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3 days ago

Hiked from Twenty-mile ranger station to Road to Nowhere, using the lost cove shortcut. Great hike. Very little traffic, lots of water and good campsites. There were more cultural sites (mostly cemeteries) than any other long hike I have done in the park. We were on a rushed schedule (three days, two nights), so I didn't get to fish. If you have longer, be sure to bring a rod. Oh, about that rushed schedule, we made far worse time than usual. There is a fair about of elevation change as you go up and over the various fingers of land that go into the lake. My hiking partner and I generally hike a 20 minute mile. Tired legs and sore feet had us struggling to get 30 minute miles. I'm glad I did it, but it's not a trail for someone expecting grand vistas or a trail along a lake. The lake is there somewhere and you get glimpses of it, but this trail is for someone that wants to get away from the masses while backpacking and exploring GSNP. (Oh, and if hitting Lost Cove, beware of lots of little water crossings)

The trail is marked with a bold white stripe. The entrance could be found at the end of the picnic area near to a lookout. We walked the trail with our dog and we found enough water sources. The trail offers not so many lookouts as expected, most the times we walked though forest. BUT: You are more or less lonely and it is a “real” hike trail for someone used to the Italian alps. So: Thumbs up and definitely recommendable for a good workout.

Beautiful trail! Well blazed and a great hike!

wanted to hike in to Wallace Peak from Scotchtown Draft Rd and then return. the first two miles the trail was in good condition at two miles we went through some pricker bushes on the trail but it was just a nuisance. once we hit three miles we entered some serious brambles that got worse and worse. After fighting through them for a quarter mile we gave up when they looked to continue along the ridge top. Judging by how bad they were I would say it has been awhile since anyone traversed this end of the trail. If the brambles were cut back it would have been a nice quiet hike.

We started at Hightower Gap and finished our day at Woody Gap. Our route started out pretty intense, Sassafras Mountain is no joke but it really nice.

stunning views...beautiful trail. well marked and maintained.

We didn’t do any part of the hike, this review is about some inaccurate info in the trail description. The description of the hike says dogs are allowed, but we were told by park rangers that dogs are not allowed on any section of the AT and are allowed on only two trails in the GSMNP.

Sure was pretty! and hard too!

10 months ago

hiked the entirety of this trail, plus some, in three nights and four days (really 3.5 days) in late january. i say ‘plus some’ because the ‘road to nowhere’ park entrance was closed due to snow, so we left our vehicle at the gate and hiked the six miles of road to start our trek. we totaled at about 45 miles after it was all said and done. campsites were great (90 is best IMO), plenty of water at all. used a filter straw and 32 oz. bottle w/ no problem. had feral hogs circle our site one night, one of the middle ones - can’t remember which. maybe 76? that was cool, and heard plenty of coyotes. didn’t see a single person the entire time.

trail running
Wednesday, November 29, 2017

It's a gnarly run. The downhill from Spence Field to the Cove will trash your knees if you aren't careful.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Nice trail, good views, not a lot of people

Thursday, July 20, 2017

We spent 8 days on this trail, hiking rather slowly as our youngest is 3 years old. From the Road to Nowhere, we hiked 2.9 miles to campsite #74, then 6.6 miles to campsite #98, then 2.3 miles to campsite #76 then back out the way we came in, staying in a couple of the campsites for 2 days in a row to spend more time swimming and exploring. The trail from 74 to 76 had a fair amount of storm damage and downed trees requiring taking off packs, and climbing over or under, which made for slower progress than we had expected. The campsites are great - all with good water sources and bear cables. You can also reach the lake from all of the sites. Saw salamanders, a peregrine falcon, tons of frogs, and heard a bobcat after a storm one night. Bring bug spray and do not count on anything being able to dry out in this temperate rainforest!

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Beautiful trail! Need better signage.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Beautiful trail! Need better signage.

Love the views! Very challenging mountains but glad to be going north bound to Blood Mt. Make sure you stop by Neel Gap store. Great hiking gear and lots of hiking boots outside in trees.

Beautiful views, very hard trail

Monday, February 27, 2017

Didn't complete the entire duration but this section of the Nat Park is hands down my favorite.

Beast mode, super strenuous and overall a bear to complete, make it a 2 day trip for sure. Also check out Redbeard on YouTube as he documents the AT.

Short hike but cool because we got to see a lot of mountains because we were really high up! My daddy was pretending a bear was following when he kept throwing rocks ahead of us!

Very cool and short hike. We only did 2 miles. Really cool view!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

South sister knob is a beautiful spot the rest of that trail is better for bikers

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It was a long time ago, but I loved it. Except for the red tape. This is a strenuous hike so do not even think about it if you are not up to it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It has been five years but I remember the beauty and I think my legs still ache. This was one rough trail for the heavy pack I carried back then. The cabin and restaurant at Fontana dam was a joy.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Excellent views of the Smoky Mountains. The hike up to the lookout allows for 360 degree viewing of the Smoky Mountains. Of note, the hike is truly uphill for half a mile.

I hiked this trail with my son last November. We had an awesome time doing this together. This hike on the AT was what made me curious about this app. I don't hike much without it now.

rock climbing
Saturday, July 16, 2016


Pretty with a bit of everything, challenges dense woods with more people than I would have expected.

Friday, July 01, 2016

sweet thanks

Completed this section during a section hike from Springer to Woody Gap. It was a bit tough, but even carrying a 40lb pack I didn't feel it was as bad as most people say. Then again, I had been training with my pack at Stone/Kennesaw/Sawnee for a few months before.

Be sure to camel up before hitting the trail. There is no reliable water on the trail until you reach Justus Creek. There is USUALLY some trail magic water jugs at Cooper Gap, but you should NEVER rely on other people's generosity. If you're lucky, there may be a huge mobile water tank at Cooper Gap if the Army are out doing their wargames thing.

Sasafrass and Justus pack a back to pack one-two punch, but just pace yourself and you'll be fine.

When I reached Justus Creek, there were only 5 people there. Within 20 minutes, there were easily 20 people there, washing clothes in the water, wading,etc. I opted to wait until Gooch Shelter to get water since I had experienced the trail magic at Cooper Gap. I wish more people would learn and PRACTICE LNT principles.

Be sure to take time to check out the views from Ramrock Mountain a couple of miles before you get to Woody Gap!

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