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Beautiful hike to the point. The hike is along a flat, dirt road/trail, but you are exposed at all times. Remember your sunscreen and water. Enjoy!

Awesome views. Be aware that, after a certain point, the All Trails route does not coincide with The Hiker’s Guide to Oahu. If you try to overlap maps, you may get turned around.

21 days ago

Took us 2hrs 20min to the top and about 2hrs down. The first 25-30min is on a steep road. The last 15min is flat on well maintained wooden planks. We got up there before the clouds rolled in and had views of the entire west side, north shore, and south shore all the way to diamond head.

Nice hike, flat all the way. No cardio. Beautiful view of the ocean & the rocky lava beach

1 month ago

Eden Hansing, there is no Air Force gate. You don't need a hiking permit. I believe the one you are talking about is the Satellite Tracking Station at Kaena Point. Those who gave 1 star for this track,you were most like on the wrong one.

Be sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen as it is exposed to the sun the entire way. Mostly flat but beautiful hike. We also saw a monk seal relaxing on the beach!

It’s a nice a nice walk ...if you need extra adventure, try heading up the mountain towards the pillboxes.

1 month ago

AllTrails, you have disappointing once again. The hike is NOT 3.35 miles to the summit...it's 5 miles. The vertical height is NOT 5,275'....it's 4,026'. Unfortunately, our trip took 5 hours to the summit and 3 to get off, and forced us to come down in the dark. As far as the trail, it gets a 5 star rating . This is a must for the island of Oahu, and much more challenging than Stairway to Heaven, but please, AllTrails.....please update your information.
Here's out video: https://youtu.be/6-vNSzwp8WQ

Took approximately 5 hours to get up and 2.5 to get down, going at a moderate pace with quite a few stops to snack and stay hydrated. The best view on the hike is around 2/3 of the way up. Going all the way seemed a bit of a waste of time due to the fact that it was in the clouds and you can barely see anything. Pretty difficult hike but nothing impossible, the hard part comes when you hit the rope sections and the trail become thinner, along with mud so it’s pretty slippery. Definitely wear shoes with good traction as well as gloves so you don’t hurt your hands on the ropes. Also it’s pretty chilly at the top so pack a sweatshirt. I definitely suggest starting this hike early on in the day so you don’t have to wonder if you’ll make it down in time before sunset. It is a decently marked trail but if you’re not careful you could get turned around easily, especially in the dark. Overall a decent hike but there’s definitely better ones on the island, with less effort and time as well. Too bad since it’s the highest point on the island.

It was really flat and long but it is totally worth it!! The view is amazing!

Beautiful hike. There is no shade at all so it definitely gets hot I suggest to go early and bring lots of water! At the end you go into the bird sanctuary and at the end there are lots of tide pools. It’s gorgeous.

Awful! 3 break ins during daylight and one couple was only away for 30 mins! We ended up leaving after seeing the damage people were doing! Didn’t feel safe at all! The drive made us feel like we were in a 3rd world country is was so gross and run down!

on Mount Kaala Trail

2 months ago

Pretty decently long hike I’d say. Majority of the way up IS just straight elevation gain so it may be a killer on your calves (coming down will be killer on your knees). Beware of the Waianae gangs at the bottom parking lot. We were chased by them on their mopeds because one of our group members opened the scrapped cars. Remember to respect that it’s their property and I don’t suggest parking there. (You’re literally asking for your car to get stripped). Also I heard people say theres 30 rope sections and it’s true. Around 2/3’s way up, there’ll be 28ish sections of straight ropes. There’ll be a airforce installation base at the top. I wouldn’t touch anything if I were you.

Ok, first of all, All-trails is wrong on the distance to the top. Its 5 miles up and 5 miles down. That mistake cost us more than we bargained for, and we came down in the dark. Its a tough hike, mainly because of the vertical gain in altitude. There are at least 30 rope portions along the last 2 miles of the hike. There's one major rock scrambling section that's about 12' vertical.

Not for small kids or dogs.
Take extra water and snacks and hit this hike when its dry. The trail is clearly defined and no way to get lost.

Once on top, walk along the Air Force security fence to the backside of the station. There you will find AWESOME views.

Great beautiful hike. I completed this and four hours and nearly ran up to the top and hour and a half. Compared to other hard trails in the area, it's on the easier side. Expect something mud and a few roped sections closer to the top. The day of my hike all three cars in the lot including mine were broken into through the drivers side window. I was lucky that I had no valuables in the car, but still quite a headache.

Easy but hot. Open space with no trees or spots for shades. Need lots of water, hat and sunglasses. Kid friendly but not too exciting. Rewarding at the end.
Parking easy but high warnings with thefts of personal and/or valuables from parked vehicles. Near-by beach is refreshing after the hike. Waves and current are both very strong.

More like a long walk but beautiful views.

We found it easy as it was pretty flat. Great views. Gorgeous coastline. Saw whales, seals and nesting albatrosses. Don’t forget sunscreen/protection!

I have to say this is the best trail that I have ever had from the perspective of efficiency. You just walk on a level surface for 3 hours and the view is breathtaking.

The trail is decently challenging, and a lot of fun. Make sure you give yourself 6+ hours to do this. We made it to the summit at sunset and walked down the back road. Big mistake. It's roughly an 8 mile road, it will bring you out an hour from where you parked. The area where the trailhead is located is a very sketchy place to leave your car, and is ten times worse at night. Just do it all in daylight. This is definitely a trail for hikers. Don't go if you're expecting amazing views. Other trails have far better views, but the trail is lots of fun.

3 months ago

The amount of effort vs. the views is just not worth it. The back way to the stairway to heaven was easier with much more payoff views. But if you do go bring gloves and a jacket.

Took a 55 year-old man 5.5 hrs round trip to complete this. Definitely worth the views, but prepare to get a serious workout. Don't even think about going if it's raining or has rained hard within the last 3-4 days. Bring gloves for climbing. 3300 ft of elevation according to my GPS.

Great hike directly next to the ocean. We reached the point by sunset and watched the sun go down on a coral shell beach sitting next to two sunbathing monk seals. Incredible!! The hike back in the dark wasn’t challenging but you’ll definitely need flashlights or a sufficiently charged phone.

This hike is kid friendly 7+ (personal opinion) stunning as a hike can get.

The view was amazing and again better on the way back

Great experience. It was my first time and last time doing it. It’s one of those things you only do once and it’s good enough

4 months ago

It was great, there are at least 3 "mental sections" of the hike where you have to walk some steep concrete to get to the start, some steep climbing till about the 3rd mile where it turns in to ropes and some steep elevation gain.

Beautiful coastline

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