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Beautiful hike with views of Cathedral Rock. We were alone for most of the hike.

Beautiful views, trail is easy to follow.

off road driving
4 days ago

Took my 2016 Colorado z71 out for some 4x4 action and had a great time. Not a long trail, but lots of rocks to play with and get some fun climbs in.

Easy hike , the view is not bad !

The trail was only one minute walk from the Airbnb . Easy trail , We went a couple times got to see both sunset and sunrise . It’s really beautiful here !

amazing hike done MLK weekend 2018. view at the end is beautiful

Trail offers great views and an amazing scenery. My girlfriend and I were able to do this hike quite easily and we are not regular hikers. Going to see and experience the inside of the Soldiers arch is well worth the entire hike. The 7 sacred pools are pretty cool too. Good hiking boots/shoes are recommended since there are a lot of rocks and mud that you can step on/in. Great hike and will definitely make this a yearly trip!!

Lovely views.

Pretty easy hike. Very scenic if you combine this hike with the trio of hog trails. Hog heaven, hogwash and high on the hog. Only took a little over an hour to do. Saw only a few hikers and a few mountain bikers. Definitely worth the hike.

on Water Wheel Falls

9 days ago

Easy and thoroughly enjoyed the snow hike.. This a good family hike with children and would have to cross the stream in 3 places

keep going until you reach the waterfall! We went right after a snowfall and it was beautiful to see and hear the icy water rushing, including the waterfall itself! The water wheel itself greets you to the left before you begin the trail. There are also lovely memorials for victims of flash flooding; we stopped and paid tribute as reminders of both human life and the strength of nature. We walked on ice over the frozen streams! if you follow the trickles, they become larger and larger bodies of frozen water, until you reach the rushing falls. There is a carved chair that you can sit in at the very end near the falls! I would definitely recommend this hike and will most likely visit again during another season to check out the difference. Be mindful of the massive horse pies along the route, though I rather take that than the unnecessary tagging done to the beautiful rocks :-( Beautiful hike, lovely natural workout. I highly recommend!

Nice time with the family!

Good for the family hike.

Great trail with great views! Whole family loved it and got great photos.

Definitely have great views throughout the entire hike, Especially at the end. Very easy and relaxing hike.

Easy hike that doesn’t take too long. Only a few good views but those few views are awesome. Ends at a T intersection with another trail. Definitely worth the hike.

Good scenery but mostly flat and not challenging

The trail is in perfect condition and provides a scenic, easy in and out hike through lush greenery with spectacular views of the red rocks that Sedona is famous for.

Fun hike basically within the village. Have a hotel literally only 3 or 4 blocks from the trailhead. Definitely worth doing.

Beautiful trail. Got started around 9am and barley ran into anyone other then locals. Had a great time. Must do!

Nice and easy dog friendly hike with beautiful views!! Highly recommend the last scramble up the rocks to see the view!! 2 miles round trip!

off road driving
13 days ago

This should be on everyone’s top list of things to do! My second time taking the trip and it was equally enjoyable as the first!

Beautiful hike throughout. Good mix of woods and open space! I did it in the cold rain which I don’t recommend but it was still beautiful. Be careful though because it’s easy to start heading the wrong direction so pay attention! It’s easy to realize and find your way back on track at least!

been there and it's amazing!

Fun hike. Relatively easy. Just some areas really change in elevation. Beautiful scenery all around, wherever you are on the trail. Fresh smell of pine. We went between 10am and 1pm and there was very low traffic.

Easy trail, with a perfect view!! The only downside was that there wasn’t a clear trail path. It just kind of told you what direction to go in, and then you were kind of on your own. Totally worth it! We went end of December, and it wasn’t overly populated!

Some of the best views of red rocks you will have on foot in Sedona, plus a nice peek at Enchantment resort. I hiked it during winter (Jan 2) when the last 2/3 was snow-covered which made it extra soft yet not slippery since this is not a very steep trail. I got a late start - 3 PM - but going at a clip, made it round-trip by 5:45 just past sunset (late start worth it to have the entire final 4 miles ALL to myself on what is normally a busy trail - I didn’t see or hear a soul). If hiking in winter especially late in the afternoon wear footwear with good tread and warm clothing - Canyon cools fast once the sun gets low.

Heavy snowfall made this hike very enjoyable on NY day.

19 days ago

This was a nice trail with pretty scenic views, however, it is a very popular trail so you won’t ever have the feeling of being alone in the wild, and you’ll have to listen to some pretty banal conversations from some basic hikers on the trail. No one on one time with the vortex here. However, in the beginning or as end of the trail you can take a slight detour and climb a vortex point. You can actually climb to the very top of the lower one and have some QT time with the vortex there cause 99% of the people wont climb up. There it is amazing, and one of the best vortex experiences I had in Sedona.

Not too awesome of a trail but it’s so close to the city which is really nice.

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