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22 hours ago

This is a heavily advertised, short hike right off of Hwy 89, so you are going to have lots of company. It's a short hike to some interesting stuff. You can wander around quite a bit in various directions, which I am sure is an ecological disaster, but that ship has sailed, so to speak. The hoodoos at Wahweap are more interesting, but you have to walk 4.5 miles to get to those, so this is a lot more accessible.

1 day ago

Busy but worth it! Stay hydrated ok

on Golden Wall Trail

2 days ago

If you have a chance, do this hike. The scenery is spectacular. I did it on a cold November morning, and saw absolutely no one else.

I did the loop clockwise, parking at the Red Canyon Visitor Center (closed right now), crossing Hwy 12, and walking down to the Red Canyon Campground on the bike path. I will say that without the AllTrails app, I might have had some trouble finding the trailhead inside the campground. This route got the boring parts of the hike out of the way first.

Once you hit the main part of the trail, it's great. A fair amount of up and down in terms of elevation gain. There are parts of the trail that have been affected by washouts/slides, but maybe someone has cleaned things up, because it was very easy to navigate. I was never in doubt for more than 10 seconds as to where to go to stay on the trail. The Buckhorn trail is a quarter mile spur up to an awesome high point. You might feel a little exposed on that part of the trail, but it's not dangerous. I took the Castle Bridge trail option on the way down. In fact, I didn't even see where the other option was, but the way I went was excellent. The trail ends on Hwy 12 again, maybe 50 yards before the Visitor Center.

5 days ago

Nice to see! We made this a pit stop on our drive from Flagstaff to Zion. We had a 10:30 am antelope canyon tour so stopped by here before. It was cool to see but not the best lighting yet at 8:30 in the morning. It’s a quick pit stop. Spent about 35 min here. Came back after our tour finished at noon because we weren’t in a hurry to get to Zion. Lighting was much better. Would recommend to see if you’re in the area. Not something I would go out of my way for though.

Great views. Scenary is similar to what you would see at Bryce but on a much smaller scale. Trail was in fair condition as we encountered many rock slide areas. Fortunately it hadn't rained in a while so trail was dry.

Trail is lightly used. During our ~ 3 hour hike we didn't see another person until we got back to the parking lot. Trail is fine for adults or teenagers, but it wouldn't be good for young children as trail is narrow with many rocky slide off areas.

If you're looking for a leisurely hike with great scenary and few people, this hike is for you.

Crowded but worth it.

Go for sunrise! View is amazing, tourists are not.

Fun stop at sunrise. Trail is sandy and descends to the viewpoint and is great to fly down. Canyon rim will be filled with photographers, but plenty of room to wander. Fairly flat areas to just run free and explore on the red rock await at the end of trail.

15 days ago

Showed up for sunrise. No disappointment here. If in the area definitely worth the stop!

The views and surrounding areas of the toadstools was well worth the hike.

15 days ago

Great hike! Permits are no longer available, and it can only be done with a tour guide. That being said, the company that does the tour (Waterhole Canyon Experience) are very nice people and is a good price ($48 as of this writing).

It’s not well known (yet), so my tour group had only 3 people in it, making it very easy to enjoy and take photos. Most people are going to Antelope Canyon.

on The Nautilus

16 days ago

This is a hidden gem. The rock formations resemble waves and are huge. At the end is the nautilus (corkscrew) rock which Provides some good pictures. It was an easy hike and climbing on the rocks could have entertained me for hours.

17 days ago

There are very few times in my life that I have seen something that has given me goosebumps the first time I laid eyes on it ... Horseshoe Bend was one of them.

Maybe it was because of how dark it was (we arrived for sunrise) or because of the vastness of the canyon and how perfectly shaped the horseshoe was, but its pure and utter natural beauty almost brought tears to my eyes.

We got up around 5 am on 10/16 after camping about a mile or two down the road from the Wahweap Overlook. After packing up our tent and heading to the trailhead, we arrived at the parking lot around 5:45 am. This was just in time to snag a perfect spot on the rocks overlooking the bend, only having to share it with one other photographer. In total, we probably shared the view with 15 other people, but I'll take that every day over the swarm of tourists that congregated at the parking lot at noon the day prior.

The "hike" itself is just a short walk up and down a small hill. It was 100 percent worthwhile to get up early to catch the majesty of this scenic viewpoint at its most perfect hour. I don't doubt that sunset here is also impeccable, but I'd rather do without the crowds.

If you are in the area, you have to do this! But I wouldn't make a huge detour for it. It's mostly just a place to take a picture (which you've seen thousands of times) with many...many tourists

great views, but extremely busy. We went early and were able to beat the crowds a bit. I'd recommend going at sunrise instead of sunset to avoid glares in photos.

This was a mostly level hike up a stream bed. There was only a small stream in October, but without waterproof hiking shoes, feet would still have been wet! Great, rewarding and relaxing hike; lots of slot canyons, two waterfalls, and wonderful fall foliage.

This my was dogs first hike! She loved it! She was climbing up the rocks and had the biggest smile on her face with her tongue out :) It was beautiful to watch the sunset. Super easy, but climbing the higher parts was fun!

The toadstool hoodoos are unreal. If you travel along highway 89 and pass by the place with an hour to spare, try to go to see this nature wonder. I went there in early PM in mid October. It was not hot, rather it was a bit cold.

on Golden Wall Trail

26 days ago

Skip Bryce NP (too crowded) and do this hike. Amazing views. Some challenging areas which make it more fun

Très impressionnant comme point de vue. Pas besoin de beaucoup de temps, se fait très bien.

Very touristy but if you’re okay with that then it’s breath taking... I understand why it’s filled with tourist because it’s easy to access off a main road, easy hike for the whole family, and beautiful views!

I would call it a walk than a hike, its too crowded and very touristy. It's nice but too crowded, got a feeling am in Niagara state park.

1 month ago

Amazing view! Slight overcast but still could see everything! Be patient with the parking because it can be a mess but once you get to the top it’ll be worth it!

even in the rain it's worth the time

Great short trail. Great views

Lots of people very hot. make sure to bring water.

Awesome trail! Breathtaking views throughout and hoodoos abounding! Should be pretty steady on narrow exposed hillside trails

Wow! amazing spot. We had an amazing Solo (!) 1.75 hours tour with Waterhole canyon experience. This slot canyon is intense and wildly preserved- much less touristic than the over crowded and rated antelope. Totally a must visit next time around.

1 month ago

Super easy with amazing views. We hiked a little further up too. a couple great shots from a slightly different hike.

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