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5 hours ago

I hiked this trail today with one of my pups. I chose to go down the Rose trail, venture to dark hollow falls and then return via the fire road. My god said the route was about 4.25 miles.

Overall this was a very nice hike. There are a few sections that are a bit rocky or steep, but the vast majority of the hike is quite scenic and easy going.

Down, down, down means a long hike back up. One nice view of the falls on the way down, then you can circle back to the trailhead. If you have time and energy to go all the way to the base of the falls, go for it - it’s beautiful, but it’s the hardest part of the trail - steep and rocky.

Easy, flat hike. After the rain there is some areas that are muddy/watery. Lots of mosquitoes.

trail running
3 days ago

I live down the road from this trail and love it for biking and running. One of the best 3mi loops I have been on. Tons of scenery and a variety of terrain (rocks, roots, flat plains, etc). I am here 3 times a week. Adequate parking, safe, and multiple trail routes. The outer loop is the 3mi one I am reviewing.

6 days ago

As peaceful as it is, we got covered in ticks. Half of the trail isn't paved nor landscaped. You have to cross a major road at one point after the historical landmarks.

7 days ago

Decided to do a last minute backcountry camp by the falls. Enjoyed the hike down and up very much, little hard on the knees going down and gets you winded going up especially when you backpacking with an old alice pack with 40lbs of camp gear. Nonetheless it was a great time.

Not bad

Fun 4.6 mile trail. The swamp and ridge part of trail has a lot of tree cover and stays cooler even during summer days. The river side of the trail is rugged and can get hot due to comparatively less tree cover.

15 days ago

One of our favorites in our three years of coming to Shenandoah. Start left and follow the river. Take a dip in a nice rapid-laden pool and enjoy the scenery and (cold!) water. This is a slightly strenuous but very do-able hike. We took our dog along with our 7 and 10 year old daughters who, though they complained a bit near the end, were troopers and pulled it off on a hot day. Sneaking over to Dark Hollows is a must and saves you the trouble of doing that hike separately. We got to see a bear and a few deer on the way. I can't recommend this trail enough for a great family day hike!

Good trail but you can easily add more distance by adding additional trails. The swamp trail is nice because I rarely see anyone else on it. It is perfect for avoiding all the crowds of the towpaths.

17 days ago

Gorgeous trail the follows the river.

The views of the falls during the descent down are lacking. However, the base of the falls is spectacular and something that shouldn't be missed. The hike difficulty is moderate, but nothing that most semi-in shape people couldn't handle.

20 days ago

Great hike for a hot day because nearly 100% shaded. The elevation map was accurate with the highest elevation and hard work over about halfway through the hike and the downhill getting the knees. Saw a bear a ways off the trail. Then at the end rewarded ourselves with a dip in the swimming hole. Wonderfully refreshing. Light traffic except for the swimming hold area which was very popular. Two lovely waterfalls and a beautiful valley view. Moderate is correct but the mileage made it into hard if you aren’t used to longer hikes.

this is a great day hike with a lot of tree coverage. some of the other side trails on the map may not be accurate, but the one highlighted here is definitely there.

be aware that the trail loop closest to route 29 had a LOT of mosquitos when we were there on a mid June morning. if we had known this we would've skipped that part and backtracked to another trail.

24 days ago

awsome hike took the right instead of the left gradual incline vs step incline waterfall and scenic pictures were worth it

Great hike, nice and quiet. And with all the rain the waterfall was stunning

Great 3 hour trip. Beautiful along the river, especially after the rain. The base of the waterfall is absolutely worth the detour! The fire road back is a pretty steady incline through the woods but the shade makes it manageable.

1 month ago

Took my two dogs and though it was tricky at points to navigate had a blast!

1 month ago

So this is a great hike—my new favorite in SNP. Make sure you go left at the start and not down the fire road. Two things to know. First, out and back is 4.5 miles. The trail is 2.9, but there’s .5 before you reach it to the left and 1.1 on the fire road on the way out (or vise versa is you start the other way). Second, the uphill on the last 2 of the trail is a fairly strenuous uphill. My 9-year-old has no problem with it and neither did I will a 30 lb pack. Can’t say the same for others on the hike. If you’re out of shape, this will help with that, but you will likely hurt a bit tomorrow.

Beautiful foliage, nice that it is so close for a quick escape. Easy, shady trail, flat except for a few rocky areas. Mosquitos also enjoy the shade, so remember your bug spray in the summer months!

Very difficult but very rewarding. It’s worth the hike

1 month ago

I love this trail of waterfalls especially after all the rain we had this spring. I brought my tripod and did an awesome photo/video shoot early enough in the morning when I was the only one there. Buungeng by the waterfall is a beautiful experience. I took my time at some of the most impressive spots and captured my moving meditations and the falls on video. The trail became much busier as the day went on. I also did the Dark Hollow Trail which was quite steep but gorgeous. On my way back down, I took the fireroad and after coming around a bend, came eye to eye with a mama bear and her two cubs. Hiking alone.... oiiii! It has it's pros and cons and this was not my idea of a good time. The cubs went off into the woods but big mama watched me intently as I backed away.... even took a few steps towards me. I was petrified as she did not take her eyes off of me! I went back around the bend from which I had come and waited. Two fly fishermen approached and I told them my dilemma. They had a whistle which they used to scare the cubs up into the trees so that mama wasn't going anywhere. So much for whistles! Two more hikers came along and then we all decided to just go for it in hopes that mama bear would stay by her cubs which were only about 50-100 yards from the trail. OMG, now I've got myself a whistle but am wondering if I need bear spray too....

1 month ago

Amazing hike today on Rose River, my dog and I loved it!
The waterfalls are lovely!

1 month ago

Saw two bear cubs today! This trail is an awesome hike with the river and all its cascades, watering holes and small falls beside most of the trail. Going left at the start is definitely the way to go. I did it on a Tuesday and saw quite a few peeps along the way but not too many. I'm sure this would be well traveled on the weekends. I wanted to extend the hike to include the Dark Hollow Falls Trail but the group I was with weren't into it. I will definitely be back to this one many times! It's an hour and a half drive from home, but worth it!

This is probably my favorite hike in Great Falls Park. A ton of diversity and enough mileage to make you feel like you accomplished something. It feels different with each season, so if you’re a local, try this trail year around. It also (for some reason) feels different clockwise vs. counterclockwise, so give that a go as well!

I’m not in the best shape anymore and am definitely not back to my prime hiking fitness. I found this trail to be challenging but doable for even someone like myself. The views were amazing. I will definitely be back to do it again.

Took this trail when I was backpacking and it was pretty good. The waterfall was nice but nothing really special. Average Shenandoah views.

Great, make sure you go all the way to the bottom of the falls.

Wonderfully maintained. Beautiful water hike if you go after a lot of rain has fallen.

Very pretty trail. Nice views, wild life, flowers, birds, small waterfall. Some sections are open, so sun protection is a must. If I did this,again, I would reverse,the direction (start to the left). Lots of other trails in the park, camping and other events.

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