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Going to this hike Friday 7/19 or Saturday 7/20! Female solo hiker if anyone else would like company or dosent mind one more to add to a group feel free to text or call 9188431335.

Did this one 2 weeks ago. Loved this one. Great scenery. Only thing I didn’t enjoy was that it had rained the day before and the 1st km or so was walking through a mixture of mud and horse droppings.

Beautiful hike that I can finally check off the list! Always wanted to be able to drive on the trans-Canada and be able to look at a peak and know I have been on top of it Yay! Now, things I have learned the hard way:
• the trail takes you to a T where there is a sign that tells you if you go left it’s a technical climb and the right is a hikers trail. This hike is a loop so you can chose what obstacles you’d like to face going up or down. I would highly suggest going right for the uphill and save the technical climb for the downhill. On our decent from the summit and all the way down was scree and steep ( super fun to “scree ski” but would have really sucked choosing that way to go up.)

• this trail is NOT well marked! Lots of side trails and random ways you can go so really really pay attention to what appears to be the main trail. When you’ve made it around to the back of the mountain and are climbing through the rocks to summit there are blue squares spray painted to show you the way but besides that you are kind of on your own. On our way down I believe we took a longer way than necessary but AGAIN super hard to tell so pay attention.

• Lots of scree that has been scraped away from the popularity of this hike so prepare yourself for some potential bum scooting and wear hiking shoes with grip or get yourself some hiking poles. Also a lot of the rocks you climb have been polished over and are slippy so get grippy shoes.

• pack your sunscreen and bug spray.

• the view makes it all worth it!

the view was amazing in every ridge of the mountain. our first time to encounter very difficult hiking spot but we definitely made it. found awesome people to guide us and trick how to go down in a very steep spots but otherwise is all worth it to conquer your fears. bring lots of water and snacks.

1 day ago

Majestic experience. My favorite lake in Glacier. Saw a young Grizzly.

Great hike!!! The views of the valley and mountains are awesome. And it’s hard to describe how incredible the lake is. You have to see it to understand. We also saw a moose as we got closer to the lake!! We went with the family today, which includes our youngest, who’s 8 years old. He did well on the hike up and was super excited as he played in the lake. He got a little tired on the way back, but that might be because it’s not as exciting hiking back to the car. :)

Watch out for the chipmunks and ground squirrels at the lake. They’re used to hikers grabbing a bite there and aren’t afraid to steal some food.

Also, we got to the motor inn around 9:15am and the motor inn lot filled up right after we got there. I’m guessing people started to park on the road by around 9:30 because there wasn’t any space left in the lot.

1 day ago

Though this hole is not what I personally would call challenging I feel your average how would. I hiked this July 16 2018 and here were still a lot of snow sheets covering a large majority of the upper part of the trail. The trail was closed beyond hidden lake overlook due to frequent bear sitings beyond this point so I technically couldn’t finish it. Despite this inconvenience the overlook is amazing to take in the majesty of hidden lake and I also saw 9 mountain goats 4 of which came within an arms reach of me.

Beautiful trail! Definitely worth it.

One of those ideal hikes that’s about the journey and the destination. Fantastic vista views, forest trails, waterfalls, and an unreal lake at the end. Steep incline at the very beginning but don’t be fooled - trail levels off after that for a very gradual incline the whole way. Get there very early to avoid crowds, bugs, and heat (half the trail is pretty exposed). Not nearly as crowded as Avalanche or Hidden Lake but still quite a few people, seems like late morning is busiest time.

Heavily trafficked walk in the park! Steep incline the first quarter mile, then leveled off to fairly even ground for the rest. Don’t be afraid to jump in once you get there!

on Iceberg Lake Trail

1 day ago

Breathtaking views the entire way but just spectacular at the lake destination. Watch out for grizzly bears and mosquitoes however

Amazing hike. Steel slog up to the ridge, once you are on the scenery is amazing. Chain section isn’t that scary, as long as the weather is dry and you have two hands you should be fine. The scree skiing down the front face of Yamnuska was fun but long. Even though you see the car park from the top of the scree it is still a long slog back. Managed to cool off by a small runoff from the mountain. Definitely worth it!

2 days ago

Like all trails in this amazing park it’s nothing short of insanely beautiful. Literally icebergs floating in a caldera looking lake at the end of a trail. Gorgeous wildflowers line your hike the entire way.

We just went on Friday July 13. Still snow on parts of the trail, a steep incline about halfway to the overlook that was snow covered. We weren’t able to go down to the lake because of bears.

