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Easy walk, but usually very crowded, which isn't fun IMHO. The views are pretty, but doesn't make it worth freaking with the amount of people.

Pretty views, and great whale sighting during the season. Definitely a walk as the path is well paved (moms with strollers jog this all the time). Great for anyone that needs an even surface.

If you want to climb the sides of waterfalls and hike thru the jungle, look no further.

We cut out the crater by taking the shortcut, because the summit was socked in with clouds when we went. Just be ready for a long hike -- especially if you plan on doing the whole thing.

1 day ago

Starts just to the right when walking toward Pali Lookout. Don't let the distance and elevation of this hike deceive you into thinking its quick and easy. Its steep with elements of rock climbing mixed in. I would recommend leaving this one alone if it's raining or just rained. That being said, one of the coolest hikes you can do on a nice day!

1 day ago

Fairly short and quite steep. Great views for a quick hike. You can also follow another trail up the the ridgeline, which makes for even more beautiful views of the leeward side. Careful if it's raining or rain is on the forecast. We had a sunny day, but started to get poured on when at the top and coming down from the ridgeline was one of the more challenging things I've done while hiking.

My girlfriend and I would like to do this hike on 5/6 or 5/7. If their is someone available to guide us that is familiar with the hike, we will be open to paying. Email me at onefastcobra@gmail.com. Thank you.

A fun quick hike, the stairs at the topi are killer but well worth the view from the top!

Short easy hike. Go early to avoid large crowds.

Good hike for beginners. Nice view at the top.

Followed other hikers past "trail closed" signs. Trail was very muddy and extremely steep. We were only able to succeed by using roots, branches, and webbing/paracord attached to trees. Great views!

3 days ago

Short, steady incline hike. The views and photo ops are great!

Aloha! I do various guided hikes with photos on Oahu. I hike often/weekly. Likely hiking this Tuesday and this weekend. Possibly other days as well. Feel free to check out some examples of photos on my instagram @mike.karas. You can message me there or at mikekarasphotography@gmail.com

3 days ago

Love the views, enjoyed the Leeward side away from some consistent rains recently elsewhere.

A good portion of the trail is fairly overgrown, so pants may be in order if the tall grass troubles you.

Solid moderate as it presents a steady incline and some bouldering needed around the pillboxes.

If you wanna to see seals-just do it! 3,5 hours total and you will never forget it! Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, sunglasses and hat. Don’t forget water, camera and have fun!

This post should take away many of the rumors you might have heard with this hike!
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Pretty easy hike but very muddy if it’s rained. It was raining today but we still went and it was worth it. Definitely bring water, we forgot to and we’re dying lol

4 days ago


Everything you need to know about the crouching lion loop over Makaua Falls.

Narrow and a packed. Don’t mind the being packed but the narrow trail was annoying.

4 days ago

Not a difficult hike considering the elevation change. The switchback routing keeps the grade pretty manageable. I would rate this on the difficult end of EASY. Narrow paths with steep drops likely are what make this trail rate Moderate.

My 7 year old daughter and 11 year old son made the hike with no problem and little complaint.

We took about an hour going up and 30 minutes back down.

Consider wearing pants if you have any grass allergies.

Amazingly beautiful hike! Completely doable with small children! Super muddy and slippery after or during rain.

Great ! Really easy, you can use stroller and is very easy for kids, beautiful view.

5 days ago

Love the views, enjoyed the Leeward side away from some consistent rains recently elsewhere.

A good portion of the trail is fairly overgrown, so pants may be in order if tall grass troubles you.

Solid moderate as it presents a steady incline and some bouldering needed around the pillboxes.

Awesome views. Quite tiring not so much the difference but from the scaling. One of the best trails in Ohau.

waited all week for a clear day to climb chimney to k1. unfortunately weather wasn't on my side. hiked to notch 1 in the rain and wind. hard hike with the weather but worth it even without the best views.

Very challenging. Between the thick mud, wading thru the water and climbing the slippery rocks, you'll definitely find the challenge you are looking for. We went the entire route, up through all 3 beautiful falls to the crater ridge and around. (Fortunately there are ropes on the more challenging areas.) Beautiful view of the island at the top. We then came down a different trail to avoid climbing back down thru the water falls. Again, extremely muddy but wow, what a hike! A big beer is a definite must at the end!!

LOVE this hike! the views are breathe taking! not much else to say that hasn't already been said.

Good steady incline with a lot of great view opportunities. Great birding in the morning

Easy first hike!

This hike/walk is PAVED the whole way— you can use a stroller!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been on several “kid friendly” trails on O’ahu and they were all disasters and (to my knowledge) this is the only ***stroller friendly*** hike/uphill walk I have discovered so far! It is very well maintained with beautiful scenery and stopping points throughout. The only issue you might encounter is limited parking.

Almost on the top, there is a way on the right side, you can see the lighthouse really near.

You can find the tide pools too.

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