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Epic overlooks!

5 days ago

Great hike, super easy and quick. A great view at the end and well worth it.

Best panoramic views of the canyon on the north rim that we saw! Easy for the whole family with paved walk paths... worth the drive out there!

Rainy day road trip to the North Rim, weather was decent, so we decided to trek below the rim on the Kaibab trail, this was our first experience at the Grand Canyon. We easily made it to the Coconino Overlook and decided to go on to the Supai tunnel, really great views, it’s easy to understand why people get down too deep and have trouble getting back up! Love the quote we heard, “going down is optional, but coming back up is mandatory!“ The canyon keeps calling you to go deeper! We started to get a pretty steady rain but we were prepared, have rain gear and appreciate clothing. We had a snack break under an overhang near the tunnel, and headed back up. We saw many trail runners who were running the entire Kaibab trail South Rim to North Rim then back to the South Rim, all in a day! Made our climb out in the rain and hail seem pretty easy! I failed to do a recording, but took us about three hours or so at a leisurely pace.

Fairly easy trail except there were a few times where we had to guess which way was the actual trail. Just past the campground and general store there was a sign but the way it was pointed was very unclear. The trail that seemed the most logical was not. We actually followed it for about 5 minutes until we reached way too steep, dangerous and it was obvious it was not the trail. So be careful! Otherwise, an incredible trail with so much wildlife in the North Rim. We then hiked back to the visitor center using the Bridle Trail which was like a "cool down"

Amazing Views! Take your camera and water!

Very challenging hike. Agree with others that there was lots of mule dung, but it didn’t really bother myself or my husband. However, we both grew up near farms in the country. The sand was difficult to hike up. Every aspect of the trail was beautiful. We especially liked the trail past the bridge because it was cliff side hiking which made it even more fun. The spring was a trickle and the restrooms were closed which was unfortunate. We both loved all parts of this trail. Wish we could have went further and camped.

1 month ago

Great short hike located near the Lodge and Visitor Center on the North Rim. Amazing lookout at the end of the trail. Don't forget to climb atop the rocks at the end to see the Geographical Survey. Also there a few nice rock outcrops that you climb on that may be less crowded once people start showing up.

What she said ⬇️ @alishadimmitt

Loved it! I would suggest you get there the earlier the better. The mule poop and urine smell is throughout the trail. Sometimes it smells worse then other times. The tunnel was very beautiful. Not a ton of shade but there is some. I actually liked going up the canyon more than down, my knees did not like the down part. Make sure you pack water, salted food of some sort, bandana might have been nice to have to cover my mouth and nose from Poo smell and dust. Defiantly glad I did this hike. Very pretty views seen the whole hike. We started at 0930 and finished around 330 pm. We went to Supai Tunnel. I would have liked to start at 0600 if I could have. Make sure you wear sunblock too.

Started our hike at 8am and the parking lot was filled. Nice views the entire time. Plenty of spots to rest if the elevation gain/loss wears you out. There are water stations at the trailhead and tunnel. The overbearing smell of mule poop knocks this one down one star.

We actually ended up hiking past supai tunnel down to the bridge that you can see from the tunnel. Be warned, this is not an easy 3-4 miles! We gained nearly 3000 ft elevation in that short hike according to the park ranger. Get there early, we showed up at 0830 planning to hike even further and we were advised against it. The trail is rough going back up the switchbacks, especially around 10-3 when the sun is the strongest. My boyfriend and I are in are twenties and in decent shape, but we still took many breaks to avoid dehydration. This is a beautiful hike that is well worth the challenge!

Super randonnée faite avec mes enfants de six et sept ans. Nous sommes descendus jusqu'au pont. La remontée est longue mais sacs difficulté. Le sentier est en excellent état et il y a un point d'eau à mi-parcours (juste avant le tunnel), pratique pour faire le plein à l'aller comme au retour). On ne voit pas le grand Canyon mais un canyon parallèle. Des points de vue majestueux néanmoins. Je recommande vivement.

great views of the canyon

great views. leave early, the hike up is step and hot. mules dont go past the tunnel.

2 months ago

Nice point overlook at the end. Mostly shaded the entire dintance. Good for families with small children as there are no sharp dropoffs to worry about until the very end.

3 months ago

steep down, bring poles to save knees if doingrim to rim...glorious.

This quick and easy trail was right next to the visitors center at the North Rim. I just stopped through the North Rim on the way to Utah, not expecting to hike, and I was able to breeze through this short trail. This is a simple out and back with gradual elevation changes and many ledges to climb up and take pictures of the canyon from. One other note: I might not recommend this hike to someone with a fear or heights. The North Rim is already a high elevation, and this trail does take you right out into the canyon, and it does get a little narrow sometimes.

Amazing views! Right next to lodge and visitors center makes it easy to do!

This trail wasn’t fun at all. There is a constant smell of mule crap and urine the whole way, basically you’re hiking on sand and in a petting zoo. I took someone’s recommendation and stopped at the tunnel and I’m really glad I did. The way back up is more difficult because of that sand but I wouldn’t say it any worse than moderate. The overwhelming stench from the mules is the biggest problem with this trail and I don’t feel like the views are worth it. It took me 87 minutes to go down to the tunnel, take a picture and then climb back up. Bottom line I would not recommend this trail.

on Cape Royal Trail

4 months ago

Great views after a winding drive on pavement. Two great walkouts. It got my vertigo going, but it was worth it to push thru it.

4 months ago

A pretty hike through the forest to sweeping vistas. There are a couple campsites at Cape Final - would be great to see the sunset and sunrise this way.

We really enjoyed this trial! 2 adults and 2 kids (age 7 and 9) were able to complete this down, rest for 20 minutes and back up in just under 3 hours. Some parts the dust is a bit hard to walk through and we had to wait for 2 mule groups to pass us as well. Oh yeah, get ready for mule poop :)

This is the only way into the canyon from the north side and it is not as steep as the south side.

Technically for this far down the North Kaibab trail - you are actually not looking at Grand Canyon, but it is still beautiful.


Great short trail from the lodge / visitor center area. Pretty simple walk and was well paved. At one point you see a lot of people climbing up on rocks for a different view but you can stay on the path too

6 months ago

It is all that. Hardly any options to camp before Marion Point, then Tilted Mesa after that--both of those spots were so windy--gusting 40+--we kept going. Good amount of exposure on that first long traverse. Nothing out of character compared to other Canyon hikes, just much more of it. Beautiful. Very challenging. Getting to the ancient structures high above the Colorado made me feel very fortunate.

Beautiful view, enjoy it on the way down cuz you pay for it on the way up. We thought to turn around at the 3 mile, decided to turn at the 1.5 mile, best choice! So worth it!!

full of wonder!!

One of my most favorite spots on the planet! Hands down! The colors of the canyon from the North Rim are deep and rich and touch my very soul. ❤️

Beautiful hike! Not easy.

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