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Very beautiful hike, make sure bring plenty of water and snack. There are no shades. There is no parking. I parked in close by beach and walked from there. It is very busy and straight forward trail once’s you find it.

Feel’s like I’m in Jurassic park! Falls are a nice cool down at the top.

Beautiful walk through the rainforest. Feels like your in jarrassic park!

Very heavy traffic the entire time. Do it once to check the box.

was a nice trail! breathtaking view...

1 day ago

Great first impression of trails on the island. Had a mixture of refreshing rain and sunshine breaking through at various points. Numerous photo opportunities , especially at the end of the trail of a fantastic waterfall. Highly recommend for any skill level, although near the top it can become a little slick for elderly. I have had to help hold a few hands to ensure they see the view.

Waterfall was great. Hike past the waterfall was an adventure

Very crowded especially at the top but good for a big group with people at all different levels

Little buggy but super fun!

2 days ago

This hike was great. The trail immediately takes you into the wilderness feel. It’s short, but the scenery, especially the large open area at the bridge, is the most beautiful I’ve personally ever seen.

Very steep, unmarked trail with several branching paths. Easy to get lost on the way down. Very hot and slippery on dry days on the large rock slabs with fine gravel and sand on them. I have not been since August 2017 and don’t know what maintenance they have done since then. The hike itself was not pleasant but the views are spectacular and memorable. Wear hiking boots or trail shoes.

AMAZING HIKE! I would totally recommend this hike to anyone who isn’t afraid of heights and is in decent shape. Went to all three peaks. The first peak has amazing views and the next two peaks are just a fun adventure!

Did it on sep 12, such a beautiful hike. It was super windy but view from the top was amazing. 5 Dollar only cash feee for car and 1$ if you are walking in. Make sure bring water and also wear proper gear. Short and beautiful view along the way.
Enjoy and happy hiking.

The pathway has very unique features to the point where it’s worth dealing with the large crowds.

we did this hike in the rain and the waterfall was great! I would not at all call this kid friendly- the top is eroded and required nimble feet and some climbing

Not super hard...took 23 and a half minutes to get up after stopping for 4/5 quick camera sessions...started at 0541 and finished at top at 0614...great sunrise to start your day...get there early to park 100t up from main entrance due to gate being close...saw more ppl coming up when I was done around 7 coming back down...best views are off the beaten paths

4 days ago

Amazing trail that starts out easy but certainly is a little challenging as you get close to the waterfall.
Saw a few people with flip-flops which is not recommended.

5 days ago

You have to park in one of the parking before trailhead on your right, It’s $5 for fee. Trail is in very good conditions except at some points it gets muddy and slippery but not too bad. The day I did there were not a lot of people around but I read that this does get super busy. Such a beautiful place. Took me 25 min to get there and 20 min to get back to parking. Enjoy
Happy hiking

You are in a rainforest. So it will probably rain. Plan on it! $5 to park in the cafe parking lot. There is NO PARKING closer to the trailhead so that parking lot is the best and closest available. Beautiful place!

Super touristy but a good hike if you can get around the people in flip flops and in hotel slippers trying to navigate the stairs and tunnel. $5 to park. Views are lovely!

Love the views! Great place to take pictures. Parking is a little tricky as you have to park on the streets a block or so from the trailhead. Be careful when it rains as it can be a little slippery at the beginning of the trail.

Nice hike up to the top of Diamond Head. A little steep unless you’re in good shape. Great views of the coast and mountains. Million dollar photo opportunities! We could see some weather coming in, maybe the edges of the tropical storm. Crowded. Enjoy! Aloha!

Nice trail with lots of people. Trail keeps getting wider with all the people getting off the main trail. Pool at the top is roped off but several people were in it. Nice place to cool off the feet. Took about 1.5 hours with multiple stops. I would recommend tennis shoes or better. It is somewhat slippery near the top.

Did this hike this morning. Very busy trail. Very popular trail. Best if done early in am unless the heat doesn’t bother you. I did it around 9:30 and it not to hot. Has a lot of steps and inclined so if going up stairs is hard for you, you may want to reconsider. The views are spectacular. The shore line of Honolulu is beautiful from the top!

7 days ago

Nice short hike. Beautiful falls and beautiful views along the way. Muddy so wear good hiking shoes. Very very busy hiking trail.

Had read the reviews and was a bit wary about how many people were going to be there. I started my walk about 11:15am and was back down about 50-55mins later which included taking some photos at the top and on the way down - tried to just power up to the top as best I could. The trail was ok in terms of foot traffic so maybe I got a good day. Not the fittest person getting around so bit of a workout getting up the steep step section!

Total bucket list visit. Not really a hike. It was very cool to see something featured on "Lost". Very slick in places so take care with your footing. The views were amazing.

Fantastic trail

Muddy the entire way up which makes it super slippery, a fun hike though. Weather changes pretty fast, it was too foggy at the top to see the peak or sea level.

9 days ago

I absolutely loved this hike. Definitely challenges your endurance of elevation. I only did the first peak, but it was tolerable and not too difficult (granted it wasn’t too muddy).

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