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23 hours ago

Plenty of scenic views and vistas along this 1.8 mile one way/3.6 mike in/out trail. Hiked it due to RMNP being inaccessible during the government shutdown. Trailhead parking on the side of the highway 5.8 miles south of Estes Park was pretty full. Nice gradual climb the first half, then pretty steep climbs the second half after “the turn”. We started at 1:15pm and got to the rock scramble at 3:15 and turned back due to time and pending darkness. Packed snow most of the 2nd half up. Made this video from the hike: https://vimeo.com/311379986

Nice hike. A bit icy near top but worth the views and quietness.

Great morning hike before brunch.

I attempted to do this trail yesterday and ran into some county workers saying it will be closed until June due to logging and pipework.

Lots of people on the trail. Really short hike and not hard at all. It's good for a short day hike.

Hiked this trail in mid-September. Probably my most favorite trail ever. Well worth the scramble up the waterfall. Spectacular lakes set in a backdrop of towering mountains. And the colors were amazing. Definitely worth the effort to get there. Make sure to take the time to stop and enjoy the many views.

This is a nice trail with a good variety of terrain and views. Hiked it on 1/5/19. There were quite a few spots with packed snow. I had micro spikes with me but didn't need to use them. You have to watch closely for the fork that splits to Sheep Mtn (right) and Stone Mtn (left). there is no sign post and it could be easy to miss. The fork is in a clearing about a quarter mile after you cross the creek. After that the Stone Mtn trail is not as well defined and easy to follow. But with an alert eye you should have no problem staying on it. There's a boulder scramble at the summit, but nothing technical. great views if you make it up there! I clocked the round trip at 7.55 miles.

11 days ago

Completed 1/5/19. Great hike! Loved the views. Packed snow about the last 1/3 of the hike....Used microspikes only on the way down

Hiked the trail today. Well packed fresh snow, no ice today like previous times. Didn't even get out my yak tracks, no need. Beautiful hike, deer were out wandering about.

16 days ago

This is a very pretty, and easy hike. Snowed all the way down and was just gorgeous. The summit at the top passed the scramble is where the payoff is for sure. Looking forward to doing this hike again in the spring!

Hiked 12/22/18--the day of the shutdown. The Loch Lake Trail was absolutely stunning. I arrived super early the morning that Rocky shut down, unaware of the government shutdown, so, fortunately, I was able to drive directly to the trailhead. I love snowshoeing and it was a gorgeous powder day and I got to break trail first, solo. It was cold, one of the coldest hikes I've done yet but I was fully geared up. Though I was first on the trail I could tell where the trail was as it wove around trees. About a mile and a half into the hike, two men passed me who were going ice climbing around Mills Lake. They were in hiking boots only. If you don't have snowshoes, you can't possibly walk in this deep snow. Be prepared. Have shoes, poles AND spikes. When I finally got to the lake, I literally ran the last 100 steps, I was so thrilled that I had made it, solo, and other than those two men, no one had passed me. It was very, very cold and windy at the lake. The lake appeared 100% frozen but given that I was solo, I was not going to walk on it. It was too cold to eat so I headed back down and tucked into the trees and ate very quickly and then started heading back down. I kept my snowshoes on, although usually I would have switched into spikes. I passed two other couples coming up the trail and then a few others and that was it. So, the trail wasn't packed down enough to wear spikes and the shoes worked great. It was about a 6.5-mile hike and I headed out of Rocky at 12:30pm and that's when I saw the rangers turning everyone away. I'm thrilled I was able to make this hike; the waterfalls and running water were absolutely gorgeous.

16 days ago

My last hike of the year. My first time on this trail, and I was impressed. The climb was not real steep, and for those spots that were steep, benches were available here and there on the trail to rest a moment. Arriving at 10am on a cold morning had a fairly empty parking lot. Which tells me early arrival in warmer months is probably well advised.

Awesome views from the summit!!

One of the best in the park.

