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This was a great trail! Good hike!

Pretty EZ hike with amazing Ozark views. There’s a long dirt road to get to this hike, but it’s nothing too hard to get up. That’s part of the fun. The hike starts out downhill first, so that the hardest part on the return. The trail was a little tricky to follow because you come to 1 or 2 crossroads.

Short nice hike. Lots to see and look at so take your time. I really enjoyed it would love to see it in the springtime.

Beautiful trail. With lots of photo ops. Took us about 3 hours one way to hike and stop for the many photo ops. Cliff area for great panoramic views is at Carlton Lake. You do need to pay attention in the middle of this trail as blazes are just blue paint and spotting them proves difficult sometimes.

Excellent view! The drive up to the cliff may take around 20-25 because the gravel road.

11 days ago

Wonderful hiking place. On the way to Whitaker point, there are lot of view spots.

15 days ago

Little jog up to the highpoint. No view of course, but plenty of views from the roadside parking area.

My absolute favorite. The view was amazing. The road was rough wish we had a 4 wheel drive would hate to even think of trying it after a rain. Once you reach the parking area you will be glad you came

I’m going to echo what Destiny said about the drive up to the trailhead. I did not expect the drive there and back to be so difficult on my car. It is narrow, there are no lights and the incline is high. After that drive, I’m now thinking about buying a Toyota 4Runner. I rated it a 3 because of the drive. Unfortunately although the views are amazing, I don’t think I’ll come back because of the drive. Past that, it is a very easy hike. We hiked Hemmed-in-Hollow right before Whitaker Point. It was nice. It took us 1.5 hours RT. We stopped to take pictures, of course. It is a very easy trail to follow. No complaints. Amazing views.

17 days ago

Hiked this trail yesterday. Goal was to hike to HIH, but we ended up hiking to the river instead. Missed the last “To Falls” sign on a tree (which is probably about 0.5 miles away from HIH) and instead saw the “To River” sign. So I’ll say keep your eyes open for the “To Falls” sign on a tree to your left once you pass the “0.7 miles to falls” post. We saw the sign on our way back up but wanted to get back as we had another trail to hike before dark. We were the only ones on the trail the entire time we were there. It was nice, quiet and peaceful. The hike back up gives your thighs a good burn (also didn’t help that I had leg day the day before). In total it took us about 3 hours RT. We stopped to take pictures a few times and also spent about 10 minutes at the river.

19 days ago

Little late on getting this review up, old age. This hike can be heavily trafficked at times due partially to its relative proximity to the Fayetteville/Bentonville area and because it offers some great hiking. It offers a great view from the overlook. It was very busy the day we hiked but there was plenty of room to sit and have lunch at the overlook.

My 1st hike and it was AMAZING!!!! A must see and you will return.

20 days ago

So sad the caves are closed. They are a treasured childhood memory. It was still super fun to take my 8 year old and let him stand at cave mouth and feel the cool air. Lots of scrambling for the littles, and the trail is up and down throughout. A nice trek through the woods. Little legs will need frequent breaks. Bring your binoculars tons of wildlife :)

Another one of my favorite trails in Arkansas. The initial incline is tough for little legs and those out of shape ( I definitely felt it whew) but it’s over quick and the rest of the trek is easy peasy. The big pay off is the lookout. Be sure to go a little farther past the lookout to get yet another near view. My 8 year old handled it like a pro. Side note. I had cell signal the entire top of the trail which is nice for emergencies. Only realized it bc a coworker called me while we were out . Look out for snakes in the ravine and switchbacks during warm weather. We saw a copperhead.

One of my favorite hikes within a 4 hour radius. It’s amazing. Easy for kids, easy for adults, the switchbacks heading back out of the ravine towards the parking lot can be rough on the littles and the out of shape but there are just a couple so it’s not a big deal. I would definitely not want to be out there after dark, so watch your clock during the winter months and leave enough time to get back to car. Several creek crossings, a waterfall, lots of opportunity for kids to scramble, and incredibly views once you hit the bluff line. The edge is sheer once you pass the waterfall so I don’t know if I would bring kids unless they can mind very well. My 8 year old did ok but he’s used to it. An incredible view of the ozarks. It will be a yearly trip now. One thing to note. The drive up was horrendous in my civic. Next time I will be borrowing a 4x4. Incredibly steep county road. Made the 11% graded highway look flat. Happy trails !

had a freaking big cat try to eat me!!
I've hiked this and floated to here many times. but I've never hiked at night intell my last hike.
be careful out there!!!

