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Wow, this hike is definitely intense and dangerous, along with potentially illegal. It's very, very steep and muddy, along with minimal things to grab on to. I was basically hanging on to tree branches at certain points. Coming down, I slid and fell a few times and got covered in mud head to toe. It's a bit scary, and I wouldn't recommend doing it alone. However, the view is stunning - it's absolutely beautiful. I did the first 2 summits, but decided that the 3rd summit was a bit too dangerous for me, so I turned around.

Wow, I definitely did not give Koko Crater the credit it deserved. It was very challenging - I had to stop numerous times and catch my breath, and I'm a fit guy. The view of Hanauma Bay is breathtaking, and this is truly the first hike that I've done where I felt so proud to finish it at the top. Be wary of the bridge portion mentioned below though - it is a bit scary. Go around if you're afraid of heights or don't have good balance.

2 days ago

Hardest hike you will ever do, totally worth it. locals run it, mind blowing

2 days ago

Not really a hike but a fin side excursion if you are doing some of the other hikes (Koko Head, Makapu'u, Diamond Head) in the area. The sitting cave is awesome.

This hike will definitely get the heart rate up and the legs a little tired. Most of the hike,as mentioned above, is a linear hike up the old rail line. Close to 1,000 feet in 3/4 -mile. Great views of Waikiki and more.

This was an amazing hike. Beautiful views. Truly not for the weak hearted. Also, I would recommend hiking shoes the rails can get quite slippery.

Starts with a bamboo forest with little room on the trail but it's fine. After a 1/4 mile walk you get out of the bamboo and enter the typical Hawaii forest. Beautiful waterfall at the end. There are multiple water crossings and your shoes will get wet. if it's raining be prepared for lots of mud but the hike is very safe even with all mud.

Hiked Oct 2018,

Depending on your age, fitness level and weight this hike may or may not be difficult to do. It’s basically an hour on a stair climber with a few rocks in your Crocs for entertainment purposes. I could see this being a lot easier for 20 year old me, but as I climbed my old ass up every step watching real 20 something year olds blow past me I was reminded of my age.
The view at the top is breathtaking, literally, but I will say it was worth the trip. Balance is a must on the way back down and having a pair of vibrant knees doesn’t hurt either.
It was a lot of work, but well worth it.

4 days ago

Fantastic hike, very rugged. Several ropes make it challenging but the views from the top are amazing.

One of my favorite trails on island. Gorgeous views of the mountains and ocean and lots of wildlife. You can see albatross at the end of the hike during mating season, and their babies a few months later. Usually an opportunity to see monk seals at the end, and in winter I have often seen whales breaching offshore around sunset.

There are so many scenic views while hiking to the top, you won’t mind stopping so often because you’re so out of shape!
This hike is not for the faint of heart. If you’re doing this while on your vacation to Oahu, be prepared to feel the pain. But, the views at the top are very much worth your lungs almost collapsing and heart about to explode out of your chest.
If you’re doing this in the middle of the day, bring plenty of water. My wife and I went through our Nalgene’s by the time we came back down. Would highly recommend doing this either in the morning to see the sun rise or in the evening when the sun sets. Or any time it’s cooler.
Would definitely do again!

Very pretty view of the surrounding rocks and ocean. My wife and I spent a good amount of time just looking at the ocean and listening to the waves. Not a hike, but the path leading to the rocks is hidden behind a dumpster, but is clearly marked. Be careful when it rains, water runs down the path and could be very slippery. Few handholds to help you, but if it’s dry you’ll be fine.

Awesome fun trail that will challenge you as much as you want depending on your pace. If you're in decent shape, you can be up and down in less than an hour, and you'll feel accomplished. My 10 year old and I were at the summit in just under 20 minutes, but took him about 30 to come down because he was a little more nervous. I highly recommend wearing closed toe shoes, though I saw someone doing it barefoot. Fun trail to take the family and enjoy the view. Take water, there's a park at the foot of the mountain to fill up your container. It's not an easy climb and it's definitely not extremely technical either. It's primarily hard because of its grade, but the tracks help. You can abort and turn around at any point. Highly recommend going, you won't regret it.

A must hike. Went at 0500 and only had a couple other folks along the way. Took us 35 minutes and that includes walking from the residential area since the gate was closed. Got crowded by 7 on the way down. The views are amazing.

Nice and short, no real accent. falls are nice. very muddy and you will get your feet wet along the way.

