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The Jeeps are annoying, but the views are spectacular. Fairly easy hike, and like others I recommend climbing up via Twin Buttes and High on the Hog trails.

2 days ago

Easy hike with great scenery along the way. Dog and kid friendly. Nice to have a waterfall hike in Arizona

3 days ago

It's definitely longer than .4 miles. Cave is pretty large in some areas and really low in others. The ground is incredibly uneven. Do not attempt without a light source, do not rely on a cell phone. At the very end, there is a tiny opening where you can squeeze through into another small area.

scenic driving
3 days ago

Short hike to amazing views, we spent a couple hours here enjoying the scenery. Horseshoe Bend is a must see, but pretty busy spot.

Hike is a workout for sure and there’s no shade so bring water. The trail is easy enough to follow and offers some spectacular views.

What a watery wonderland!! :-D

Nice fairly easy hike with some uphill, this hike is mostly shaded but not completely so bring a hat and sunscreen. If you are wanting to go to the Arches keep an eye out for a trial that will ver off to the right, it is not marked and VERY EASY TO MISS!

Remember to respect the environment and leave no trace.

This was a nice hike. Nothing really technical about it other than a few river crossings. The water was low for us and never got above our chins. The trail is hard to follow at times, but you can’t get lost. There is always a wall on either side. We actually found that if you start walking toward one wall or the other you may cross about 5 trails. At the turn around point we decided to climb one of the cliffs for a nice view. We also did some side trips up a couple of the washes that were really neat. Overall, we logged 7 miles. Easy hike even for a beginner, just be prepared to get your feet wet.

8 days ago

11/10/2018 Trail was nice, however, if you follow the All Trail map the path turns on a foot path that is not maintained. This was not mentioned in the reviews . Very doable easy to moderate trail and we would do it again

9 days ago

Nice guided hike looks awesome.

Great hike but parking options are limited. Parking lot was full before 9am on Sunday.

9 days ago

Busy but worth it! Stay hydrated ok

This is a phenomenal trail for one that is rated easy: incredible views within the first mile and very little elevation gain. If you have just one hour in Sedona this is the trail for you. Less than 3 minutes from Rte 179. We had come out of the Grand Canyon the day before and our legs were shot - this was the perfect easy trail to still get a taste of Sedona.

The only downside: the perfect solitude and quiet was obliterated first by a pink Jeep and then by a band of ATVs . Would have been a 5 star without that

Quick easy hike. Not as steep of an incline if you ascend from the north, or dump road trailhead. The caves were cool.

10 days ago

Totally amazing

10 days ago

Well maintained, well marked trail that's perfect for a quick hike after work or before breakfast on the weekends. There are a lot of cool trees and rocks along the trail so it'd be a fun hike for families.

14 days ago

Nice to see! We made this a pit stop on our drive from Flagstaff to Zion. We had a 10:30 am antelope canyon tour so stopped by here before. It was cool to see but not the best lighting yet at 8:30 in the morning. It’s a quick pit stop. Spent about 35 min here. Came back after our tour finished at noon because we weren’t in a hurry to get to Zion. Lighting was much better. Would recommend to see if you’re in the area. Not something I would go out of my way for though.

16 days ago

Great trail.. took our time and enjoyed the views. Had a few nice climbs too! Took the trail right to left and it was easier than the other way.

Great trail running trail

17 days ago

Pretty hike. We also did the loop around the mountain from Soldiers Pass over to the Brins Mesa trail to get more scenery. Tip: We went clockwise around and it was less steep of a climb than if we would have went counter clockwise. Parking lot at Soldiers Pass only holds 14 cars and fills up early in the AM. We had to park maybe 1/2 mile down the road away from the houses because you will get towed if you park in the neighborhood by the trail head. Brins Mesa trailhead which connects to Soldiers Pass had a bigger parking lot (we saw it as we hiked by it).
No restroom facilities at Soldiers Pass parking lot. You hike in mostly sun on these 2 trails.

on Broken Arrow Trail

18 days ago

Amazing red rock views! As Carrie C mentioned, DO NOT do the loop as shown. It has you returning on the Jeep road, which is usually busy with vehicles. If you're looking for a loop, return via High on the Hog and Twin Buttes. Really recommend the short side trail to Submarine Rock. Easy to summit and great trail. Also mushroom rock, just before you get to chicken point. Broken Arrow is often crowded with people and Jeeps but well worth it.

Oh heck yes!! This was on my bucket list and worth every single penny!

Crowded but worth it.

Bring more water than you anticipate needing. This is a strenuous hike that has long portions of “stair-master” type climbs.. views are incredible once you reach the top!

Go for sunrise! View is amazing, tourists are not.

This was a great trail -- just the right amount of moderate.

Just on the edge of the city - some houses visible but does not spoil the view.

Easy start -- steep uphill that affords amazing views --- southern exposure tho' - lots of sun.

I went up soldier trail -- then back by Brin and Cieoga (spellings are off in each) -- got another nice little second uphill before returning to soldiers pass parking.

Favorite in Sedona

19 days ago

Very nice different mountain, little confusing for direction, but we make it up to the scenic view, moderate cloning, definitely worth it!

Very nice trail. We chose to make the loop from Soldier Pass Trailhead, across the Jordan Trail to the Brin's Trail, up to its intersection with Soldier Pass Trail, then back down to Soldier Pass Trailhead. Nice trails. Even saw a small herd of a dozen deer.

on Broken Arrow Trail

21 days ago

Very nice easy hike with beautiful scenery and views.

Fun stop at sunrise. Trail is sandy and descends to the viewpoint and is great to fly down. Canyon rim will be filled with photographers, but plenty of room to wander. Fairly flat areas to just run free and explore on the red rock await at the end of trail.

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