Got to trailhead right at sunrise. Five cars all ready there. First mile just a walk in the woods. Next half mile had cliffs to look off, quite a few rocks to get unique photos. The crag was cool..got some great pics..although at sunrise there is quite a glare. Nice area , but we had driven 1.5 hours to get there...wouldn't do that again...just not enough character. 2 hour hike...3 hour drive all together..

21 days ago

What a treat! I hiked this after Fire Tower Trail on a beautiful November day. Loved the limestone formations that you can climb on and explore in and around. Some climbing on this trail; I followed it clock-wise. I think "Moderate" is a fair rating.
Will definitely hike this again.

Go as early as you can! The falls are so peaceful alone and the sunlight at around 10:30a was beautiful on the waterfall. We saw several groups backpacking in on our way back up but had the falls to ourselves and had lunch in the fall basin. The trail is absolutely difficult but totally worth it. The fall/winter is probably the time to go if you want a drier hike. Overall very positive experience. But the hike up kicked our butts! We’ll probably try again in the spring to experience the green and water crossing.

A well maintained trail suitable for all ages! Incredible weather for November made for a wonderful hike today.

Great trail. Panoramic views from lookout points. Remote location was good for getting away from the city.

Not much parking so get there early! Views are amazing.

Beautiful day for a hike. This is a strenuous hike if you are not in good condition. You begin the hike by descending down to the falls/river. But that means the trek back is uphill. The trail was pretty empty. We saw one guy on the way down and did pass a group coming down as we went up. The waterfall was a trickle but still worth the effort to hike it. Will be back in the spring when things green up and hopefully catch the waterfall flowing more.

Moderate trail with an awesome view at the end

I was a little disappointed with this trail. I hiked the Rough Canyon Tail before and even though it was a much shorter hike, it was more enjoyable.

This was stated in another review but I will say it too: "Don’t use the trail maps provided by the State Park they are in no way accurate with the trails." I started at Deep Ford Campground and followed the blue blazes. I was very quickly off from the state park map. Blazes were easy to spot and follow though so I continued on. Took me to the Lake Carlton overlooks but I never got close to Lake Wayne Wallace so my way back, I attempted to stick more to the state park map. Following the yellow blazes (horse trail) kept me closer to the lake but even those did not follow the state park map. It did get me to a very nice overlook over Lake Wayne Wallace but I got turned around in a few places and had to bushwack a few times to get back to the blue blazes or I would of ended up on the wrong side of the lake and nowhere near my car.

Regardless, that is not the reason for my low rating. I don't mind getting a little lost. The trail was loud - walking near Lake Carlton, you can hear the highway the entire time. The overlooks were not that great in the sense that you never really felt completely surrounded by nature. You could see the campgrounds, cars, bridges, buildings...

Total at the end was 8.6 miles for me.

1 month ago

It was cool realizing I was at the highest elevation in my home state Arkansas. To bad there was not an amazing view to go along with the amazing feeling.

An easy hike. A few bluffs and rock outcroppings to see nothing to extraordinary.

Mediocre trail but view of Whittaker Point is amazing and worth it. Drive to trail head is quite difficult on steep rocky roads. Once you get to parking the trail is the one on left side of road as you are driving up mountain. Lots of people hiking this trail for such a remote area.

Easy hike, obvious trail even covered with leaves. I’m out of shape, so if you think you are, too, don’t be afraid of this hike. The view is worth it! Just amazing. (Start early, preferably a week day, if you want some peace and quiet.)

1 month ago

My brother and I walked this trail on a cool Fall day when the leaves were still turning and it was very pretty! The trail was well-marked with white stripes painted on some of the trees and there were at least two places along the trail with flush toilets! We were there on a Monday and although we saw many campers, we only saw one other person on the trail.
It is my opinion, if you go hiking here, bring water, snacks, your camera, and a walking stick.

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