ from the top is an area requiring strong balance and narrow stepping, I would take the side route up and back over if not confident. Not worth the fall onto the boulders!! Again, take your time, have fun, and you’ll have earned your sleep at the end of this trail!

Pretty views! Go early to avoid the hot sun and to grab a parking spot in the parking lot. I suggest sunrise because it is quite beautiful as the sun peaks over the lighthouse! Mostly uphill, but completely paved. Good workout first thing in the morning!

As a local, the hike was okay. I probably won’t do it again. The views were pretty, but the amount of people made it avoidable for the future. Very touristy!

Wow what a hike! First of all this is all up hill and you are walking on old railroad beams. The view is worth it at the top. I do not recommend this hike to people with bad knees or ankles.

Is a beautiful place.

Great hike, but very popular

This is a great hike, except for the fact that it is very popular and not for the type of person that likes to hike and it just be them and the outdoors. Admission is cheap, just $5 for parking, however this is a very popular destination.

DO NOT DO THIS HIKE IF YOU GET CLAUSTROPHOBIC. To get to the summit you have to go through a dark tunnel, and a set of spiral staircases. This is a ex-military gun turret, so it can get tight in places near the summit. Other than that this is a great hike.

8 days ago

Steps upon steps! The first part isn't that steep, but it definitely picks up in the latter half. There is also a middle portion of planks that act as a bridge. This might be an issue for those who are afraid of heights. Be aware to hydrate and take breaks if necessary. The views are amazing and especially worth it at sunset.

Very crowded but great views!

Great view, very crowded hike.

Great family hike as we walked from our hotel in Waikiki!

The Koko Head trail is a very popular hike in Oahu. While it is a relatively difficult and steep hike, you will be rewarded with a beautiful panoramic view at the top. As we went higher, the weather changed and it started raining, making it more slippery and tough to reach the top. I would suggest taking lots of water and light snack to maintain sugar level while going down. It took 45 minutes one way. The view (and the wind) blew our minds!

If we would had more water, my wife and I definitely would have gone back up! It was challenging because of the steepness both ways, but so rewarding with the veiw. So beautiful. Just take it slow and steady and you'll love the end feeling.

A great hike for your heart and legs. Perfect place to watch the sunset.

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11 days ago

By far one of my favorite hikes ever. I do this hike every year for my birthday and the views from the top never get old. Take water and be prepared for a workout. There’s is a small trail to the right of the bridge if you’re like me and afraid to climb over it. Your legs will be wobbly on the way down!

Intense hike!! Definitely a leg killer !

Hot but spectacular views.

love this hike!!

love this hike!!!

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