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East Crestwood Court is a public street off of Packsaddle Drive, which is also public. This parking is about 234 feet higher in elevation than the parking at Nettleton Gulch and it is much closer to the top of Mt Canfield. Take trail 29 from Crestwood to Canfield Loop Rd to the top, This avoids the most of the mountain bikes and motorcycles you may find near Nettleton Gulch.

Great hike. Fairly easy. Wonderfully maintained trail. I hiked it approximately two years ago.

I enjoyed this trail way more than I thought I would. I got there at 7 am and was the first one there on a Sunday morning. When I came down at 9, the parking lot was full and cars were waiting for spaces. The lookout is stunning and walking along the ridge is breathtaking. Definitely take the side trail to Elk Mountain Road Overlook when you get to the top. The view is stunning. I added pics!

Great hike with a great view. A lot of vertical increase and decrease so be ready to go up and then go down.
I wouldn't suggest it for those who can't handle constantly going up hill or downhill.

Great shoot off trail at that top.

With starting at the new trail head I would avoid it now. So many dirt bikes just not a super safe spot to start with pets. The people on the bikes hardly pay attention to which trails they are not allowed on. Wouldn't recommend now :/

4 days ago

great easy trail for all ages! Beautiful views and great views! Does get very packed during the summer because most people hike this trail. A lot of people do take their pets here with them. The best time to go in the summer is the early morning because it is not as packed then.

Aside from one really nice overlook, there are probably better trails in the area. Good for kids and elderly people as it's not very strenuous. no hiking boots required.

04/18/2018-We started at Crestwood Court. The trail was in good shape. Two blow downs right before the Big Tree. Shortly after Big Tree the snow got very deep and numerous blow downs. We couldn’t make it to the Forrest service road to go up to the tower. Other hikers reported moose and bear on the trail past Big Tree. Still, we were able to hike 3.4 miles and gain 1,000 feet in elevation.

8 days ago

A calming way to end a day. I did it straight from work wearing rain boots and had no issues.

Great trail and views! Looking forward to returning on a less rainy, muddy day.

Can't believe I've lived in the area so long without hitting up this trail til now! Good variety of incline and decent, but still super easy. Pet and kid friendly. Free parking by the park as long as your not parked longer than 2 hrs.

Great hike with kids and dogs. Trail is in great shape. Great views at the top.

Great hike this morning only one muddy spot a couple new fallen trees.

26 days ago

Nice hike with great views and lots of picture opportunities. Lots of people there. Once finished we went to Mcuen Park which is right there. Ran into a little deer on the trail our kids loved it

Great views. Easy trail.

27 days ago

A beautiful and easy hike right in the heart of CDA. I walk it several times a year. It’s very busy during the summer months, but perfect and lightly trafficked in early spring

27 days ago

Absolutely beautiful, kid and dog friendly, but getting more and more crowded. Fairly annoying for the first 1/2 mike and then it’s fine.

Beautiful over look

Great 3 mile loop, well maintained, and beautiful views! the parking lot was packed and overfull and that made me a little nervous the trail would be packed. It was busy, but not so busy the trail was crowded or people were stepping on eachother. Good little afternoon hike!

It’s a fairly moderate hike that has a nice view and a few little surprises along the way

It’s a nice walk if that’s what you’re looking for

2 months ago

What a nice little trail! tons of lookout areas and several beach spots where you can take a dip. I have been down this trail many times and over the years it has become increasingly busy, but I can see why. This is a great close by hike!

2 months ago

A little muddy today, 2/11/18 but still beautiful! Will definitely go back.

Great trail was mixed between ice and hard pack.

2 months ago

Very nice hike in winter on weekdays when some solitude is possible. Currently trail is bare on south side by the lake. I use yak trax for trips on side trails to the top and for icy areas on the north side. Scenery is excellent in several places along the trails. Lots of various spur paths are present to mix up a routine when hiking this often.

I did this hike today (Jan 29) and did not see anyone else. Description above is wrong. There is no river. RT to road is 6 miles. Big tree is about 1.5 mi from start. First part of trail was bare. Near top I was sinking up to my knees every once in a while. Spikes recommended for icy grades. Very nice views along route of Hayden Lake and mts north of Spokane.

Beautiful views, was really icy though and nearly slipped off the trail a couple of times. Going to wear micro spikes the next time!

2 months ago

Good hike. Best views I found were off the trail slightly. There are smaller trials you can follow to get to the water. I highly recommend straying off the main path if you want to see some beautiful sites.

As of Jan 15th the trail is mildly muddy with only a handful of sections that are very slick and icy. You do not need cleats or YakTrax at this point.

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