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Very nice but a bit muddy. There's a suspension bridge an a waterfall. Borders on an apple orchard.

1 month ago

Beautiful! Another best kept WNY secret.

Beautiful trail and well maintained!

Trail was good though waterfall was dry. Ruins were interesting and fun to play in. We hiked up a big hill and found another trail which was really cool. Suspension bridge was fun as well.

beautiful place but def not a biking area like it states above, no biking is allowed on most parts and the part that does look like a bike path lasts about a quarter mile and then ends abruptly. and I believe all animals should be allowed in any outdoor area since it technically it was theres first so there no pets allowed rule is rediculous.

2 months ago

The trail is a quick one, all down hill, not scenic, very rocky with divots. When you reach the creek take a left to view the waterfall. The creek has some nice areas to view aside from the waterfall. It's also a nudist area which is clearly marked on multiple rocks you'll see. It was worth it to see the waterfall but the trail itself is boring, not a place I'd go back to unless I become a nudist.

The falls and multiple swimming holes (3 ft deep max) were amazing. I took the trail on the left side of the bridge and was atop the falls in 2 min. It took maybe 10 min from the road to get up close with the base of the falls. There were a series of ropes to assist you down the near-sheer muddy descent. After visiting the falls, I actually followed the creek north thru water, roots, rocks, and downed trees to the Attica Reservoir. 3/5 stars because there’s no real trail and no real destination. Be sure to wear sneakers because the rocks are slippery!

Loved the trails. Saw lots of wildlife and wild flowers. Easy walk and well maintained.

beautiful trail..as someone else said not kid friendly to the left of the trail head..this is a nude area..i was not comfortable even seeing the falls..will return in the fall when clothing is not optional..other than that was a nice trail..abd no I am not a prude..lol..

Tricky to get to. Got turned around and ended up off trail twice, but the waterfall is breathtaking and we were the only hikers that day.

3 months ago

Short easy loop. Great scenery in the middle of williamsville.

There is a trail on each side of this stream. You want to take the trail on the left side of the bridge , next to a small pull off. If you park in the small parking area, cross over the bridge to get to the better trail. Follow the unmarked trail until you get to a slope on the right leading to the top of the larger waterfall and go upstream to a smaller waterfall. To get to the base of the large waterfall go back up the slope area and continue down the unmarked trail. The trail gets steeper and narrower and you will see a rope going down the side of the steep hill, before you get to a path that looks like it’s made for mountain goats. Either way it is not the easiest but this 52 year old lady would take the rope any day and have done so numerous times here. You will need to walk in the water a bit to get to the base of the waterfall. I have never got any further downstream from there.

Awsome trail

Nice hike. Enjoyed the flowers and wild life.

Relaxing and easy going.

Like everyone else says, trail is very difficult to follow. At times it seems the "trail" your own disappears and the only way to go is back or down the hill (not recommended). It is best to keep the fence your right, or even go over the fence and walk along that. Eventually you should see a very clear trail to the creek below. Walking all the way down the creek to the reservoir is a great little adventure as well.

Not certain why this is rated as Hard instead of Moderate, except that the trail is not well marked and it’s easy to miss the path and find oneself walking along steep slopes of the ravine. There is a single strand of barbed wire Ali g the crest of the slope and one can follow that to find a much easier path down to the stream bed than if one tries to follow the path indicated in the app. There aren’t five waterfalls - which was a disappointment - there is one significant waterfall early on and then a series of minor drops (less than a metre). In early June the water level was pretty low but it was a lovely walk Ali g the sides of the stream. Easiest to walk if one doesn’t mind getting wet feet occasionally. There were lovely wetland wildflower meadows toward the end which emerges into a small lake.

nice well maintained trail. we'll have to come back in the spring as there wasn't much water flowing over the falls. The interesting stone structure is the homestead of Belva Lockwood, first woman to practice law before the Supreme court and the first woman to run for president!

There was deer like every turn I took! Loved it!

not a whole lot to see. just an easy walk.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect here considering most of the trails in the area labeled moderate + were quite underwhelming. I went into this a little cocky because of that. First, there is no marked trail other than a gravel “lot” at the entrance and yes, it is on private property but we were assured it was fine so long as we were respectful. Once you get in, there’s a semi-obvious path but - and it goes without saying.. you really need to be aware of your surroundings. The drop offs are STEEP and the path is narrow. You’ll eventually get to a part where you’re sandwiched between the drop off and barbed wire. We were able to find a safe-ish way down and walked the bed for about a mile. We explored some cool little paths off the main bed and got some great shots. Getting up is a whole other nightmare. The rope that was mentioned previously isn’t there, and there aren’t many footholds. I got to a point where I had to dig my fingers into the ground to make it past a bare 5 foot patch up. The dirt is loose and was a bit muddy. Lots of debris and rotted branches. It was terrifying but also amazing.

Lots of mosquitos and areas with broken glass.

NOT suitable for children at all, I wouldn’t suggest animals either. Don’t risk it if you’re not at least a little experienced with climbing and have a decent level of fitness.

Beautiful hike, walking through the water is fun but the rocks are slippery and the current gets strong at times so just be careful, but a great representation of the gorgeous upstate NY, waterfalls are picturesque! There’s a couple different trail heads, the directions through this app are reliable and the trail starts at the end of a dead end seasonal highway road so don’t be confused when the gps sends you to “unknown location” !

Uh this is NOT kid friendly. It’s a nude hiking spot. Keep children away please.

The waterfall was nice, but the trail is pretty short. It Just goes along the creek, and it’s in the center of a park where cars are driving by. Was slightly disappointed as I had thought “ back trail” meant through the woods, but I guess not.

Nice nature trail. I like the distance, not too long, not too short. The end of the trail is worth it for the nice view!

I spent a few hours today exploring this park and I enjoyed it. There's a cool suspension bridge to cross the creek and what looks like the ruins of an old mill by an amazing waterfall. The trail was muddy and still had snow/ice on sections so watch your footing.

on Bond Lake

8 months ago

Plenty of hiking trails, maintained well. Wear boots you aren’t afraid of getting muddy or wet. Some trails can be very muddy after rain or snow melting.

My dog loves it

Nice trail along the creek walking upstream towards the falls. Beautiful trail can be rough to walk during the winter. Very nice park to enjoy an afternoon.

10 months ago

very easy, can see the falls from the road. trail followed the creek.

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