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Fun hike. Cool view of NYC from the shelter

18 days ago

mile #2 poorly marked. difficult to navigate without GPS. this section is more like an abandoned trail. lots of fallen trees.

Awesome view!!!! Great workout!

Ok hike. Relatively flat. Minor Views when going through the fields and walk by some ponds and streams for part of the way. Got to wave to the cows. Can be muddy after rain so bring boots

Yes, you will have to refer to your trail map regularly, but the trails are well marked. The trail head on Mine Hill Rd. begins rocky and steep, but don't let that discourage you, as the tricky part is only about 10 minutes long. Then it levels out and becomes a more typical wooded trail. We then took a more easterly trail that was closer to the 2 lakes, and ran parallel to the All Trails trail. At the northern end of the more northern lake you can make a right which takes you over the damn, and to the water. It is beautiful and well worth it. I highly recommend this lovely trail.

A great hike, very romantic, secluded, super views and landscapes,

1928 Lookout tower is in very fair shape. Recommended. Pretty busy up top by the shelter, but beautiful views.

Very easy trail - beautiful waterfall. Lots of dipping spots to cool off. Dog loved playing in the water. Not much to see after the waterfall - but very relaxing and mostly shaded.

Easy walk. Very little altitude which makes it a nice nature walk. It can be muddy if it rained recently. We brought our dog. It was easy for him to walk w us. There’s opportunity to take pictures of landscape and animals. We came across cows and horses. They were in fences but we were able to be very close to them.

Not a bad hike. Some short climbs but not too strenuous. Trail markers could have been better marked. Also, the area around the trailhead was completely overwhelmed with broken bottles and trash. To people who litter and have no respect for the outdoors: do us all a favor and stay off the trails!

My oh my... very confusing trail. Most of the time I felt like we are lost as you can barely see/find trail marks. , Poor marking added an additional excitement but if we were on a trail at dusk we might not be able to get out of the woods until next morning. Summit views are to die for, overall nice hike, nice waterfalls. This trail is definitely "moderate" to "hard".
Around one mile into the trail there was a "killed deer weight station" which made me sick, it had a huge scale with iron chain accompanied by picture instructions of what do you have to do with it(absolutely disgusting and sickening). Not sure if you want to bump into that if hiking with kids... Otherwise trail was ok

Quite a hard hike to folllow at times. Checking in regularly on the AllTrails map stopped me from making too many lengthy mistakes! There’s a parking area for 5 cars and the trail starts on the opposite side of the road, a little bit to the right of the parking area. A couple of fantastic views. The rest of it is mainly nice walking in the woods. Enjoyable hike.

I would give this mountain 5 stars because it’s one of my favorite mountains in the area, but I’m giving it 4 stars due to poor trail marking. I had to heavily research all of the trails and where they led to before hiking them. I also took pictures on the internet of the trail markings, so if I lost service and couldn’t use GPS, I had pictures which I was grateful for when I got to the top of the Dark Hollow. I was trying to find the Megaliths. I had taken a wrong turn at some point, gave up, went home, researched again and went back up the next day. The megaliths are absolutely amazing and breathtaking once you find them. All of the other trails including the one near the trestle itself are also gorgeous! Especially when the mountain laurel is in full bloom. Regardless of the poorly marked trails (which should be updated) this mountain is totally worth it! Just watch out for bears!

It’s not too hard of a train but I had a 6 month old strapped to my chest so it wasn’t really “easy.” There were a few rock scramble areas. I only made it about half way up and turned around because my dog wasn’t having it anymore. As I got close to my end point the trail was really overgrown in a few spots but it is clearly marked with blazes. It’s a very nice hike, the waterfall was a nice welcome early in the hike!

Overall the trail was really nice, I do however have to agree that there were some parts that were not marked clearly. I definitely do plan on coming back. Also wish that people would keep their dogs on a leash like it’s been posted and maybe watch their kids more.

Took the blue to red to blue loop. While not a lot of picturesque views along the way, the trail was well maintained and offered some nice foliage. The first couple of miles parallels the river, which is fast moving with some waterfalls and rapids. Great hike overall!

3 months ago

The Mill is an interesting thing to see, and tours are available. Behind that you can locate the trail along the river. Couldn’t make it to the falls this go-round as due to the recent rains much of the trail was muddy and very hard to cross. There’s boards and planks along the way that are probably pretty useful, but were just buried in the mud this time. Will visit again in dryer conditions.

Except for the poor trail markings:

Decent elevation
Good views/vantage points

I’ll go back with my hammock for an overnight

We only went to the falls and then a little past it but it’s a really nice trail. Some tiny scrambles, walking over a creek, nice shade, and beautiful waterfall. There isn’t a parking lot, just a tiny shoulder that can hold like 3 cars so be aware of that. We took our 4 year old and he loved the hike.

Went backpacking to the shelter on big hill this weekend. It was great for last minute plans. Beware- July/August are rattlesnake mating season and there were two HUGE timber rattlers ~25 ft from our campsite! One of them has a den at the top, which we saw it go into for the evening. Very cool experience!

Literally the worst marked trails. Took white up and got spun around on the top and ending up heading the wrong way. Ended up in yellow which is just really jagged rocks headed down. Wouldn’t do this one again...

From Pamona to Reservoir and back. Not the loop. The “Red Arrow” route has been slightly changed on the ground and differs from the AllTrails version. Off by a few hundred feet in some places, but still generally the same junctions.

not actually a loop. not well maintained

5 months ago

Did it in the rain so me and a friend had the whole trail to ourselves. Easy trail to navigate and not too challenging, other than the river and a small waterfall there isnt much to see, still a nice quick weekend hike.

The map on AllTrails doesn't actually include Cabot Trail. It's the white blazed trail about a mile down the Charcoal Burners (red) trail, and will take you down to Jordan Pond (worth a look). There is a nice rocky overlook above the pond that has a little bench, just off the trail to the right. Good place to stop and take a break. Then you continue along a short way until you come to the Perkins Trail in a clearing. Go right toward the horse farm. If you do it that way it's an 8+ mile hike. I liked seeing the horse rehabilitation center, and the area along the Perkins Trail that parallels the creek is nice, but this hike is lacking in views or any outstanding features. Lots of beautiful mountain laurel, ferns and a few lakes to gawk at, but I don't think I'd do it again when there are so many better local trails.

Relaxing loop with some nice uphill and an excellent view from the top of the fire tower! It’s been recently painted and it’s sturdy enough to climb carefully! Saw lots of turtles and frogs on this hike as well. Be careful where you step!

One of my new favorite hiking places! We hiked on the red trail which was the river trail, led us right to a stream and then the gorgeous River, lots of falls and streams, and I love how the picnic tables are placed all over the trail on the river, we packed a lunch and literally ate on an island on the stream near a waterfall.. We will ref be coming back!

Lovely trail and a good walk. Great for experiencing the seasons! If you're into hiking year round- this trail is great. Awesome views in summer and spring, beautiful in the fall, and great to experience winter. Common place to see dog walkers and joggers as well as waterfowl!

Lovely trail along the Lamington (?) River. Good vertical makes this a moderate trail.

My husband and I went on this trail with our small dog. We had a really nice time. Easy to follow not crowded trail with a nice waterfall and beautiful view at the very top. We are not avid hikers so it was pretty tiring but the challenge felt good.

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