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NUT/Hwy of Waterfalls Map

It was so cool. There was a great place to swim!

18 days ago

Completed 9-8-18

18 days ago

Completed 9-9-18

Just wonderful.

I loved this trail! It was pretty easy hike and the waterfall at the end was spectacular! We had the trail to ourselves.

on Toketee Falls

26 days ago

Watch out for dog poop on the trail! It was kind of a bummer to have to be more aware of piles of poo than actually enjoying the scenery around. Overall, it's a beautiful tiny hike!

28 days ago

My favourite waterfall although hike is short and usually very crowded.

great falls...easy to get to and some info on local plants along the way.

great falls. easy beautiful hike!

1 month ago

beautiful! I was lucky enough to go at an unbusy time.

1 month ago

a decent hike to the fall, and is near susan creek falls which is convenient

1 month ago

I went during early spring in the morning shortly after sunrise. Everything was mildly wet and as the sun rose higher and started to warm the air I could see a misty fog coming from all plant life. I had never seen anything like this and found it to be quite mystical because the trail itself leads you into what feels like a fantasy Forrest. Along the way are towering sequoia, ferns and trees covered in long strands of lichen. All along the path is little river in which you follow to the end of the trail to a double tiered waterfall. It’s a fairly simple hike with a nice incline at the end. During spring I recommend water proof shoes as the water from the river bellows over the path and can get quite muddy. During summer the canopy of trees keeps it cool and the temperature is quite tolerable. During the fall it takes a new shape of the color changing leaves and I have yet to experience it during the winter. It is a beautiful drive to get there and promise you won’t be disappointed!

1 month ago

Beautiful but not as long as I would have liked.

2 months ago

Nice easy little hike!

Enjoying the walk along the river with my dogs.

We did this segment on our second day of backpacking and I would rate it as difficult. It was almost all uphill the first 6 miles, many narrow spots, many washed out spots, at some points you have water from the falls rushing down the path at you so it is very slippery, we had to crawl over 5 long jams that crossed the path, some on inclines where it was treacherous. While there are many falls to see, only the two at the end are close up; you only see lomolo from the top and there is another across the river. Bring lots of water as access to the river is not great for most of the way. The forest service map is incorrect on landmarks as we never saw the ones it listed and saw many that weren't on the map. The trail also splits at one point and that is not on the map (take the lower trail).
Regardless of all the unexpected obstacles this was easily the most beautiful portion of the hike with many different landscape and scenery changes. It also ends at the hot springs so you can give your feet a good soak :)

I would rate this trail as easy. It was so beautiful, but a little confusing. we started at the hot springs trailhead. Go over the bridge and turn right, the path will "y" when you see the sign that says "hot springs" and points to the right. it's hard to see that there is a y there as you're coming up an incline and there is no sign saying anything goes to the right. About half way in you'll be dumped onto a road, again with no signage. Go left over the overpass and a trail will open up to your right. About 100 feet in on the trail you will finally see a sign saying tokatee lake is 2 miles.

We started at Kelsay Valley Trailhead and were surprised that there was no river view for the whole hike. It is a nice, albeit muggy, hike, but there is a road positioned between you and the river the whole time. Only a few glimpses of the lake unless you get off the trail at the damn.

Very easy trail and is well maintained. Was able to walk through without feeling a need to stop. Seemed difficult for people with dogs because of the amount of people on labor day. Lots of poison oak the whole way as well. The waterfall is very relaxing and pretty.

Great trail for beginners. There was one spot towards the end that got a little steep and may be hard for some people. Beautiful scenery the whole way and not too much traffic. Will definitely be doing again!

2 months ago

Nice easy hike. Quiet.

Nice hike - lots of different scenery. Late Aug found lots of bear scat and no mosquitos. Not much water along the trail - mostly near the Soda Spring trailhead.

2 months ago

Easy-moderate (only because of this incline) well paved hike/ trail!

I've seen many waterfalls. This waterfall is my favorite. It's so beautiful .

greT waterfall best I think!

2 months ago

Great first hike for our two pups. It was beautiful and had some great spots along the trail for them to enjoy the water. There was a lot of poison oak at the start of the trail but it did not last long.

Trail was intense but awesome all at the same time. Many steep hills to climb and just some downhills. Very narrow and tricky in spots. Did not see a single person on my backpacking trip. I enjoyed the solitude immensely. Passed by many waterfalls and beautiful views. I loved that it follows the river basically the whole time.

Hiked from Lemolo Falls Trailhead to Umpqua Hot Springs. Total distance - 17.5 miles. I personally would rate Dread and Terror Segment as difficult and not intermediate. It is the hardest hike that I have been on thus far. I would hike it again for sure.

I didn’t enjoyed it that much. You can’t deny the view is take breathing, but you are not able to get close to the falls, the viewpoint is really far from there. It is my understanding that another trial exists to get to the bottom, we just didn’t know where that was. The trial it’s crowded, and to be honest, I was really scared about the missing boy and probably dead by now. At one point of the trial I saw some girls getting beyond the fence limit to get some shots and selfies and they were really really close to the edges and to one of the waterfalls. So scary! A picture is not worthy, life and security first, people!

I really enjoyed this trial. It is really easy and short. It looks completely dry in the way up to the falls, but once you get there, you’ll see that there is plenty of water, enough to enjoy the view. Make sure to bring some dry clothes because the two pools, upper and lower, look so attractive! I didn’t bring it and it was a shame. The place wasn’t crowded, just four people beside us.

3 months ago

Tourist trap. Beautiful waterfalls but too crowded

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