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Very cool little hike. The tower was partially closed, but also open to where you could climb up into it without too much problem. It wasn't easy, but wasn't hard either. There's a metal grate blocking the top two steps,but they have the rest of it open, which was a bit odd.

The gravel road was not particularly rough so regular passenger vehicles can probably make it ok.

Really pretty trail. The autumn leaves truly made this hike seem yellow. A few easy stream crossings, I was glad to have a hiking pole though. The waterfall at the end is beautiful. About a 200 foot elevation gain on the way back from the falls. The hike from the falls back to the car took us 35 minutes.

The river crossings were more challenging than expected but the waterfall was certainly worth the wet feet. You definitely need proper hiking boots trying to walk across the river rocks and maybe an extra pair of dry socks.

Short but steep hike to a great view. Be warned that the last 2 miles to drive there are on an unpaved road.

The trail has changed alot since the storms we had this year. crossing the river was a challenge for my short legs I wouldn't have made it if my husband hadn't helped me. The waterfall was beautiful as always though.

15 days ago

Did this one when I came down from the Table Rock Summit. 2 mile loop with a lot of small waterfalls and a couple of stream crossings.

super fun!

Felt long than 1 mile but beautiful views at the top!

Not too long, not too short to Yellow Branch Falls with a few creek crossings. Easy hike on the way to the falls, and easy/moderate on way back (due to elevation gain from climbing back out of the valley). There are flats along the way to recover. I hiked it on a cooler/dry day with my 22 month old son strapped to me in our Osprey carrier and there were a few ares where I had some slightly elevated breathing and some burning quads, but not too bad. Pack a lunch because there is ample space near the falls to relax, enjoy the view, and refuel. I also passed about 5 other hiking groups along the way (on a Wednesday afternoon) so it does see some traffic. The trails is also well maintained.

Beautiful fall walk to the waterfalls. One easy stream crossing across large rocks. Some gentle ups and downs on the walk. The trail is well marked and maintained. Very little parking. About 30 minutes from Clemson. Well worth the easy walk to see these gorgeous falls up close.

on Minnehaha Falls Trail

21 days ago

Absolutely beautiful! Easy but narrow hike with two Boston Terriers.

love this one!

Parking is at camp ground parking. Walk down gravel road a ways until you see the trail.head sign for the falls. The walk to the falls was beautiful. Very wooded, lots of ferns, roots to walk over, under canopy all the way with small creek running alongside part of the way. The falls were more than we anticipated. Nice short walk for a beautiful fall.

Great trail, hiked it counter clockwise with my blue heeler, if it were not for him being 35lbs then it would have been struggle on #14 with the ladders, luckily enough I could pick him up by his harness and carry him down. Great views, didn’t pass but a few people once on #14 and #12. Going up #12 will definitely give you a leg workout.

This waterfall is breathtaking! We couldn’t find the trailhead so we went down the gravel road about .3 mile to where the campground is... then the trail will be on the left a little passed the map sign...It is a awesome hike under trees from that point..Some places on trail are slick and narrow so be careful with children . We came only to hike to waterfall but ended up camping at their walk in campsites. They are first come first serve and free! They have fire pits and bear hangs for food so bears cannot get your food! There is a pit restroom which is very gross.. but everyone has to go sometime. Loved this Falls and the free campsite!

Great hike with well marked trail. Waterfall is beautiful.

Best trail I’ve been on in a long time!

Did this trail with my partner. We're both not in great shape and this trail offered a great challenge and reward. first time through we took a right at the fork and almost went into private property. Came back the next day and went the proper way. As others have said there are lots of downed trees. Some climbing is required in certain parts. The falls are beautiful. Be careful!

Super easy, nice fall at the end and well marked. Good for all ages.

This was a great hike with beautiful views. Trail 12 is not for the faint at heart if you go in the counter clock wise direction because almost every step is uphill. My only issue with this trail is its listed as dog friendly, and I would suggest leaving the dog at home if you want to do the whole loop. The park its self was very dog friendly, but trail 14 (the one with the swing bridge) has several spots where you get to a vertical rock face and you have to climb up or down a ladder. So, I ended up having to carry my 50 pound dog up and down the ladders. The other 3 trails do not have these ladders though.

Great trail to get a practice run in. It’s beautiful if you walk and see all of the ‘different’ falls.

Unfortunately the tower was closed but it was beautiful at the top anyway. You could still climb up the stairs of the tower, just couldn’t get into the actual top viewing area.

Short walk to an absolutely beautiful fall! My Jeep Compass performed perfectly on the dirt drive to the location. Lots of mushrooms and pretty ferns to view along the walk. Overnight camping is permitted in select areas surrounding the waterfall if you wish. I cannot wait to walk this one again in the winter!

Fantastic hike to a beautiful waterfall! Not too difficult 1.5 mile one way. Creek crossings, wild flowers. Will be gorgeous in peak fall color season with all the hardwoods!

Short, easy hike. Beautiful waterfall! It was a lot bigger than I imagined. You can enjoy the view from the bottom or climb to the top! Little pockets off the trail lead to creeks and smaller falls. Perfect place for a proposal!

Lots of payoff, clockwise is the way to go. harder than we expected as we're not in prime shape but very rewarding. Beautiful hike with several spots to see waterfalls, the suspension bridge was a huge highlight.

Beautiful view from the top.

The falls at the end are worth the effort it takes to get there. Hurricane Florence took its toll on this trail so you have to climb over and around trees. I do not recommend this trail for children or small dogs. You need both hands to maneuver some of the areas and it is very rocky and slick almost from the beginning. Gorgeous waterfall.

Good day hike close to home...will be back as the leaves turn.

Short easy hike, pretty waterfall. The hike is good for all ages so we tend to take out of town guests here for an easy hike to see the falls

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