Beautiful midway point to stop and snack on your way to sky pond. Hiked on an early October day and the weather was perfect. Very serene and peaceful lake with amazing views and refreshing breeze. But keep going on past Loch...as the true treasure is Sky Pond and the waterfall before lake of glass. An amazing and rewarding day in RMNP

22 days ago

Did this hike with a few friends yesterday 12/24. It started snowing when we got to the first rest area. Beautiful hike with great views once you reach the top.

23 days ago

Went last night for a sunset hike. Was a great experience. Look out for the ice towards the bottom of the trail. It’s icy for about .6 miles in.

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24 days ago

Great climbing with gorgeous views. A little icy where the snow has melted and refrozen.

Undeniably one of my favorites in Rocky Mountain. Typically pretty busy trail during the summer, and almost always a line around the waterfall climb, but doesn’t distract from the beauty at the top. One of the most fun hikes for the varying terrain and views.

Hiked 12/15/18

Beautiful morning in Rocky. Trails well-packed, microspikes completely sufficient and snowshoes not at all necessary; however I know that the mountains received a storm yesterday so unsure if these conditions are still the same. There was plenty of parking at the Bear Lake trailhead at 10 AM on that Saturday.

27 days ago

12/19/2018 - Snowed the entire hike. First 1/2 mile was light snow, after that snowpack and ice. Wore micro spikes the entire time & didn’t have any slipping problems. Towards the top was powder, but it had been snowing all day

Hiked this trail only wearing my micro spikes. Great hike!!! The waterfall wasn't that bad. Windy in some spots but I did most of the hike wearing a long sleeve T shirt. Got on the trail at 10 and the lot was full so we had to drop some of are party and hitch a ride... Took about 8 seconds to get a lift. Great day.

This trail is a HIDDEN GEM. I don't generally like sharing amazing trails as I like to keep things I find to myself, BUT considering the fact that almost all of the reviews for Stone Mountain are FOR THE WRONG MOUNTAIN, I feel it extremely necessary to step in and give the correct information. If you follow the main summit trail to the top, you will end up on SHEEP Mountain. If you walk to the top and there's a huge summit cairn, a sitting area, and NO views, you are on SHEEP Mountain.

STONE Mountain can be reached by following the main summit trail to a faintly marked intersection about 3.5 miles in. Go LEFT for Stone, RIGHT for Sheep. The Stone trail is faint, but visible if you're looking for it. At this point, you only have 3/4 mile to the summit. Class 3 scrambling is required to get to the top, so small dogs or kids may not do well here, or anyone unable to climb a bit. Once on the top, you have 360* views of the plains, Longs Peak, and the Mummies. Absolutely worth the effort. 8.6 miles round trip, NOT 7.2 as advertised.

Awesome trail. Got lost at the top.

Took my 3 kids the trail was great, beautiful views around the lake. Dogs loved it! only bad thing was that there weren't any signs that said to pay for parking, when we reached back after our 6 miles we had a 20$ parking ticket in the window. I say the sheriffs there should be after the bad guys not after people parking in a large empty parking spot doing exercise. It was our first time there, not welcoming. regardless I enjoyed the hike and it's what it's all about!

Visited on a Saturday morning in December, only saw a handful of people. It was an easy outing.

solid trail, mildly strenuous, the lake at the top is worth it. The scramble at the end was tough at times to know whether we were supposed to go.

Fabulous! Parking spaces open when we arrived at 9 am. Spikes until the last mile and then it got deep and tricky. Super windy at the lake but lovely. Snow shoes necessary to get to the lake. Took us 3.5 hours to finish! Awesome day!

Beautiful winter trail! Did this trail today and the snow was perfect. Snowshoes were definitely helpful, but can easily be done using only spikes. This took us around 4 hours round trip with plenty of photo stops and a little break up top. A good moderate hike

1 month ago

Really awesome trail! Did it as a sunrise hike and had a super awesome view! Little icy and snow packed at parts. If it snows anymore, might want to take hiking poles for the way down. Fun scramble at the end to get to the top!

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