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2 hours ago

Well marked trail. Incredible views.

Was such a good hike, soo busy! I went on a weekend. Silly me! But nether the less was such a great day. A decent incline and a little bit of climbing, but if you are unstable I would bring poles.

Go early so you can see the view without anyone! It was hard to get a picture without a person in it!

9 hours ago

A fantastic morning hike. Yes, some steep uphill to start but well worth it! Amazing fall weather right now for it. Totally recommended.

1 day ago

The Trail's rough at parts and there are definitely a few "No Fall" zones near the end! We did it in the worst of conditions, through Fog/Clouds and using a lot of humor (british colonizer accent) and shenanigans! Made a comical video for those who want the full experience here at https://youtu.be/9RJVervFr3c lol! :)

Nice hike, well-marked in the lower part but somewhat erratic nearing the St. Mark’s peak. Roots can be tricky in this last km of the hikes. Beautiful view from up there. Whiskey Jacks make their presence known.

Here's our review of brunswick Mountain . -http://hktreks.com/index.php/2018/10/17/brunswick-mountain/

on BCMC Trail

4 days ago

I found it more challenging than the grouse grind even though it’s not as steep. There are more rocks and roots that require balance as compared to the grouse grind with mostly stairs. Parts of the BCMC trail are fairly worn out. Much less crowded than the Grind and more enjoyable .

Definitely a climb in the beginning but 100% worth it!!!

5 days ago

Good short hike for a view. However not the easiest for everyone since it’s lots of stepping over tree roots and rocks

Love this hike little hard at first. But when you get to the top the view is breathtaking. Wow, it's amazing would recommend.

Love this hike. Wow, the view on top it's really amazing. I recommend to everyone.

Fantastic views at top. Some technical and vertical parts, so definitely for a more seasoned hiker. Make sure you time your return during daylight, especially this time of year when the sunsets early. Hike is 4 to 5 hours depending on your ability. This is NOT including a snack/rest at the top so factor that in. Great mountain!

Completed Saturday 13 October 2018.

Note: currently the track is closed between Lillooet Rd and Riverside drive due to bridge and staircase construction, apparently until November. There is no posted detour from the closure. To get around the closed section we walked down river to the road bridge by Canadian Superstore on Mt Seymour Parkway then took a 214 up to Hyannis Drive or you could walk 40mins up. This detour added around an hour for what should have been a 10 minute section of track. In total including the detour we took around 5 hours with a few breaks and lunch on trail.

Aside from the detour the trail is in good condition, at some intersections you need to stop and review the signage or look out for the next marker but fairly easy to follow. I'll echo what others have said in their reviews, we walked from Lynn Canyon to Deep Cove, the two main views are at either end with Lynn suspension bridge and Quarry rock. However even without the views during the walk it's a nice forest walk which was relatively quiet only passing a few others once we had left Lynn and rejoined the crowds at Quarry rock. Waking this way meant we could have a cold beer and a donut upon reaching deep cove.

We did this entirely via transit, very easy. Take a 210 from downtown Vancouver to Phibbs exchange, then a 227 to Lynn Canyon Park entrance at the Ecology centre. Coming back it's a 211 or 212 to Phibbs exchange from Deep Cove then the 210 back to Vancouver.

This trail came as advertised. Lots of roots, rocks and mud. Aptly named for the number of dogs and with lots of kids. Views were spectacular! Well worth the effort.

on Hastings/Lynn Loop

6 days ago

A very pleasant fall hike. Not too crowded on a Sunday at noon.

Rooty undulating trail no big climbs was muddy. There where lots of people. Took 2:13 with a slow dog out and back. GPS said it was 5.14 km out and back.

7 days ago

Even though it was misty/rainy the entire trek up, I think the mist made it quite beautiful.
I knew it was going to be a tough go, as I'd read lots of reviews on it.
I am a novice hiker, and while it wasn't a recommended hike for someone like me, I decided to try it anyways. Time wise, I looked at the "average" and estimated double for me. Looking at the elevation gain and distance, I knew I'd need more time, but I was bound and determined to do it. Had I not gotten a little lost near the top and wasted time looking around, I would have been under what I estimated, but as it turned out I was a bit over. For my first kick at it, it wasnt too bad.
I'll be making it an annual hike - will go out to Vancouver and will be a bit more prepared, physically, each time.

Trail well maintained- fabulous view at top - bring nuts for very friendly chipmunks!

Very steep climb to begin with. Gets easier after couple of kilometres. We did it today on Wednesday and only ran into a handful of people. The view from the Bluffs is breathtaking. Spent some time there and had lunch. All together with the break it took just over 3 hrs. I would not call this trail hard. I’m not a very experienced hiker but didn’t find it particularly difficult. Lots of roots and rocks and some muddy areas. All in all well worth the effort!

Did this today. It’s a moderately hard hike. It took just under 4 hours including stops and going at a moderate pace. Beautiful views. This hike has signage most of the way. You can go around dam mountain and around little goat. Add time if you include these smaller peaks on the way. Chains for the final ascent are helpful it’s closer to 8km from the chalet and back. Not the 6km mentioned. The 13km is if you hike up the grouse grind or bcmc first.

first portion of the trail was a grind - actually called st.georges? Where the loop is supposed to start is a climbing route for bikers.

hiked this twice in two days to figure out the loop, got lost coming down both times, not a well marked trail. Quite often the trails weed out - someone also mentioned a lookout, but got lost trying to find that as well.

Conclusion: not a very simple loop, mostly a grind, lots of Bush whacking.

Awesome hike ! If your planning on doing the last peak , bring a rope ! We scrambled up the last peak but completely worth it ! When you get to the sub peak , there will be markers to your left and markers to your right , i would stick to the left , less ice and snow . Much easier to come down !

11 days ago

Quick easy hike, nice scenery and good terrain!

Great trail, not too steep anywhere. At the northern tip of this trail there's a suspension bridge. when we went in mid September, lots of bear warnings. This trail could easily be shortened. Water tap, washrooms and trail info near the car park.

This was a wonderful hike!!

on St. Mark's Summit Trail

13 days ago

Did this hike on the Saturday of the Thanksgiving long weekend. Started at 9:30 am and made it up by 11:30. I am a very new hiker and not in great shape. Took my time and still made decent timing. The first half is easy as far as the terrain goes but does involve some elevation gain. Super muddy and technical closer to the top and for about the last hour. Poles were a huge help due to the slickness! On a busy Saturday the space at the top is very limited but the views are pretty amazing. Once you get to the top you'll see the main rock to catch a view but if you go back to the trail and continue you'll grab a great view of The Lions and another viewpoint further below. Took a few couple minute breaks and with a half an hour at the top it took me 5 hours. It was very busy on the way down so had to stop a lot to share the trail. Enjoy!! :)

14 days ago

Rewarding hike. On a clear day, there are great views all along the way.

Had an outstanding experience, and the local fauna were more than accommodating.

Yours in good faith,


Fun, challenging path. Many people and dogs on the trail. View from Mt Seymour is beautiful and very windy. Wear layers and shoes with good treads.

The first bit is easy and flat (part of the Lynn Loop). Climb starts at Coliseum Mountain sign where it says “Allow 7 hours return”. That part took us 5 hours 25 mins return with lots of picture breaks. Probably best marked trail I’ve ever been on. Views up top are pretty!

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