2nd time completing, but did so after the sunrise - the first was much better hiking in the dark catching the sun as it broke.

Encountered an injured hiker this time around, someone twisted an ankle on the way down. Had plenty of help, but had to get the person all the way down.

Recommend wearing ankle supporting shoes/boots and bring water/snacks. Also, a sweat towel is a must.

Did it on the 5th great hike short and sweet.

Fun trail but it is hard. Don’t go if it looks like it’s going to rain. The steps get very slick on the way down. Also, the gun range next door takes the peacefulness out of the hike.

JTM, the photo you uploaded with the Closed sign is the entrance to Pali Puka. The hike to the Notches is on the other side, adjacent to the official lookout point on Pali Lookout. There should be 3-4 signs along the edge of the hill warning you not to tresspass. These signs have been up for years already.
If you zoom in one of my Pali Notches photos, you can see a series of No Trespassing signs and posts blocking the entrance to the trailhead.

Short and decent hike, pretty flat. Little hard to find the opening, luckily had read other helpful comments so was able to find it. Basically you pull off the Pali as if you’re going to Lulumahu, but instead of parking in that lot you drive down the side st (Nuuanu Pali Dr) all the way down until the trees clear up and you see the dept of water building on the right side. Find parking. Nearly across from the water dept building is a small clearing in the bushes with a sign that says permit required - that’s the entrance. Two forks in the trail, keep left at both. Soon enough you will be at the ruins. Highly recommend mosquito repellent, and NOT the organic kind. I got bit a few times just while applying sunscreen and walking to entrance on the main road! Couldn’t wait to get out of the trail as I must’ve gotten bit like 25-30 times despite wearing the organic repellent and reapplying! Little muddy with stagnant water. Bring shoes with traction, some of the roots on the ground are slippery.

9 days ago

1st - parking limited, so make sure it's off the road enough and beware of broken glass (car glass) in several places which indicates a break-in. No issue on today's hike.
2nd - There are three different trails in this area. A piece of the Judd trail will be traversed to get to Nuuanu - follow the signs or All Trails.
3rd - Once atop the ridge and out of the nicely shaded forest, there are two paths to take to manage the loop. The wider path will go to the right then after you've gone a bit on Puaua Flats, the hike meanders up the ridge line quite steadily and it's fairly overgrown. Not so much to not see the trail, but more annoying with high grasses. There are some old ropes along the way, watch footing and ridgeline distance because it is steep.
Lastly - great to cool off in the pools once done. Recommend hiking spikes, gloves, perhaps pants, and plenty of water.

Just made an attempt and noticed the CLOSED sign, pic uploaded. The trail is marked private property, suggest - closed.

9 days ago

One of the best hikes on the island!

it may look easy and for some people, it is easy. however, if you're afraid of heights and don't have good balance, it can be a long way up and down.

i see alot of people walk thru it with ease but dont take it lightly. one misstep and you'll be on your way to the hospital.

slow and steady is the way to go. there are people who can make it up in less than 20 minutes, but those are conditioned athletes or they already know this hike and their bodies.

keep hydrated, wear sunscreen, and dont expect everyone to be nice on this hike. and if u feel like you cant make it to the top, there's always another day. Aloha!

go to 2135 Makiki Heights Drive to get a permit to enter Lulumahu Falls area. I think the fee is like $2.50.

It's illegal to hike to the notches. Since the Pali Puka is close, this hike should also be Closed.

on Koko Head Crater Trail

10 days ago

Probably one of the most unique short hikes I know:
- Spectacular views
- Up and down a steep and worn-down railroad track
- Excellent workout
- Insanely busy from sunrise to sunset

Beautiful coastal and mountain views!! Easy hike.

We did this at 6pm and the conditions were beautiful. Great sunset hike, the climb is mildly deceiving so be ready to breathe a little hard. Overall nice trail, we went almost to the antennas and back (don’t need that radiation). Lots of “government property” “do not trespass” signs but also lots of locals on the trail with their dogs. Go at your own risk, lovely views all around!

Hard AF. Don’t do it in sandals unless you’re a pro. Also, don’t go on a sunny day. Bring a TON of water. Maybe even gloves, unless you have astounding balance, you may be climbing up a good portion of it. the wood planks can get rather hot and give you blisters. The view is great up top. Beware going down if you aren’t the biggest fan of heights. I’ve climbed Mt. Fuji, and this one is pretty hard.

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