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1 day ago

Beautiful view from the near end of the trail. The last .5 miles is difficult to find and we didn’t go to the suggested end because it was so covered with foliage. Overall, beautiful trail.

Beautiful loop to hike. Would recommend starting at the Brins trailhead and doing the loop clockwise. Going the other direction has much steeper climbing for longer stretches.

It’s worth going to the lookout towards Sedona. Breathtaking!

Beautiful views, trail is easy to follow.

Great trail, definitely would recommend going from west to east for an easier walk. We came from Devil’s Bridge.

It’s so beautiful here . Different view all around you . My favorite one !

The guides kinda just rush you through. The canyon is gorgeous but I didn't get to really take it in.

amazing hike done MLK weekend 2018. view at the end is beautiful

Cool hike, I recommend hiking it from the BLM area.

Trail offers great views and an amazing scenery. My girlfriend and I were able to do this hike quite easily and we are not regular hikers. Going to see and experience the inside of the Soldiers arch is well worth the entire hike. The 7 sacred pools are pretty cool too. Good hiking boots/shoes are recommended since there are a lot of rocks and mud that you can step on/in. Great hike and will definitely make this a yearly trip!!

in the beginning Annette was happy with the tour I thought that I'm going to have it's photos with actually was so fine and I enjoy it and take my good photos

I saw it right before I pulled into manzanita campground—which is a fantastic spot that fills up quick with the loveliest host Lidia—very glad there was sticks at the trailhead marking for support because there is a lot of compacted snow and most of the trail is very narrow—the views are spectacular and there were only a few people that I passed on trail—it will be unforgiving on the knees but well worth it. definitely continue onto the Vultee Arch—you’ll see a sign and it’s very close from there—I was lucky to have a clear sunny day plenty warm — I would believe in not near perfect conditions, given there’s snow already on trail, this would be treacherous . Good boots, poles or a stick provided , and plenty of water/snacks and you’ll really enjoy this one

Great trail with great views! Whole family loved it and got great photos.

great trail! didn’t see another soul on it which was nice! the trail is difficult to find at some points and you need to cross a river which adds to the difficulty but also the adventure!

Easy hike that doesn’t take too long. Only a few good views but those few views are awesome. Ends at a T intersection with another trail. Definitely worth the hike.

Beautiful hike throughout. Good mix of woods and open space! I did it in the cold rain which I don’t recommend but it was still beautiful. Be careful though because it’s easy to start heading the wrong direction so pay attention! It’s easy to realize and find your way back on track at least!

Beautiful hike! The scenery was gorgeous all the way through. Going up the mesa was a good climb, but other than that, it was a pretty easy hike. So many different scenic changes throughout and a couple of neat discoveries you might not expect make it even more interesting. I'd recommendend it!

been there and it's amazing!

Fun hike. Relatively easy. Just some areas really change in elevation. Beautiful scenery all around, wherever you are on the trail. Fresh smell of pine. We went between 10am and 1pm and there was very low traffic.

One of the best places in the US to visit

Great short hike down to the Colorado river.
There are some steep and reasonably high scramble sections the last km or so that may force people who are afraid of heights to turn around.
Nothing too technical or difficult, but I could see people who arent used to it being a bit freaked out.
Make sure you wear grippy boots, and try and avoid this trail if its damp at all.

Great hike! Did the 5.2 mile Brins Mesa to Soldiers Pass to Jordan/Cibola pass loop at 7 1/2 months pregnant* and found it to be perfect - a good challenge at times but a great mix of ups and downs, alternating such that it was completely manageable. Great milestones to look forward to (7 sacred pools, sinkhole, etc) and keep you going!

*caveat that I have worked out - weights, spin or yoga - consistently 3-4 times per week since becoming pregnant

19 days ago

I had quite the near survival situation on this trail. Believe what you read and bring proper boots and DEFINITELY poles. DO NOT hike it in wet, windy or stormy weather. I hiked it in full snow covered condition on a cold, calm sunny day (Jan 3). The snow was both a blessing (better visibility - tracks - and traction for poles) and a curse (more slogging and potential slipping, although I had boots with good lug which helped). Saw TONS of animal tracks which didn’t boost my comfort level as there was not a fellow hiker to be seen the entire time I was on Vultee Arch then Sterling Pass trails. Come prepared with food and snacks, double your water, and give yourself plenty of daylight!
Here’s my story for more context.
I *unintentionally* ended up on this trail (which, trust me, you don’t want!) after *intending* to drive the forest road to Vultee Arch trailhead but due to road conditions, had to hike instead. The added hike time blew my calculations - by the time I reached the arch trailhead it was late in the day and I couldn’t even find the trail all the way to the arch. I saw the arch (awesome!) but didn’t have time to go the final quarter mile to it, although there are great views from some flat red rocks where I briefly stopped to refuel. I realized I was running out of daylight and would have to take Sterling Pass Trail just to get back to civilization before dark. The ascent from the arch trail fork up to the saddle is a glute-busting series of switchbacks on narrow trail with steep drop offs into the trees. Luckily it wasn’t too windy but by the time I reached the top it was already sunset. The descent is treacherously steep and if I hadn’t had poles could easily have been fatal in the failing light. I finally made it down and out to Manzanita Campground 35 minutes later just when it would’ve been impossible to continue without a flashlight. Mercifully a camper agreed to drive me 12 miles back to where I left my car near Devil‘s Bridge Trailhead. Experienced local hikers would probably not commit this oversight but I guess it’s par for the course for this Florida girl adventuring in the west.!

Lovely view of Sedona at the top.

23 days ago

Giving this a 5/5 even though we didn’t fully finish. Originally planned to do Solider Pass with the Mesa loop to add some more distance and views. About an hour into the hike we got hit with some snow which started to pick up as we got to the end of Solider Pass so we decided to turn back to avoid getting lost. Pretty well marked and trafficked is not too difficult to find your way around unless it ends up snowing a few inches while you’re up there.

Once in a lifetime, must see and do hike!!!! There’s nothing more to say about this place.

nature trips
24 days ago

Very cool place.

One of the most beautiful places on earth.

Awesome rock structures, sink hole, riparian forest. Do the loop with Bryn Mesa but don’t take the Jordan Trail unless you don’t mind following electrical wires. Soldiers pass =great hiking. Decent elevation and good workout!

3 stars because of its underwhelmed ending. The main part of the hike is the sink hole but it is cool but not as exciting as the other hikes around the area, hikes like devils bridge, cathedral rock and bear mountain. Definetly do not do this hike before doing some of the other ones in the area.

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