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22 hours ago

Awesome hike. Lots of elk, especially when you make it to the watering hole. That last mile of sandy trail wears you out though. But the cliffs are worth it. Highly recommended.

23 hours ago

Nice 8.2 mile hike. Some parts are steep, but nothing over the top

The trail is exactly how described with great views at the end.

Beautiful dirt trail leading to the coast.

Rated as moderate but it’s actually a pretty good challenge

Most of the hike is on a service road. It is really cool hiking this trail when you are familiar with the mountains and towns of the surrounding area. I would hike, bike, or run this trail with friends again.

5 days ago

In this trail’s defense, I should’ve read the reviews more closely before starting. I’m new to hiking & very much enjoy a well groomed trail, but in good shape, so I enjoy longer, harder trails in terms of elevation. This trail was difficult for me due to the fact that in 3 instances there are downed trees that are hard to get around, especially if you have a 20lb or less pup with you. The overgrowth on this trail was difficult for me as well. Also, when you get to the fork in the trail, if you go to the left, there’s a pretty large portion that’s washed out by a creek that I would imagine would be impassable during the spring months as it would probably be flowing much higher than it was today. My little mini schanuzer Norwich terrier made it, but I did have to carry him the last half mile and strenuous portion to the falls. I wouldn’t take him again. Take lots of water! The waterfall is beautiful but we were told by others on the hike that it’s much prettier in late Oct early Nov!

Great trail. For this out-of-shape old lady it was more than moderate but still doable

We decided to continue hiking on the first trail to the left, about half way on this trail and hiked all the way out to where it comes back out on the lake. It’s only a few miles but the various switchbacks are pretty killer if you go that way and it is not a loop trail. This was a little while before I got the app so I was not ready for it. Very pretty though!

I went on a Monday (no reservations required on weekdays!) and there were still plenty of people on the trails. Only downside is the drinking fountains are no longer working. One of my friends planned to fill her water bottle up there only to find that out. Bring water with you!

Gorgeous views and great workout!

Many Elk. Very minimal inclines. Many children and elderly on the trail. Went barefoot the last mile or so in the sand. One of the calmest and most serene 10 milers in my experience

One of the best hikes I’ve done in Mt Tam. You will go though many different types of forest and nature. The lake is really beautiful about halfway through.

We took a couple of detours and made it closer to a 12 mike hike in about 4 hours.

Highly recommend.

This trail definitely isn't closed anymore! I submitted the change request so hopefully AllTrails updates that.

This is a tough hike, but if you are in decent shape, you'll be fine. It's very exposed for a lot of the trail, so it's smart to bring plenty of water and don't go when it's blazing hot outside. This is great for a morning hike. I highly recommend going to Gunsight Rock rather than hiking up to the summit. Most people will tell you the same. The summit is boring and is surrounded with trees and there is no view. When you reach the sign that points you either right toward the summit or left toward Gunsight Rock, go left! These are where the stunning panoramic views are that you worked hard to see!

The Sugarloaf portion of the hike is very well maintained. You do need to cross a creek a little over a mile in, but right now there is very little water to speak of and I just walked right across the boulders with no problem. There is also a log with a rope to cross if you want to do that.

Once you get to the Hood Mountain boundary, it really pumps up the climb and you're going to come across a lot of narrow trail, loose rocks / scree, and elevation. Be prepared with the right shoes, and it really helped me to find a walking stick, particularly for the way back down. You will notice a lot of burned mountainside and trees from the fires we had last year in October.

The Gunsight Rock overlook is probably one of the best views you're going to find in Sonoma County. When I went yesterday, I could clearly see the San Francisco skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge. I'm afraid of heights so it's a little intense, but there are a few nice areas to sit up there where you can chill out for a while before heading back down.

I would say that going back down is more difficult than going up due to the steepness and loose rocks. My stick came in handy here! I got to Gunsight Rock in an hour and 20 minutes (but I'm a brisk hiker) and it took me just about the same amount of time to get back down. My GPS read 7.2 miles with a duration of 2 hours and 45 minutes.

If you're willing to push yourself, this is definitely a trail in Sonoma County that cannot be missed!

Beautiful views along the way and at the end of the trail. Fairly easy walk along a dirt/ sand path. Unmaintained area was not difficult to navigate w long sleeves and pants. Took us under 5 hours round trip w a stop for lunch.

