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Stairs going up for the greedy people I guess

My first hike ever. One of the days that changed my life, finding my love for the outdoors.

Great view at the peak, would be 5 stars but it's not much of a hike. Stairs on the trail and a road to the top strip it of being a 5 star.

Short but great hike

Decent trail, but it's not a real hike. More of a walking trail. Lots of stairs and very close to the Bear Mountain resort. So if you prefer hiking in more remote areas then feel free to skip this one. That said, the view from the peak is decent. Just don't be a cheater and drive to the peak. Hike to the peak. This is All Trails. Not All Roads.

It’s not a difficult hike but can be a long one. There is a lake near the mountain top though it is off the main trail route but worth the detour. This trail is recommended for those who are new into hiking or still developing likings for it.

Hard but rewarding. We didn’t even finish this hike just made it shorter by taking shorter way back, because in the beginning of November it was very cold and windy and because of that it was really hard to climb the rocks

Some pretty good climbing

22 days ago

Hiked the teal trail from the parking area on Ludingtonville Rd. Lots of uphill at first but not overly taxing. Parts of the trail are stone steps in the area leading up to Wonder Lake. I considered going up to Bald Hill on the way to see if there was a view but decided against it. Once you get closer to the lake, the teal trail winds down gently toward the lake, then continues to follow the lake shore line until you are about half way around. Some very nice peaceful lake views. Once the teal trail separates from the lake it’s more woodland hiking, with lots of nice ups and downs and some stream crossings, until you come to the pond. There’s a bridge over the spillway at the far end of the pond, then the teal trail starts to climb again, until it meets up with the blue trail, which rises and then falls, taking you back where you started. No really spectacular views but a very peaceful hike. Once you get over by the lake you can no longer hear the noises from I-84.

Very nice easy hike with three kids 4, 7, and 9. Fire tower steps were iced over so we didn’t venture to the top. Hope the fencing on the steps gets repaired so there aren’t gaping holes on the way up. The trails were easy to see but not well marked.

Amazing day! A little tough for the kids, but they loved it.

First time there, won’t be my last!! Pretty hard at the onset. You will be using all 4s to get up the initial ascent. As others have said it gets easier but don’t let easiER get confused with easy. It wasn’t that hard for me but I see the entire loop being a challenge for many. It’s well worth the effort though so take your time and be careful. See you on the trails!!

26 days ago

Great scramble to start, then it eases up. I like doing this in the colder months. Less people.

on The Labyrinth Trail

30 days ago

Great hike

30 days ago

Love this hike❤

Hiked on 9/29. Amazing, not too strenuous, short hike with one of the best views above the Hudson.

pretty good hike with a nice view of the bear mountain bridge and the Hudson river

Very fun trail up Skytop Mountain. It begins by snaking between boulders and in and out of caves. Near the end, it goes through a rock formation known as "the crevice." This includes ascending a vertical ladder and squeezing through a crack in the rocks. At the top is a tower, with great, 360 degree views of the surrounding countryside, including the Walkill River Valley and the Catskills. I would not recommend this trail for those with a fear of heights, and I would definitely not recommend it to those with claustrophobia.

Cool views but you can drive to the top so it was pretty crowded.

Very scenic trail and great for a long walk.
Not hard at all.

Nice easy hike with a Fire Tower as a fantastic payoff!! Temps were around 10 degrees with howling winds at the top of the tower..looking forward to returning in more pleasant conditions.

I absolutely loved this place! It has a lot of trails that go all over. And then the fire tower.... I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. ( I also wouldn’t have known about it if it wasn’t for my buddy) so thanks Chris! (:

Climb is great but the trail is crowded, littered with bottle caps, glass, and has graffiti in a lot of places that kind of ruins it. Ice makes it very challenging.

Great out and back trail of moderate difficulty. Awesome end viewpoint overlooking the Hudson River and is a great picnic spot. Views along the way can be a little boring. Steep portions for sure! Loses a star only due to its extreme overuse and being out and back....you constantly have to move out of the way to get past people which is distracting from the scenery.

Scramble is an understatement

1 month ago

Difficult but manageable

The creek on the AT off Sunken Mine Rd was too deep to cross; a section of the beaver dam burst.
Returned via blue trail.

1 month ago

Great hike but very very icy on the Major Welch portion, be prepared if you come in the winter.

1 month ago

Fun trail full of great views and manoeuvring under and over boulders. One of the best parts is the lemon squeeze just before the summit where you hoist yourself up through a narrow opening between two boulder slabs. You get a lot out of the trail considering how short it is in distance, but the entrance fee is definitely overpriced at $26/person.

Fun scramble. Not so fun in the ice... slipped and slided down the red trail but worth the nice view. FYI the trail is still open as of 1/20/18. Apparently some delays on the planned close.

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