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Love this trail. Challenging at times but lots of nice pathed straight-aways, cool trees and plants that provide shade and epic views of the city. Basically you end up hiking in the clouds! Highly recommend but wouldn’t bring small children, I saw two families that had to turn around. It’s definitive not the easiest hike but worth the effort for the beautiful views / photographs! Good work out, too!

1 day ago

Great hike if you’re looking for something that is pretty well maintained, loaded with lush vegetation, and filming locations from Lost. Easy enough for the two of us and our two dogs. Trail gets a bit small at certain points but most hikers were polite enough to make way for others. The base of the falls was a bit crowded but after the past few weeks of steady rain it was to be expected. The rain also made the falls very active and beautiful.

Tired of the monotony of getting dirty and having near death experiences trying to reach some jaw dropping view? This peaceful and beautiful walk through the woods can help break that up. Sadly there was not as much garbage to pick up as I'm used to, until detouring over to the 'Ualaka'a loop, where people seem to find it a more suitable environment to leave their trash behind. Say hello to the cats and chickens living in harmony in the parking lot.

Fairly easy hike up. It was a little muddy and a bit slippery but still fairly easy. The waterfall at the end it was amazing I spent 20 minutes taking a cold bath in the pool beneath the waterfall. Only reason this is not five star review is because it was extremely crowded probably saw close to 100 people on the trail with the majority of them congregated at the waterfall

3 days ago

It’s an easy hike but definitely busy and slippery. Wear proper shoes.

3 days ago

It’s a beautiful hike! The waterfall is gorgeous and the stream can be heard throughout the hike!

However, it’s muddy and can be very slippery so wear good shoes!

Awesome views! It took me 2.5 hours to finish the hike but I stopped to take pictures along the way. Make sure if you bring your dog they don’t slip down the edge. Most of the time there’s a steep cliff on one of your sides. I parked at the bottom of the gate and walked up to the starting point then when I finished I had a shorter walk down to my car.

Great hike! Definitely agree with some of the reviewers that rec. to go right to start with the steep uphill climb. At the top before going down definitely rec. to take the Moleka Trail. It’s a great out and back trail through a bamboo forest.

Very easy hike with beautiful scenery. I went on a Monday when it was pouring which made it not so crowded.

The Brochure to Kamananui Valley Road.


8 days ago

A nice quick run up and down the trail this morning. It was slightly wet and muddy in places. I can’t imagine what this place looks like after rainfall. There were families, including young and old, climbing and descending. Everyone looked like the were having a good time.

The view from the top is ok. Nothing to write home about.... but this is Hawaii and experiences and memories are what makes life so special.

8 days ago

A very easy and relaxing hike.

This was a great hike and had a great view from the top. Simple enough to take the whole family.

Pretty comfy trail. Very muddy after rain

10 days ago

Fun hike, my 4 year old daughter really enjoyed it.

Easy trail. Some slippery rocks. Waterfall at the end was beautiful.

12 days ago

Very beautiful waterfall at the end but so crowded with tourists it was hard to get good photos. The actual hike is less of a hike and more of a walk, with beautiful views of towering trees and lush forest. It can be pretty muddy but nothing compared to actual hiking trails on the island - the only difficult part of this trail is having to avoid bumping into people on the narrower parts. Often you have to stop and wait for people to pass you. Overall worth it as a fun little outing during the morning or afternoon, good for all ages.

Good, just short. Enter the trail here to connect to other trails if you’re looking for more distance. Parking is nearby and the tantalus lookout up the hill (which isn’t part of the trail) is worth your time. There are picnic areas and restroom facilities there.

17 days ago

Hiked the trail this morning at 10 AM. Some muddy spots and slippery rocks but still an easy trail. And still fairly crowded. The waterfall is always a nice reward! Don’t wear flip-flops.

20 days ago

A significant number of rocks to negotiate that are slippery and the trail was muddy in many areas. A good walking stick would help and expect a large crowd.

Tons of tourists with bad hiking manners. Tons of slippery rocks. Lots of mud. Bring an umbrella. Falls were pretty though.

A great trail with beautiful views. Good for the whole family.

23 days ago

Easy. Good short morning workout. Love the wild boar scare! ;)

Easy. Great for all ages. Lots of tourists so go early.

23 days ago

If anyone is interested in doing this tomorrow, hit me up on insta.. lizzy_p77

23 days ago

Such a beautiful hike !

Very crowded trail, for a waterfall that is only ok by Hawaiian standards. Can’t really swim in the pool or stand under the falls. And had to pay $5 for parking. If this trail were almost anywhere else in the world it would get 4 or 5 stars, but there are so many nearby better hikes with better views and better falls. Don’t waste your time with this one - unless you need a hike that you can bring grandma on.

29 days ago

Beautiful hike from start to finish. Highly recommend. It wasn't as crowded as some other hikes which made it nice too.

Interesting valley hike, don't miss the ruins on the left going in and all the great cultural signage, pics added.

Nice shady trail. The whole hike is shaded and beautiful, like a jungle. Waterfall was beautiful and you can get right up close to it. Many people were swimming. We biked to the trail head from Waikiki Beach area and walking on the trail was not a problem after biking the 6 miles (mainly uphill and in traffic) up there.

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