Beautiful views all around. Easy hike. Lots of wildlife!

Beautiful trail (would be amazing in winter and spring when water was running in the creek), but hikers need to be prepared for the amount of climbing or descending (depending on which way you travel). The 1000 feet of elevation change is accomplished over MANY stairs created with wood, dirt, and rock. While I was able to handle the descent, the uneven wood and boulders were tough on the knees and ankles.

13 days ago

Make reservations on weekends !!!

My first real hike.. Be prepared for miles of sand hiking on the last leg and on the return!! The views will be well worth it!!

We had a great time. Took fork to right on way in. Beautiful sites on the way. Upper Frey creek falls a pleasant surprise. Last 1/2 mile in to Feather Falls is strenuous but totally worth the reward. The view point lookout is a beautiful spot to soak in magnificent views of the falls and the river valley below. The short jaunt to top of the falls rewards you with a chance to soak the aching feet and knees in crystal clear creek. Great spot for picnic. Returned by way of the lower or (left fork at start). The trail is in a bit of disrepair and a bit over grown and the end hike out is a lot of uphill. Reward is given when you recross Frey Creek again. Make sure to take bug spray the flies and gnats were a bit annoying. Fern fronds make an excellent back up fly swatter. Be on lookout for poison oak, very much in abundance on trail!! Lots of great viewpoints.

15 days ago

Not too crowded for mid-day Sunday. Great hike if you want something quick with great views and a good mix of up hill/down hill. Seems like it’d be great for trail running too.

15 days ago

Beautiful hike! Get to the trailhead earlier for parking (8 or 9am), and to see the elk, deer, and rabbits. Went yesterday and it was foggy on our way out, but was burning off on the way back — both ways, it was still gorgeous. Wear layers and bring lots of water. The last stretch to the ocean cliff view is uphill and deep sand trail so your shoes will be filled!

Great hike but grueling! Be warned, this is 5.8 miles and 1600+ ft gain, not what is advertised on All Trails nor on the park map! The Park map says this loop is 1100 ft gain and 5.6 miles. That additional unadvertised 500 ft gain is REAL. The ascent is quite steep for the first 2.5-3 miles without much letting up. I made the mistake of starting the hike with only about 2 hours of solid daylight left, thinking I was in for only an 1100 ft gain, and I had to hoof it really the whole way and made it back within 2 hrs and 15 minutes. I'd say this is more of a day hike than a quick jaunt, entirely due to the ascent. That said, if you are looking for an intense quick jaunt that will really test your stamina, this is your ticket. The views at the top are worth a great rest for a snack, some pics, and regrouping. I didn’t have time to do a real break, due to the waning daylight, but got some great shots before booking it back down.

Paul is spot on - you need to pay attention to the map or you could easily end up off the main trail. Strava GPS read 8.1 miles at the trail end/Armstrong tree. A great hike.

Almost all flat terrain and mostly shaded. I would consider this an easy nature stroll and with the exception of the distance, it is great for all ages. Beautiful trees, ferns, and other plants everywhere! We went on Labor Day and started at 3 pm- there were many people returning from their hike but not many people starting it at that time.

21 days ago

Great trail with beautiful coastal ocean views. But best of all is that you get to see Elks! I’m glad I read other reviews here about wearing long pants, good hiking shoes and bringing a jacket for the foggy mornings. Make sure to bring water and snacks because the hike takes about 4hrs round trip.

The round trail shown here is not wheelchair accessible. You could go back on the same route and just get to the bridge that over looks one of the falls

One of the most beautiful trails, I started in the free parking lot outside of the park behind the bathrooms, it was a steady up hill but not to to bad but a great workout with few people on the trail, but the way down is where the beauty of the trail comes into view.

There are lots of trails off the main trail so keep a close eye on your map.
When you get to the top you have 5 different choices but the AllTrails map only shows 3.
I will return here is was fun

21 days ago

Easy hike, no spectacular views. The historical placards were interesting to read. Beware - use insect repellent. I’ve never gotten bug bites from my many many hikes, but I came away from this hike with five nasty bug bites.

21 days ago

awesome hike, get there early and wear warm gear. you will hike through fog most of the hike. but the end well generally be sunny, amazing little watering hole where the elk all hangout. I found driving from San Francisco at 6am made me one of the first people there. but it fills up and gets very busy!

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