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We started from John Muir Lodge, not sure how long I think around 8mi. Perfect fresh snow for snowshoeing. Great day hike easy to moderate.

I would definitely recommend this trail. It’s nice at the top. ❤️

Amazing view!!

Beautiful waterfall, but we couldn’t reach the second part of the trail because the river was full (which made it impossible to cross).

Great steady climb, some smooth areas as well as lots of rocks to step on, up and over. Beautiful views and definitely a trail you can hike alone, easy free street parking.

So we went straight up to the top which is quite the workout. If only we had taken the more eastern trail to get to the top. It still would have been a steady climb but better than hitting the sections on the more western trail that had 35-58% grade in some parts. It was such a great day for the hike. Mild temps, lots of greenery, and the river was flowing nicely. Nice way to spend a Sunday and get a good workout.

Very steep incline, but the view made it worth it. Recommend it if you want a good leg workout.

The drive to the trailhead is gorgeous. I only completed a portion of the trail because I arrived so late but it was windy, with wildlife all around, and beautiful views of the coast.

Loved this hike! Saw people of all ages coming and going...it is a pretty steady climb to the top, but as many other reviewers have mentioned, well worth the beautiful views.

Great hike! Waterfall was beautiful! Entered from the south. Made it a bit more challenging because of the huge amount of fallen forest we had to climb over to stay on the trail. The pay off was worth it. Will definitely hike again!

The views outweigh the steep incline. Not very well marked. Busy trail with families and dogs.

Went around 11. A bit crowded but it was New Year’s Day. Lots of dogs on leashes minus one, who kept on having to call her dog to her as they would approach other dogs. Vultures were out. Fresh sage smelt great. Kid with drone kind of was a bit distracting noise wise. Lots of kids. Great hike for families. Would definitely go again, just at a less busier time. Wonderful views!

Great hike but really crowded.

Beautiful hike with magnificent views! Not to be missed if you are in San Luis Obispo Area!

This was a fun trail with great views from the top!

Thank GOD

12/22/18 Beautiful views and wonderful weather. There's snow on the trail but not enough for snowshoes. I had yaktraks for the way down but others in the group didn't and handled the hike just fine with they're hiking shoes.

Such a beautiful area. Tons of water in the stream and coming down the falls. Highly recommend this hike!

falls are easy to get to. my 8 and 6 year olds made it up no problem. very beautiful hike.

this trail is so easy to access, clearly marked, breathtaking waterfalls that are easy to get to, great picnic trail!! you can pack a big backpack and the trail is easy enough to handle it. almost didn't want to share cuz I wanted to keep it secret

Great sunset views!

Both falls were running well. Beautiful trail even with the scarring of fire. The new life that is filling the area is amazing.

The hike wasn’t too difficult but it was entertaining. The end of the trail has a spectacular view, I recommend taking time and just looking around with an open mind.

An easy, local trail; perfect for when you want to get out of the house, but dont want to travel far. There can be lots of traffic depending on the day, but for the most part, easy and chill.

Little Baldy sign on the left side of the road. Trail is on the right where you pull over to park!

10/10. Short enough trail, but gives you everything you want out of it. Enough incline to get some exercise. 2-3 switchbacks but the trail is pretty views the whole time. There is a flat bit and since I was the only person I saw on the trail (mid-Nov) it was very peaceful! Views at the top are insane.... worth every second. Careful with your photo ops, the gravel can shift and I almost took a tumble off the cliff at one point.... oops. It was a hazy/Smokey day but I’ll definitely be coming back!

Beautiful walk along the river even if we did it under the rain. This trail was a pleasure, It is a good alternative to the park when this one is crowded.

It was a nice hike to just get out of the house, but in my opinion, nothing too spectacular.

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