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6 days ago

Challenging hike, good trail but lots of slippery stones and erosion so get ready to use your balance.

great Trail for a half day hike with some good conditioning and what A View From The Top. Outstanding restaurant and bar to relax in when you're done. Perfect playground in Vancouver's backyard

10 days ago

I’ve done it a good number of times. The best workout ever if you’re up to the challenge.

Amazing views at the top. Worth the pain getting up there. Your legs will burn.

Great workout! The first quarter is the hardest to me.

Nov.15 : Overall condition is fine with occasional slippery sections.

24 days ago

Took aprox 2 hours with my 6 year old son. Loved it. Its challenging enough and definitely more interesting than the grouse grind, which is mostly stairs and more crowded. I found it to be very well marked. It is not a hike for novice hikers though or small kids who are not used to hiking. Overall had a great experience and will be doing again with running on way down next time!

Done this twice now while visiting Vancouver, love it!!! Second time, half way up I was wondering why I was doing it again, but worth it once you get to the top.

Great hike. Scenic route along the Lynn river not difficult with kids. Lots of dogs on trail.

29 days ago

Pretty hard and totally uphill all the way. The views up are beautiful, worth your efforts. Took us 75 mins. Gondola was closed for seasonal maintenance so had to go down by the BCMC trail which was very tiring and painful as the trail was torn up due to heavy rain.

1 month ago

I hate this trail with the fire of a thousand suns. The gondola was closed for seasonal work so I went up Grouse and hiked back down BCMC. It is 2 hours of poor trail marking, roots, rocks, and mud. I am giving it 2 stars as perhaps going up it is less mind-numbing.

Over rated in my opinion. It's a good hike, but it's very busy most of the time and I hike for quiet, lot to be in rush hour. 50% people who are trying to beat their times are more than happy to give those slower a little nudge to get you out of their way.

1 month ago

The trail is much nicer (and less busy) once past the lookout. The rock gully in the first third was the low point. no views and lots of rain when I did it. might try the Needles on a sunny day

1 month ago

Nice hike. The upper trail is much nicer than the river trail. the falls and the suspension bridge are nice rewards.

1 month ago

A solid hour of stair climbing and a breathtaking view at the top! Another reason I want to move to Vancouver so this can be a part of my daily morning routine.

1 month ago

Good hike but the falls were pretty small :)

1 month ago

missed a turn to ridge trail and ended up doing the goat mountain instead. but I loved it. you can take for CAD 15 the gondola down. A must do option. Can someone edit hike description to mention this there

1 month ago

Really challenging but worth it. Take water with you and good hiking shoes.

5 stars because the peak chalet at the top was a great way to end a very challenging hike.

At 36 and decent shape it took me 1 hour 10 minutes. This hike is basically a stair climb for the entire time with no let up. If you’re looking for a flat smooth hike look elsewhere.

Started at about 11am on Sunday and the crowds weren’t too bad. Bring a credit card for lunch and drinks at the top.

Yes, it is a beautiful hike but there is a reason north shore search and rescue get a LOT of calls. The last 1.9km is not a hike but rather is mkre like a rock climb. Fun going up but nit so fun or safe coming down.

1 month ago

Strangely addictive and I think like anything, it gets easier the more you practice. Pace yourself, take a litre bottle of water per person and wear stretchy clothing as you’ll be stepping up for basically the entire way and scrambling over rocks. Pack an extra layer for the top as it tends to be a bit chillier.

It was hella hard but if you take frequent breaks and bring good, energy giving snacks and at least two bottles of water per person, you can do it! I felt like the first quarter was harvest when it came to terrain, so when they say it’s harder for the first quarter, it depends on your perspective. Great view at the top and so very worth it!

on BCMC Trail

1 month ago

I found it more challenging than the grouse grind even though it’s not as steep. There are more rocks and roots that require balance as compared to the grouse grind with mostly stairs. Parts of the BCMC trail are fairly worn out. Much less crowded than the Grind and more enjoyable .

Fantastic views at top. Some technical and vertical parts, so definitely for a more seasoned hiker. Make sure you time your return during daylight, especially this time of year when the sunsets early. Hike is 4 to 5 hours depending on your ability. This is NOT including a snack/rest at the top so factor that in. Great mountain!

1 month ago

Even though it was misty/rainy the entire trek up, I think the mist made it quite beautiful.
I knew it was going to be a tough go, as I'd read lots of reviews on it.
I am a novice hiker, and while it wasn't a recommended hike for someone like me, I decided to try it anyways. Time wise, I looked at the "average" and estimated double for me. Looking at the elevation gain and distance, I knew I'd need more time, but I was bound and determined to do it. Had I not gotten a little lost near the top and wasted time looking around, I would have been under what I estimated, but as it turned out I was a bit over. For my first kick at it, it wasnt too bad.
I'll be making it an annual hike - will go out to Vancouver and will be a bit more prepared, physically, each time.

Did this today. It’s a moderately hard hike. It took just under 4 hours including stops and going at a moderate pace. Beautiful views. This hike has signage most of the way. You can go around dam mountain and around little goat. Add time if you include these smaller peaks on the way. Chains for the final ascent are helpful it’s closer to 8km from the chalet and back. Not the 6km mentioned. The 13km is if you hike up the grouse grind or bcmc first.

Great trail, not too steep anywhere. At the northern tip of this trail there's a suspension bridge. when we went in mid September, lots of bear warnings. This trail could easily be shortened. Water tap, washrooms and trail info near the car park.

This was a wonderful hike!!

Perfect fall day Vancouver getaway. Well maintained. Steep.

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