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Absolutely stunning. A picture perfect day. Trail is broken in despite several feet of snow. I used my poles and micro spikes and didn’t have any problems slipping/sliding. Can’t wait to go back!

solid hike did it mid march without snow shoes .... *dont do* but the hike was worth it great views from the summit if your trying to get a good photo go behind the fire tower

Hiked on 1/28.

The snow around the trail melted, but the trail itself was pure ice because of all the snow pack on the heavily used route. Microspikes recommended, otherwise easy hike

I started out early in the morning. It was a long gentle climb. I was alone at the summit, amazing views, the clouds were below me! Total serenity and peace! I could see all the way to the Catskills! I recommend this hike

This is a great hike on either trail you take. Beautiful terrain and views.

2 months ago

Incredibly icy, the recent rainstorm made everything freeze over and the beginning of the trail was flooded, had to cross on a fallen tree. Trail was fantastically well-marked, which came in handy when we ran out of daylight and needed to use a flashlight on the last half mile. Fantastic area, though the summit isn't above the tree line, so the view isn't as great as an alpine summit.

Absolutely loved this hike in the snow, fairly easy, great views and the pitch pines were so cute!

Hiked today 12/20/17 in the snow,very steep climb feels like it never ends,saw a black bear on the way down

Nice climb and OMG what a payoff at the megaliths. Windy as all hell though, super cold on the ledge even though is was not that cold that day. Maybe mid 30s.

Great hike weather was cool and sunny red trail up was a running stream. Views were excellent
Made the 7 mile loop was a great moderate trail
Everybody should do this trail at least once

Nice hike. Icy in spots and wet in some others. Views are nice... no access to the fire tower.

The trail to the top of Black Mountain is heavily used and well-marked. The views from the top are awesome, The loop down to the ponds is wet in places but the ponds are nice. Carry a map and you won’t get confused by the side trails and intersections on trails that lead to other ponds.

Went up in mid November and it was already snowy and icy at the top. Beautiful.

4 months ago

Very fun hike!! I went on the first snowfall of the year (11/10/17) and it was awesome! Around an inch at the base with about 3 inches at the summit. From the base to the midsection was quite easy; the trail had been tracked through already, so it was very easy to follow the trail. However, as you near the summit things start getting a little tricky. Firstly, if you plan on doing this hike when there is snow on the ground I would recommend at the minimum that you use trekking poles and some kind of spikes on your boots. I say this because near the summit there is a rock face that is covered with snow and ice. Although it can be done without these items (as I did not knowing what was in store), the hike would certainly be made easier with them. Also, beginning near the midsection of the hike trail markers are very scarce. I found myself constantly stopping and looking around to make sure I was still on the right path. There were times where there were no trail markers in sight, so I chose a path and luckily I was right every time. Once you arrive at the summit you'll find that the tower is missing some fencing on the stairs going up which was a bit disconcerting, but not really an issue. Views from the tower are amazing!! 360° of pure Adirondacks.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Awesome hike! I would rate it a high intermediate to expert level climb. Strictly experts in the winter. Views are spectacular and absolutely worth the effort! Just wish there were more trail markers!!!

4 months ago

An enjoyable hike. The red trail is kinda steep, but very manageable. The blue trails is an easy why down for the most part. You can get a pretty good view of the Catskill divide close to the top.

Beautiful trails! A little over 7 miles. We made it to the summit in an hour and a half at a steady pace. The way down if doing the loop adds time and miles to the hike. Fastest is up to the summit from the parking lot and back down that way. I am at the end of a cold so I found it to be moderate in difficulty. It was also 30-35 degrees and my first cool weather hike so that also affected the difficulty level for me. We did the loop on the way back to pass Black Mtn pond & Lapland Pond, and found the lean-to which is off the main trail, all very pretty. To find the loop trail down was easy at the top near the fire tower, ( no access to fire tower) well marked the whole way down. There was a lot of ice on the trail today, more so on the way up. Brought micro spikes but did not use them as there was room to walk around the ice and no snow yet. Beautiful trails and very enjoyable. We both wore some bright colors and were wary of hunters but did not hear gunshot or see hunters today. Quiet, saw only one solo hiker and a group at the end.

Steady incline to the tower, but once you reach the top you get the amazing 360 views. The descent towards devils path is rewarded being surrounded by pine forest. The second day, diamond notch falls was nice with the sun rise hitting coming through the trees hitting the water.

4 months ago

Climbing slide from the Slide MTN parking area is long, boring, and very rocky. The best way to climb Slide MTN is from the other side coming from Cornell MTN, it has great scrambles and a much better hike. Plan 2 days (I've done it 1 day but it's a killer), start in Woodland Valley parking area and follow the red trail up Wittenberg all the way to Slide MTN.

This trail is poorly marked , and not maintained. The way up is about a 1 mile vertical climb. very loose rock , and tons of leaves it also runs side by side with the waterfall that spills over on to the trail . with that being said the view at the top was amazing ...the way down was super dangerous and almost impossible at the yellow blazes. when we got down it was dark and other people were still stranded trying to get down. I've done at least 67 hikes in 8 different states. this was not fun .

This was a moderate pretty hike with a great view.

Pretty easy hike. Awesome views from the summit. Very wet and windy, but totally worth it!

At the very end of this trail are fabulous views of the Hudson valley, Catskills to the west, Mt.Everett to the east, and the Taconic range to the south.

Very easy to moderate hike. Very very wet . With a couple days of rain it was like hiking a steady stream. Also not sure why I didn’t see this reported yet but the fire tower is closed and you would have to climb under the fence to get up. Top is completely nailed shut. Also , active hunters on this trail .. we literally almost walked into a dead deer mid path ! Stay safe !

The path cutting across from Red Cross to Longpath is not a real trail. It starts off looking like a forged path but my friend and I got stuck in a tangle of branches for about a quarter mile. After getting through (with cuts and bruises) the rest of the path was really pleasant. I would recommend staying only on the marked trails as the app map is inaccurate.

5 months ago

I did the red trail only, out and back. The best view is before you reach the summit. Just like the other previous hikers said there's not much into it.

Very pretty creeks. Nice views from the hunter mountain fire tower. Lots of great tent sites at John Robb shelter. One good one at diamond notch. Nothing at devil's acre.

Awesome hike , great views and a well kept trails . I decided to go the opposite way on the trail

Great trail. The first 1/2-3/4 is a nice walk in the woods. The last 1/4 is a little challenging but the views at the top are great.

The trials were well marked, and I don’t need to tell you ... the views were spectacular!

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