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1 day ago

Snowshoed 1/19/19. Snowshoes are definitely needed. Absolutely stunning with all of the fresh snow but the trail was pretty much impossible to follow. Regardless, it was nice to hike around the general area. Even without being able to follow the actual trail, I would still recommend.

Beautiful trail but signage was lacking towards the end of the trail so we never found the larger falls.

Snowshoed up to Heart Lake on Sunday December30th. The trail was broken all the way to the lake and easy to follow. A little wind when we got out of the trees but wasn’t to bad. Love this trail in the winter and the summer!!!

Snowshoed on 11/22. 8 mile dirt road to the trailhead was clear and I was able to slowly make it in a sedan but 4x4 would make it easier and quicker. Snow covered forest for the majority of the hike wad well packed and don't need snowshoes until you are about a mile or so out from the lake. I decided to make it up to the Continental divide trail but it was very slow going and frustrating to gain ground. can't recommend enough as the 360 view from the top had been one of my favorites. Push yourself that last mile up and you won't be disappointed. Even found some cell signal up there!

Great trail, snowshoed this on December 1st 2018. could have gotten away with yaks or just heavy tread hiking boots, but certain spots were deeper and icy. great trail.

Great trail!

Gorgeous trail summer and winter. well traveled so snowshoes are not really necessary till the last mile or so. the winds are strong by the lake so they cover the tracks of others quickly. Veer NorthEast(right) as you climb and you'll get to the clearing. After that's it's just a few hundred feet to the lake.

2 months ago

Nice and steep. Did this a couple weeks ago and used micro spikes because there was so much snow packed down it turned to ice in several places. Once you get about 2.5 miles in, the trail disappeared because of untouched snow but super beautiful views even there. Would have kept going if we’d brought snowshoes up

2 months ago

How fun to find this trail so close to town. Loved running to the upper fall and letting the crowd at the bottom thin out. Once back at the bottom I was able to bask in the beauty of the fall.

It was extremely snowy this time of year. Do not go without snow shoes. About 90% of the way there I had to turn around because the snow was up to my waist. Still beautiful until that point!

2 months ago

Great hike. GPS device recorded 12.5 miles. Most difficult part is the start to upper falls. After upper falls the grade is much gentler. Did yesterday, Oct 30. The last quarter mile has some snow on the trail which has become packed ice - very slippery; used the loose snow instead. 28 degrees and snowing steadily at the lake. Wildlife - saw porcupine and ptarmigan. Hiked constant pace w no breaks. 2:40 up, 2:20 down. Beautiful and fun hike. Moderate not hard. The description says ‘scramble’ but there is none.

Its snowshoe season!

2 months ago

Good workout going up to the upper falls. The trail is a little rough and rocky at times, but the views are stunning and well worth the effort. It started snowing at the upper falls, so we didn't continue on to the lake. Maybe next time.

Good hike. Nice steady climb after about a mile of flat. Went in late fall and definitely needed the yak tracks and some good water proof hiking boots. Layers was the name of the game. Bring a wind breaker cause it was pretty windy at Heart Lake.

The best in Colorado

Beautiful hike. We first did the overlook of the first falls, which was just a stroll and would be perfect for a walk with children or those who want the views without the hike ;)
The second falls hike was a great workout and had a spot in the middle where we got some relief from the incline. It was technical and rocky at parts, and some parts had some snow/ice - spikes probably would have been helpful but we didn't use them.
Would have loved to continue on to Long Lake if we had started a little earlier in the day!

Hiked Sunday 10/14/18. Absolutely beautiful hike! It snowed the whole time! It does get windy and chilly at the top. Some of us did wear spikes and others didn’t, no one slipped! I would say it’s a moderate hike/nice workout if your an experienced hiker! Picture ops around every corner!

I did this trail and tracked it on my Fitbit, I knew my Fitbit would track the distance a little less than what the distance really is from my experience but it was a little more than six miles one way to Lake Verna from the East trailhead. It was totally worth it but I’m not sure what everyone is smoking to think it’s 12.9 round trip. I was tracking at least 15 Miles total. The sign at the trailhead can not be accurate unless it’s tracking the river that comes from the lake, before you actually get to the huge lake. We didn’t see any wild life and we were the only ones on the trail for a few hours. We started around 8:30am and arrived at 1:30pm. We headed back at 2:00pm and got to the parking lot around 5:30pm. It was beautiful but don’t underestimate the distance and the amount of hills that are required to climb to get to the lake.

Really beautiful hike. It had snowed the night before and all the trees were heavy w powder, which was coming down in chunks as the sun came out. There is a rocky traverse near the upper falls, which other than some snow and ice falling off the sides, was fine and easy. No crampons needed. Gaiters are recommended but not necessary.

Awesome trail! Couple of inches of snow on the trail this morning! Time to start whipping out cross country skiis and snow shoes!

Absolutely wonderful trail ran out of time to finish but definitely be back to yak to the end

We hiked to the lake today amid clouds and a little rain. It was so beautiful. This is an awesome hike. Like others, I would rate this a "challenging moderate" rather than "hard". True, there is 2'500ft of climb, but it's spread over 6.5 miles so none of it is really steep, in my opinion. Also like others, I believe this hike is a full 13 miles. App says 11.7 but that distance is understated. Having said that, if you quit at the upper falls you'd be missing what I believe is the best part of the hike. Enjoy.

I'd rate the trail between moderate and hard, some parts pretty steep, others a little rocky, but definitely doable with a little experience. Both the upper and lower falls were nice, albeit pretty tame after seeing St. Francis falls in Glacier last month. Hiked about a mile above the 2nd falls: fantastic views and great color.

Great trail. Started from Jack's campground following the trail along the creek. We made it a circuit by returning on old flowers trail and road to make it a 10.6 mile trek. Lots of water for the dogs.

Great trail with mixed terrains. Both waterfalls are pretty low on water, and so are all the lakes by Steamboat. We went to the upper Falls, you can add miles to the hike by going to Longs Lake.
I would rate this upper moderate rather than “hard”.
Overall beautiful hike in fall colors!

$5 entrance fee per car.

Nice hike only went to lower falls , trail was paved all the way . Will try upper falls soon.

3 months ago

Ended up on this trail when planning to traverse Mount McConnell. Glad we did because we wouldn’t have easily made Mount McConnell with our time constraints!

Wonderful Hike! The trail offers a variety of terrain. The path is well travelled, but the higher you hike the less people you see. There are many photo opportunities of Fall Colors, and some wildlife. If you are serious about heading to the second Falls and Lake wear hiking boots and bring plenty of water. Love, Love, Love This Hike!

4 months ago

Beautiful, easy trail.

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