It was amazing.

We went counterclockwise (up Prairie View to the lookout, then continued down Jewell Pass). Glad we did it this way as it was nice to get the steeper incline done first and then end with the relatively flat walk along the lake back over the dam. We registered 17 km start to finish.

3 days ago

Lovely trail. A bit heavy foot traffic but not bad. Take bear spray!! Not good for small children.

3 days ago

This was a really fun trail to do, however when you get down to the lake there seemed to be an avalanche that made it hard for me to find the trail. I turned back because I felt uncomfortable being down there on my own, but it would have been doable. the trail down is very slippery and snowy. I saw people in running sneakers making their way down, but I'd really urge against that. the way up is pretty steep, but the views were so rewarding that it made the crazy weather and terrain all worth it. This trail will probably be cleared up closer to late July, but it's still doable.

Incredible hike. Would recommend counterclockwise from the base as there's a steady incline and a few switchbacks on the way up (we chose to get that out of the way during the first part of the hike) then a steep hill and then you're at the glorious lookout which is totally worth the hard trek up. Steep rock down the other side of Jewell pass then smooth sailing from there. Nice waterfall to take in on the way down too. Took our golden retriever and she did really well (a few stops for water). All in all took us about 4 hours with the water stops and about 20 mins for lunch at the summit.

Hiked this trail with my dogs on-leash July 13th. The trail is great for dogs because there is opportunities to stop and allow them to drink.
We hiked all the way to the lake, it was beautiful and hot. Due to the fire there is no foliage to shade from the sun, so keep that in mind. Additionally, the trail can get dusty from the wind because of the lack of foliage.
Classic trail, busy and well maintained.

Great hike with amazing views! Really enjoyed this hike!!

Best destination hike I’ve ever done. So pretty. Go early- beat the crowds AND the bugs. We were on the trail by 830. Saw a few people. On the way back after 1240-yikes, Dear God, it was crowded. And hot! There’s a lot of exposed trail on the latter end with no shade so I’m imagining those hiking had to be miserable. At least the icy lake at the end could cool them off. Baby waterfalls and one big waterfall about 1/2way frequent the path. Fortunate enough to see a female mouse grazing the hillside. Views for days. And then the lake-There’s no adequate words in the English language to describe Iceberg Lake. Think of a mermaids tail and you might be close in visualizing the glorious color of the water. Don’t miss this hike!

Amazing hike, the chains are fun! Great views! Descend around the West side of he mountain, you can run down the scree. It is so much fun and a quick way to get down the mountain.

5 days ago

Pretty hike - also pretty crowded. Not very challenging, the elevation gain is very, very gradual. Enjoyed the scenery of the hike more than the actual lake itself but it was hailing when we got to the lake.

If anyone is planning on hiking this on Sunday 7/15 or Monday 7/16 and would like some more company, let me know. I'm not too keen on the idea of solo hiking around Glacier. 973.809.8846.

7 days ago

I felt very accomplished after this hike. Was not expecting miles of snow hiking up and down a hill. Fortunately, was prepared with hiking shoes and poles. I was also not expecting to have to scramble on a moderate trail. Did see mountain goats, which was exciting. The view is outstanding once you arrive. Lake was frozen in spots as of July 11th.

We loved it. It’s a beautiful hike with a nice and steady elevation gain throughout the whole hike (except for the very first part).
There are a lot of bugs. Bring spray.

Did this in mid-June. Even with the wind and rain the views along the trail are amazing. The ascent is gradual, nothing strenuous, just take your time walking across the snowfield. Don't be fooled by the first lake, continue on the trail for the main event. Totally worth it!

7 days ago

June 28 A lot of people and a lot of snow. Only went half way.
Hope to come back and try this one again with better hiking shoes or better yet, snow shoes.

8 days ago

This is one of best hike in Glacier national park. It is little bit steep at the start but gradually flat towards the end. There is waterfall on the route where people usually rest for a while and also there is pit toilet near the waterfall.

I encounter forest ranger on the route and he told usually bear roam around the trail in early morning and late evening which is usual time for bear to search for food. People have also mentioned about seeing mountain lion. But if we go in group and make noise while hiking, we should be fine

I would definitely recommend this hike because of the iceberg lake view which is beautiful and breathtaking

Amazingly beautiful. Gets busy depending on the day and the season. The views from the top of the ridge are unbelievable. The ridge is a challenging hike up. The Rawson hike is moderate and enjoyable.

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