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The parking is crowded, and so is the ascent/approach trail for this and Los Liones Canyon. While the ascent trail is a promising single track, about the time you complete the ascent and the 405-size crowds die out, the trail becomes a flattish fire road. From then on, the trail is devoid of anything interesting besides the views over the Pacific.

a good workout, but will not repeat.

Awesome hike. My wife and I really enjoyed it. Took our time to let the scenery sink in. There was a little snow on the trail from last week’s rain, but it was all worth it.
Started at 0930 got back to parking lot at 1430.

Great hike, beautiful views, very clean trail but some sketchy path areas but easy to get through, not may people along the way either. Some challenging inclines if you’re not used to them. Seen lots of hikers with poles to help with that. We started off at 10:30 am and got back around 2:30.

Consistent, moderate incline to peak. Went at sunset after two days of rain-was clear and beautiful. Great 360 views at peak plus a lockbox with a notebook where you can jot something down. Out & back is just about 4 miles. You’ll crack a sweat, but not too strenuous.

off road driving
14 days ago

Not very difficult, but fun trail. I did this trail from Rowher to Bouquet several times. First time was around 2011 in a 2009 4x4 Tacoma long bed with a 6" lift on 33's. Never shifted out of 2wd high. Did the trail again with my ex in her stock, 2012 VW Tiguan FWD on street tires. I made it over fine, but there were a couple of areas where taking the right path was key. Also, momentum helped to get through a few parts. The last time I did the trail was 2 weeks ago in my stock 2018 Chevy Colorado ZR2 4x4 diesel, but did not need 4wd at all. I chose to take the steepest way down to the Bouquet and I put it in 4wd low to let the engine do the braking. I agree it is much easier going south to north, but a stock 4x4 is not required. The fwd Tiguan made it over the mountain just fine.

20 days ago

Beautiful hike a bit difficult at points, do recommend downloading the trail.

22 days ago

I did a shortened version of this hike, from Angeles Crest Highway to Grizzly Flats (4.5 instead of 7.1 mi). The trail is pretty overgrown when you pass the junction at the .6 mile mark. I recommend wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt.

Went in the morning and there was no one else on the trail. The paved portion up to the oil well was through a beautiful wooded canyon, the trail gets steeper after that but the views are incredible. Will definitely do it again! Ps don’t forget $5 for parking, cash only!

25 days ago

It’s a beautiful view and a moderate hike but the trail is really overgrown (lots of scratchy branches) and we lost the trail entirely once we got to the river which was a bummer.

Didn’t see a single other person on the trail the whole hike.

Not the most picturesque area due to past fire. Couldn’t really tell if we were even on the right trail until to late. Ugly, dry, fire road went uphill until it just dead ended about a mile up Had no choice but to turn back. Saw two possible other ways to go? But without knowing what was ahead , because there are no trail signs whatsoever, and running out of time we just called it a day.

Fairly doable trail. 2.2 mi to the overlook, then downhill all the way back.

What a beautiful hike. There is nothing like getting up to the top and seeing clouds everywhere. It gets pretty crowded at the top so hike early!

What a beautiful hike. There is nothing like getting up to the top and seeing clouds everywhere. It gets pretty crowded at the top so hike early!

Fairly doable trail. 2.2 mi to the overlook, then downhill all the way back.

Fairly doable trail. 2.2 mi to the overlook, then downhill all the way back.

Fairly doable trail. 2.2 mi to the overlook, then downhill all the way back.

Creds- Have AllTrails Pro. 8 Nov 2018, 11.2 mi hike, 2,464’ el gain- followed AllTrails exactly.

Designated parking at Trailhead. Arrived 9:am Thursday morning no parking issues.

Started counter clockwise - recommend going clockwise. Why? Last mile shoe skiid down- no way runnable. Also no view. Go clockwise for great views and run ability. Loop at the half way point in good condition.

Liked the hike since lots of great views, trails in good condition, benches for lunch breaks, and easy parking.

excellent views.

Amazing views throughout and wide, well kept trails.

Great hike mostly covered. Started at 6am and saw only 1 person on the way. On the way back I passed quite a few people. Go early and enjoy the peace and quiet. Wonderful view at the top.

off road driving
1 month ago


off road driving
1 month ago

Love this trail. Very steep and difficult tho. I have a built 2003 4runner on 33s, no lockers. It's easier going south to north (from Rowher to Bouquet) but doable the other way. Don't take your stock 4x4 on this trail, you'll take a beating.

Supper good! For full-size truck!!

on Devils Chair Trail

1 month ago

Started this hike first thing in the morning with my two dogs. The first mile is a straight incline so is the first 8/10th of a mile leaving the chair. Great view. Make sure you bring water.

off road driving
1 month ago

Beautiful trail with nice views. You need to have a 4x4 vehicle. I completed this trail with my 3rd gen 4runner (bone stock).I was told that there is a alternative route which requires you to have front and rear lockers, but i guess it wasn’t on the main road. Overall it’s not a hard trail just requires 4x4 and good tread on your tires. Also, momentum is the key for this trail.

One of the most lush and scenic hiking trails that I have done in LA. The trail is well maintained and has a steady incline and decline for the most part. The first mile of the hike is more of your wilderness style of hike with the terrain being a bit rocky, and then it opens up to a wide, shadeless pathway with constant views of the beaches and ocean.

Go the extra couple miles and make it to the Parker Mesa overlook! It's about a 7 mile round trip (out and back). Great hike to walk, run and also mountain bike on!

UPDATE (2/5/18): I finally figured out how to make this already awesome trail an actual loop! So when you get to the Parker Mesa Overlook (the overlook that is after the bathroom), descend down the pathway in front of the left bench. Take the pathway down and you will soon find yourself in a rugged and more isolated adventure. I would really recommend wearing hiking shoes for this as simple running sneakers/fly knits will slip on loose dirt and erosion here. The trail has overgrown branches and brush that arch over the pathway making you feel like you are a bit of a mini forest. ALSO if you are going to do this trail I would HIGHLY SUGGEST that you research it first as it's very easy to get lost at certain points and finding yourself being attacked by branch bushes lol. I had downloaded an offline map on the All Trails app (I upgraded to the Pro Version, just $20 a year and so worth it so that you don't get lost). This trail is a straight shot back to the trailhead where you will find yourself going down and up.

UPDATE #2 (3/18/18): If you want to take a more strenuous but shorter & more direct route to the Parker Mesa overlook, then take the pathway that is in your left upon walking through the Los Leones trailhead sign at the trailhead. You will know you are going the right way if you are walking pass some concrete and a tunnel. The trail swiftly ascends upwards before leveling out a bit. Taking this route up was quite a workout and the trail itself is nothing like the wide fire roads that people typically take to the different overlooks. It's steep, rugged, and isolated making it more of an adventure.

There is free street parking at the trailhead.

Decent hike. If you’re going to do the loop I would recommend going clockwise, starting with Rabbit Hole (the West portion of the loop), as it is steep and better suited for ascending rather than descending. Keep in mind about 70% of this trail (including out-and-back) is fire road, mostly open and exposed to the sun. So if you’re looking for a more traditional trail-like setting this may not be the one. Good that it’s close to town though. Great workout, and nice views too.

Really great hike, the views are amazing and the incline is a bit challenging. I wish there were more signs to tell you how far you've traveled but over all great trail.

Good for baby’s first hike. Shady enough.

good hike not to bad..

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