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6 days ago

Climb is up to the lakes only then a cool little loop to see all 5 lakes and all downhill from there. Just pace yourself up, and this will be a very nice outing-loop the lakes- and down. As others stated, follow your map on the app around the lakes. Not super defined, but not hard to adjust and figure out either. Have fun!

12 days ago

Trail is not well marked once you get to the lakes so keep your All Trails app handy! We ended up off trail several times but were able to get back on easily by checking the app!

Great trail. Route finding around the loop at the top was a bit tricky. If you are not comfortable with bushwhacking, stick to the main trail and skip the loop.

This is a fabulous hike! Steep incline to begin, then back up at the end! You cross the creek three times (: My pup loved. Would definitely do again!

19 days ago

Love this hike! Even if you only a mild in and back out you’ll love it! Today we went to the top.

19 days ago

10-05-18. Short and easy. Pretty canyon. Not much shade, could get hot quickly depending on time of day or time of year you go. Neat petroglyphs.

Seriously great workout. Unfortunately I had my young kids and was not able to head to the top. We also detoured to view incline lake....which was non existent. I may be back tomorrow to conquer the peak.

One of the best hikes I’ve ever been on in Tahoe! Amazing views all the way up, in late October the most BEAUTIFUL fall colors. Definitely constant incline that will get your heart rate up but nothing unreasonable! Loved every second of it and the views at the vista at the top are stunning! Great dog trail too. I went on a Thursday and it was moderately busy near the bottom - I imagine it’s insane on weekends!

21 days ago

generally: easy trail near tahoe city with good scenery (open/mountains first part and along lakes for middle portion), not crowded on a fall weekday
road conditions: paved to trailhead, parking along side the road, no fee/pass needed, ~15 min from tahoe city
trail conditions: rocky/loose gravel for first mile then more packed dirt; find your way around lakes on footpaths
scenery: open trail w views of surrounding mountains and ski resort, upper trail around lakes with nice views off all lakes and surrounding mountains; some lingering fall foliage
difficulty: easy-moderate (first mile with ~1000' elevation, then flat thereafter)

Loved this little short hike. It was a great introduction to my mom’s first visit to Tahoe region. The kids did great as it was a short one. Highly recommend it!

This is a beautiful hike, though the trail to the top of the peak is very easy to miss...we did! We hiked around mid morning and there were a lot of dogs on the trail. Many were unleashed.

This was a fantastic hike. Definitely a moderate challenge. Amazing views. I love how curvy the trail is... gives it diversity. The creek was flowing today and a nice background noise when you’re near it. Mountain views are amazing!

You won’t regret it. Peaceful and beautiful.

We totally messed up on this one... First of all, we've lived in Sparks for over 21 years and had no idea this historical landmark existed 12 miles from our house!

Trailhead was easy to find using Waze. Just pull off by the side of the road where the bend us. We were the only ones hiking this afternoon.

OK, now for our first mistake: I thought we had to hike all the way to the end to see the petroglyphs! Wrong-o, Buffalo... I'll get to that in a minute. Second mistake: Took no water because we saw the hike was rated "Easy." (Corollary: Suzanne had just her canvas tennis shoes. WEAR YOUR HIKING BOOTS!). It was not "Easy". The trail should have been rated at least moderate, due to the amount of rocks in the riverbed and along the trail. Expect a fair amount of climbing on the rocks! Third mistake: We took Robbie, our little 11 year old dog. It was too rough for him and we had to carry him most of the way. Fourth and final mistake: We started around 1:00pm and it was a warm October day. A little late for this exploration, as it became hot.

When you start out, you'll go down into the canyon from the pull-over parking at the bend in the road. We hiked all the way to the end of the trail (about 1 mile) before we started looking for the petroglyphs. As it turns out, we passed them right and left on the way to the end of the trail! I've taken a lot of pictures and will check the waypoints to help out.

When we got to the end, I found what we later determined to be "fake" petroglyphs, as they looked "too modern" (kids?). Just beyond the endpoint on the AllTrails Pro map, you will find some petroglyphs on the left side. We did not go too far beyond the "end of the trail" on the map; however, the trail does go on. The next time we may go farther and explore.

On the way back, after seeing a couple petroglyphs and knowing what to look for, we saw them EVERYWHERE on the right and the left! So cool!

In summary, you'll run into the first group of them when you pass the first tree along the trail from where you parked.

Looking forward to returning next time and exploring more in depth. Enjoy!

27 days ago

Super easy with nice views. Lin Cotton’s trail was a bonus, with lots of photo opportunities.

Great views, beautiful fall foliage. Either we missed the lake or it was heavily overgrown. Tough uphill gradient on the way back from the lake.

Happy to have done it, but don’t need to do twice: there are plenty of other trails in the immediate area to explore!

29 days ago

1 month ago

* pretty, uncrowded in october.
* bring what water you need.
* lovely views!
* forested, shady, peaceful, wonderful walk.

*very nice little hike, not far from reno.
*crosses creek twice- good water for the dogs.
*nice shaded sections.
*not overly crowded and only one mountain bike.
*takes a couple of hours (we made a slow pace for looking at fall colors...)for a quick getaway.

1 month ago

Mostly in the trees, striking view of the lake from the top. You can continue on to Martin peak if you want.


Great suburban walking/bike trail. Pretty fall colors.

1 month ago

Wide, paved road. No obvious trailhead from the road. You just figure out a place to park alongside the road in. We are average fitness and 60ish years old; we just took it slow and took breaks so that our lungs could catch up. A good short hike for the first day at a high altitude! Also: amazing views!

1 month ago

Loved that there was a beautiful view at every turn. Windy and cold as we got higher! Winter is on the way. We caught a beautiful sunset at the Samuel Clemens bench - maybe two miles up? Wide, well-maintained trail.

1 month ago

9/29/18 Arrive early to beat the crowds! Quite stunning views and clear alpine lakes. Lovely to hear nothing but the occasional fish jump, duck quack, and wind through the trees! On our way back we encountered multiple large groups heading up. So get here before 9 or go on a weekday!

it's a great trail considering the length, difficulty and what you see on the way. there's enough views on the way to the lakes where u won't feel bored. i doubt it's good for winter time, the trail might get covered by snow. btw, the trail ends at the last lake, u might need to explore before finishing the trail if u wanna find other lakes

1 month ago

I hiked 5 miles around the first Lake. Nice day.
Lots of views to the local ski areas, houses when coming back lots of construction noises.
The lake area was quiet and nice.

1 month ago

This was a gorgeous hike in October with the trees changing colors. I would agree with the “moderate” rating Tunnel Creek Trail received as the entire path is uphill but the incline isn’t too severe. Our dog had an awesome time on this hike and I believe the graded trail had something to do with it. However, there is little shade and no water sources for dogs so bring plenty of water. We started hiking a little before 10 so it was pretty quiet on our way up. Traffic increased as we were coming down the trail around noon. There is a $2.00 per person charge to use the trail but it’s worth it because the trail is very well maintained. With an endless supply of stunning views and a solid cardio workout, you can’t go wrong hiking Tunnel Creek Trail.

Beautiful hike, mostly shade but a section uphill is nothing but sun. well marked and aspens are changing right now. Was easy for my pup and I.

Easy stroll but the rocks can shift. My kiddos and elderly pup did just fine. No officially trail head or parking area. Just pull over and head north-ish.

Gorgeous rock formations and the petroglyphs are a joy to look at.

Will definitely go again.

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