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Hiked the Yellow loop today - counter clockwise. Nice trail - not too strenuous but a good workout. Had the whole place to myself. Some nice views along the way. Well marked trail throughout.

Beautiful lake views most of the way. Plenty of areas with large smooth rocks to hang out on.

19 days ago

found it base on your review, Thanks Paul. It does have green blazes that are very widely spaced then they become old faded white blazes, but for the most part the trail is easy to follow as it makes it way over the top towards a view of rt 17 at this time of year. You need not worry about getting seriously lost as the trail does skirt along the back yards or within view of homes along the way. If you'd like to do some addtional expolring there go to "find a grave" type in chester cemeties and then " Board famliy" and " Davis family" with the GPS lat/long you can a find the little cemetieses but you need boots for the Board cemeatry ankle deep water around the little hill .

trail running
26 days ago

First of all, what is highlighted on this page on the map and the elevation profile are NOT Goosepond Mountain Trail, they are of Lazy Hill Road. Goosepond Mountain Trail goes to the west of Lazy Hill Road and actually goes up and over Goosepond Mtn. If you approach the mtn from the south, at the Laroe Rd trailhead, proceed along Lazy Hill Road, which is a old road. After about a half mile, just as you approach a stream, there is a faint trail on the left, which is accessed by crossing the stream. It is then not too hard to follow the trail up to the top of the mountain. It rolls for a while and then climbs more steadily. At times it is blazed. At times it follows old woods road grades. I only went as far as the top of the mtn, and then went back to the trail head. It was a total of just under 4.5 miles round trip according to my phone GPS.

1 month ago

A nice quiet walk on wooded and field trails. Mowed paths with some of the wooded on south end prone to muddiness (icy). Posted habitat protecting nesting so no dogs or horses requested.

1 month ago

Great hike nice and sold

It was a peaceful hike along this primarily flat terrain. Beautiful view of the mountains and fall foliage.

Reasonably well maintained trails but poorly marked for sure. Keep a close eye on you map during this hike or you’ll end up off trail pretty easily. Trail offers some nice foliage and a couple of nice views at the end, but really mostly just forest the whole way.

Nice walk through the woods. Little tame one or two nice view spots. Dog loved it - very pretty foliage. Would rate as easy and the trail markers could a little better.

3 months ago

Not too exiting the first 2 miles on main trail, once off the trail you will need a machete. Hi grass and thorn bushes, that part of the trail is not maintained and completely grown over. Maybe good for a winter hike?

Great little hike. Dog friendly. Very quiet mid week

An ok trail there was not much of a scenery just a long trail walk. The trail marks need to be more clear we had to stop a couple of times trying to figure out where the marks are.

3 months ago

beautiful trail crick is awesome!

I love this trail. It follows the stream to a beautiful waterfall. After the waterfall it follows the stream up to the second lake than u can take the trail around the lake. Haven’t finished the entire trail , but I plan on it very soon. What a great trail

A nice trail for a hike. Definitely going back to do another loop!

4 months ago

Great family outing and perfect for everyone. A few trails to choose from with boating, picnic areas and swings for the kids. Grounds, trails and bathrooms clean. Definitely one to come back to and dog friendly

Beautiful fall views

4 months ago

Nothing special. Free parking, Google maps directions are confusing at the very entrance - google insists you make a right turn where there is a sign ‘no entry’ so that you continue driving down Route 202 for couple more miles.
The hike itself is crowded at the beginning, right off the parking lot. There is no ranger station or visitor center, so get your maps before you start. Or take a picture of a map on the parking lot. There are a lot of trails, so you can make your own route, adjusting the length. There are quite a few dogs on the trial that are let off leash, so just be careful. The Bear Swamp Lake at the middle of the loop is pretty much a swamp covered with lots of water lilies. It’s technically a lake but it’s swampy and breeds gazillions of mosquitoes. Don’t you even consider going without a bug spray- you’d be eaten alive. Bring a bug spray with you as well - we had to apply it several times during the hike. There are 2 other lakes on the trail that are in a better condition.
There are couple of interesting places that look like cabin ruins around the lake with chimneys and some walls. We had lunch at one of those. But that is pretty much it. All trails are well marked and easy to follow and well maintained for the most part.

Great trail

Take the green trail top the top... see the cacti...

Pretty challenging long hike. Couple of points you got some nice views. Cool lake area and couple of spots it looks like you can camp out at as well. Noticed some campers left some garbage behind which was disappointing to see. Otherwise awesome, beautiful and peaceful trail.

We did this trail late in October of last year- a bit hilly but beautiful views and a nice scramble!

Very good workout. We walked whole loop and enjoyed most of it. We were attacked by flies by Bear Swamp Lake. It was so many of them that we almost ran.

My pups 1st walk & she had a blast in the lake & river

mountain biking
6 months ago

Well I came here with my two boys to see what this trail is all about and I wasn’t too happy with it! First of all limited parking at the depot parking area by the station. It’s also so boring!!! I am used to seeing scenery and taking pictures and there was nothing to see except boring trees and scary buildings!!!

As we began riding my little one who’s 4yrs old almost lost control as I was directing both of my sons to your right, a fast biker came flying by and scared my little one , had him almost heading off a cliff. I screamed so loud... smh... As we continued I found that this trail makes no sense. There is fencing in areas but not where their is a cliff, where someone can actually fall off to god knows where... so as we continued we also passed abandoned buildings, quite scary you don’t know who’s around... you also pass by people’s back yards, barking dogs with probably a 2-3 ft fence which had us scared it would hop over as it was barking from my sons training wheels making loud noises!!!

I feel it needs a lot of improvements.. more fencing where their is dangerous areas where kids can fall off and perhaps a separate lane for fast bikers. Path is too narrow, there was a disabled person which their bike took up half of the lane causing us to ride on the grass. So I feel they need to improve on that!!

mountain biking
6 months ago

Started at the 17m entrance across the road from the parking lot. There's an initial climb, but nothing too intense. It transitioned from gravel to blacktop, so it's pretty easy riding. I noticed trails that offshoot from the main path and I ventured off on one that was fun to ride, but ended running into a tall grass open field. Lots of thorny plants too so gloves were helpful, pants would have been nice too. Got back onto the main path and followed to the end at Laroe Rd. On the way back found a trail that went right, up the hill (had to push it) and eventually up to the top. There was a wide path through grass and woods that takes you under the power lines. I turned around and headed back which was all downhill and lots of fun. Followed a different trail that cut across and eventually popped out on the main path. Definitely recommend making the climb up that trail, if you're looking for something more challenging and fun. On a Sunday I did encounter 4 or 5 others, some with dogs, and there was a group of 4 on bikes.

Beautiful scenic trail that parallels the Delaware River with multiple spots where you can climb out onto large rocks in the river.

6 months ago

Beautiful trail. Brought kids 2 on backs. 5 year old did the whole trail. But wasn’t easy. He is feeling proud and strong

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