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10 hours ago

An awesome hike. Makes the legs burn. I started a little after 8am. Only a few other folks on the trail. On the way down around 10am there were lots of people coming up. It's a narrow trail. Windy. Great views.

What a great walk

This is the second time I've hiked it and it's amazing.

The wind was blowing today, up top was cold AF. Very very pretty from the trailhead to the top. Good hike!!!

This was the first mountain that I have ever climbed and it was so cool sitting at the summit it felt like we were on top the world. It’s rated hard but I’m 65 years old and I made it so if you’re in decent shape climb and enjoy the view at the top.

2 days ago

So glad I can cross my first mountain peak trail off my bucket list. I wasn’t the fastest but I did get to the top. Sunshine and wind made for a cool start, but soon warmed up. I took plenty of rest breaks on the way up. Beautiful views and the trail was busy today as it was National Park Day. The last bit was the most challenging as the boulders were a bit more challenging with many ways to the top. Go prepared for a hike with some good shoes, appropriate clothing, some water and a snack so you can enjoy your day!

2 days ago

Did this hike yesterday and it was a decent challenge. Great views all the way and especially at the summit. The entire park is beautiful.

Short hike on a well graded trail - well worth it - especially at sunset! 19 Sep 2018

5 days ago

Very scenic, easy short trail, nice view of Lassen. We arrived at Manzanita campground around 3 and did not have much time to go far so we decided to stroll around the lake. I am glad we did. The lake was very beautiful. I could take some nice photos of Lassen front the lake.

5 days ago

When I did this hike on 9/15, it started out nice weather then quickly changed to super windy and snow at the top. I read that the weather can be unpredictable and afternoon showers were common so we started around 10 figured we can get to the top by noon. I started seeing the dark cloud coming toward us and by the time we got to the top it started snow. Adding to the strong wind, the snow made us very chilled. I saw many people not wearing gloves and I was glad I was prepared for a cold weather. It turned out the snow was temporary and after 15 minutes blue sky came out, revealing the surrounding scenic views. The wind was still strong though and made difficult to stay on the top enjoying the views. This hike itself was not a physically demanding but the weather element made us miserable. The view of Mt Shasta was very nice.

super windy and not necessarily fun since the hike is pretty much dry and rocky the entire time. nice to know you climbed the highest mountain in the park though!

Hard. Extremely windy. Breathtaking!

Very long trail (22km) but beautiful!!!!

9 days ago

This is an excellent hike. The trail is masterfully constructed. This is a great hike to experience some higher elevation. For more information please watch my video at youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLfZDe6QPf0&t=15s

It’s nice beautiful trees


12 days ago

Nice, but more hyped up than imagined. Just about every hike in the area is similar unless you go far, and you can only look at the same tall trees so long before getting bored. California has many other, more exciting hikes, but if in SFO area, this is a decent area. Pain that you need to book in advance, bit keeps crowds of tourists out.

14 days ago

Its a great hike to mark off your bucket list if you're an avid hiker. It can be overwhelming for a beginner. It climbs 2000' in just over 2 miles but there are very little stair climbing which makes it easier on your lungs in the high elevation. Mostly in the sun so prepare well, no water source so carry enough. Many don't complete the summit, I suggest not sitting down till you do because I watch many reach the false summit and decide it's good enough cuz it's tough to get back up and move. The last bit is a scramble on steep loose rocky unmarked, choose your own path and don't feel bad if you need to sit a little coming down if you need to if it means summiting. Make sure you photo at the USGS survey marker so you know you've summited. Enjoy the views and then come down into shade to enjoy the views and lunch and watching the proud accomplishers making it to the top! And by the way, don't give a bad star review because of the smoke, it's not the trails fault for something sadly happening miles away, you can still get the amazing feeling you set out for.

I would rate as moderate, just because of the elevation change near the top. Great views all around today. The smoke from nearby fires wasn't too bad today. Beautiful area.

14 days ago

beautiful for a waterless hike in the park.
mostly uphill, tons of switchbacks, tested my fear of heights like no other, got a bit windy once we neared the peak.

the feeling of accomplishment is worth it alone, I mean you’re on top of a mountain! but the 360 views are second to none.
very well maintained, sunblock is a must.

15 days ago

Great hike! Like every trail in LVNP this one was beautiful. Easy hike around the lake. The trail is easy to follow and lots of places to sit and have a snack while enjoying the views! One part does get close to the road coming into the park but don’t let that stop you.
Hiked Thursday 9/6/18


great view. you can see the whole Cascades and Siskyous (if it wasn't for the smoke from the California fires) The National Park Service rates it as moderate to strenuous. possibly because of the elevation (8,013 ft) Even so, I had less problems with the thin air than I did 40+ years ago at the same elevation on Mt. Fuji. (Who says youth can handle it better than oldsters?)

One of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done. The god rays created by sunlight piercing through the fog and the redwood tree branches was incredible and I captured some screensaver worthy photographs. The beach was also spectacular although a bit cold. The trail is steep but not too bad. One of the best hikes in Redwood NP and SPs in my opinion.

18 days ago

Trying to reach the summit here is like climbing the waterfall upstream. Took us 17 hours (round-trip) without reaching the summit.

20 days ago

Really cool trail with millions of butterflies. Completed during June 2018. Steep, and lots of switchbacks but cool near the top. You can see Shasta from the top

Good hike and we made it down to the ocean where we saw a seal swimming! Hike up is a good workout

21 days ago

I was underwhelmed. Parking is a hassle and you have to pay ahead and come during your designated time slot. You can only see so many giant trees and the trails are a bit too manicured and landscaped to feel like an actual hike.

Took my two 7 year olds around the lake while my wife and other kids hung out at the picnic area. Lots of shade, an easy walk for the boys. Ducks, geese, deer, squirrels, as well as many other birds along the way. Great for a leisurely stroll! We went July 2018.

22 days ago

Given this is the highest spot in which to view Crater Lake and the surrounding peaks, it’s a no brainer to put on your to-do-list! However, do keep in mind exposure here is pronounced so happy helpings of sunscreen is highly recommended—I personally had to apply SPF 50 twice and I’m not that big of a stranger to the sun.

Additionally, the hike is pretty much a constant trek uphill, so be prepared for the lovely calf burn. Also, for whatever reason, the fire lookout was swarming with buzzing bees on the day that I went.

If you can get out to the trail early in the AM, there’s a good chance you can circumvent a large amount of crowds. On the holiday weekend I went, I really didn’t run into many hikers until I was descending the trail around 11 AM.

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