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Muddy and steep enough to be a slight workout, but no views or sights to see during any point.

nice little hike & you can go on top of the rock -> when you arrive the hole, you can go on the left :)

Great views !

A little muddy, but ok. Beautiful foliage and loved that we did not see another person the entire hike.

4 days ago

Definitely pack enough water and snacks.
The parking and facilities are excellent.
The hike is just beautiful!
Trekking poles helped a lot!

6 days ago

The bench at the top of the Nu'uanu Lookout is in memory of our son Daniel Levey who fell July 21, 2003 at age 19. Daniel loved nature and hiking. The bench is to provide rest for hikers, a fabulous view, and ta reminder to always hike safely. Enjoy.

11/10/2018-Started around 0800 and came across 4 groups of hikers (total of about 16 people). We managed to find a stall in the parking lot and finally got to see the streams after a good rain! So awesome! It was drizzling most of the time and only came down a little harder for a few minutes of our trek out.

Trail was a lot of fun. It took me about 3 hours with some stoppage for breaks and pictures! The first mile and a half was pretty standard although expect a lot of incline walking. Once you reach the staircases you’ve got about .75 miles left but it’s mainly uphill from there.

This was my first time hiking this trail and I really didn’t expect to literally be climbing up the side of a mountain. It was a pretty dry day and on the way up I was definitely glad that I had worn hiking boots (a bit of grip) cloud cover came in so it started to rain on my way down and my boots were a godsend!

9 days ago

A great trail for us and our pups. Slightly muddy in some areas but overall not particularly challenging while offering great views. Also not too crowded!

Beautiful nice and long - and rugged.
Pretty difficult at times, but fun!

Easy? For all levels? No.
It's a really cool hike through the canopy, up root systems, on bare edges with a fatal drop. Come prepared and be able to climb wet roots, mud, and rocks without putting your faith in used ropes that have been hanging out there for who knows how long. Other than that, Loved it!

it was realy hard for me to follow the trail and got lost several times. Also, there was a dead hog near the entrence to the tunnel and I think that was the reason I missed it. but i would not go in it anyway. the walk around is very slippery.

hey hiking ohau fans. I am looking for people who would like to join me on that. I will be in Ohau from the 8th until 21th of November. Hit me up on Insta @made86made. Would be amazing to meet some nice people and enjoy the hike - Marc

It took us less than 3 hours to complete the trail and we would definitely recommend it. We really enjoyed the views and especially hiking on the ridge of the mountain. The trail is really muddy. It gets a little challenging at some point but not that difficult.

14 days ago

SUPER muddy, wet, slippery hike. Easy for the first mile +, then lots of washed out stairs. Worth every step and fall through the mud once you reach the 360 view at the top.

Expect to get super dirty. I’m not sure how bad it is when it hasn’t rained in a few weeks, but some spots are all mud due to no sunlight through the trees.

Go to the top peak. Make it up the steep straits and use the ropes. It’s worth it!

BE CAREFUL GOING DOWN! Super slick. Expect to fall ALOT. Awesome hike as long as you’re okay with being muddy :)

Toughest hike so far Mountain Ray.

Very muddy and slippery, would advise hiking shoes as running shoes would get soaked and stuck in the mud.

15 days ago

This was a moderately challenging hike. We are a fit couple who needs adventure, so turning back at the picnic table was not for us. After the table, it is mainly a service road, so not as scenic, until you get to the top. Great fun, not too steep.

17 days ago

Expect muddy, all shady. We enjoy the trail. Ending with plenty strawberry guava.

Locals supposedly say this is the one of the best views of the entire island and I can definitely see why. The views at the top are gorgeous and you literally get to see a 360 degree panoramic view of the entire island of Oahu.

The trailhead is located in an affluent neighborhood which kind of reminded me of Beverly Hills houses. The trail starts off in a forest with trees overarching each other and after a few miles it becomes quite an adventure with you ascending up steep and muddy staircases. There's even a section where you need to use a rope to help pull yourself up the stairs.

This trail is so lush and green throughout that it will have you constantly looking in awe of your surroundings. There was alot of mosquitoes/gnats on this trail so recommend that you bring your spray or have long pants and long sleeves while doing this. It became quite annoying. When you get to the top near the antenna, make sure to keep going just a bit further where you will find a bench with the most amazing viewpoint. Be careful on the descent down as alot of the trail is slippery because of the mud!

- @justroc @just.trek

20 days ago

Humid and muddy, excellent views , we did see a waterfall. Took us approximately. 2 hours. I am currently out of shape and would rate it challenging for me. The experienced hiker of the group rates it as moderate due to the slippery mud factor after the recent rains. Very lightly trafficked. We went on a Sunday and saw only 2 other hikers. I agree with other posters, park at the beach down the street.

Overall a great trail. Two of us and our two dogs completed it. A couple of updates from some of the other comments.

Definitely park at the beach park. No real room to park at the entrance without trashing someone’s lawn. Plus it gives you a place to rinse off afterwards.

Definitely bring bug spray

Definitely hike the loop in a clockwise manner

There were no trees blocking the trail.

It was muddy but we just had some pretty big rain storms the past week. Wear shoes with a good grip and you don’t mind getting dirty

The “water fall” is only about 6-8 feet tall and you are actually higher than it as you walk by.

22 days ago

The first section of the hike, the actual Kalawahine Trail, is pretty great. It's muddy (but not terribly muddy), mostly flat, and filled with tons of awesome tropical trees and foliage. Very forest-like if you are into nature walks like that. I took it to Pauoa Flats Trail, where it got really muddy and kind of hard to walk through. My hiking shoes were absolutely caked in mud. I made it to the Nuuanu Lookout portion and attempted K2, but I was getting tired and a little sketched out by the steep cliffs, but if I went again with someone, I will definitely finish K2. Overall, if you're into trees and plants and don't mind getting muddy, then this hike is for you.

worth it

26 days ago

I enjoyed it. You need an ID To get past the gate. There’s 10 parking stalls up top. Theres no bathroom up top either so go before you make the drive up. Take plenty of water. Wear good hiking shoes and clothes you don’t mind getting muddy. I recommend a walking stick. A lot of the trail is slippery and very narrow. Towards the end are a lot of stairs. You get to the top and you’re standing in the clouds. Go early (before 10am) if it’s your first time so you give yourself enough time to enjoy nature and the view...just breathtaking.

The first mile is a dirt road which helps a whole lot. The next 1.5 miles is challenging but not difficult. The challenge is climbing so many steps. It takes a lot of endurance. The view looking back to the city was fantastic. Unfortunately, the clouds settled in towards the top. There was no view from the top. Worth doing if you want exercise and a challenging hike.

As of 20 Oct 18 this trail is closed.

29 days ago

closed? no way. people do this trail every day. it's super easy from the Pali lookout parking lot (bus side)

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